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Bad Sides to Having a Tile Floor

When it comes to tile flooring, people have countless opportunities to pick the right one for them. There are just so many kinds and types of tile flooring that some people just can’t make up their minds on one and they end up with a serious mess. We must admit that the nice tile floor has a lot of…


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A boy not meant for vegetables

When faced with vegetables, my son has come up with a go-to phrase:

"I'm just not meant to eat vegetables, Mommy."

It's funny, but at the same time, we need to expand his horizons.…

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The Way We Remember

After I posted 50 Facts, a friend mentioned to me that she didn't know if she could write one herself. And it got me thinking in tangents about things I thought about writing here a while back when I had little time to blog but plenty of inner-chatter to chat out, if you know what I mean.

I explained to her that truthfully, that list of 50 took me a few years to complete. A little idea jumping out here and there on occasion, and…


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Aiden's Ear Tube Surgery

 Constant ear infections! 2 year old boy! Surgery! Yikes!

My middle child, Aiden, 2 year old boy, had surgery today to insert tubes into his hears. It was awful.

Here is a little background on the situation:

Aiden stared to get ear infections around a year old. It was an infection every now and then, but it started to increase rapidly. I'm talking 2 ear infections a month, every month, single or double. We had tried 4-5 different medications and he was literally on an…


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Family's Favorites for July

Here are some of this family's monthly favorites for July 2014.

life at 523

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How does a pterodactyl say I love you?

There is a video of my son at seven months old. He is in his high chair with a sippy cup in front of him. In the video I ask him, "What does a baby pterodactyl say?" And he proceeds to screech and giggle in a manner that I find faintly Jurassic and very funny.…


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Baby Loss: I can write about it. I can’t really talk about it. Le sigh.

Today was one of those days where the grief just hit me out of nowhere.

Ok, not out of nowhere. I had to make some calls because our medical bills have started coming in, and most of them aren’t accurate or haven’t been sent through our insurance or were sent through our insurance and then retracted – ugh. It’s not fun, let’s just say that. And every single time I call to talk to someone, I have to explain my story.

I can write about Addison until my fingers bleed. And if I…


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Ralk with me!

Last Saturday, I woke up inspired to try to get some exercise...

Those beautiful summer days are fleeting and we must embrace them as best we can! (True New Englander talking here!)

"I'll go for a run!" I thought for a split second... That sounded like a super plan, except for one small, little, tiny detail... I don't run... Well - let's not be so black and white - I mean, if I were in Barcelona for the Running of the Bulls or if I saw Sting waiting to catch a train, I… Continue

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My Fitness Journey

Hey everyone!

For my first blog here as a new member, I decided to tell everyone about my fitness journey!

I am 23 years old, mother of 4 (3 babies, 1 angel), I weighed 148lbs. before my last pregnancy, was 178lbs in February 2014 when I had him, and I am now 160lbs, 5'7". My goal is to drop 15-20lbs. by this December/January. I do not wish to be thin and skinny. I want to be fit and build some muscle.  

I had my last baby 6 months ago, he is my 4th child and my last...I…


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Your Thyroid During Pregnancy

Thyroid issues are very common during pregnancy, and can have devastating effects on both the mother and the baby.  Unfortunately, thyroid problems are often difficult to diagnose when a woman is pregnant, as the symptoms are very similar to symptoms of pregnancy –…


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I survived being unpopular

We moved several times in my childhood, which meant that I had to start over in a new school several times. Although I did my best to fit in, I never made long-term friends this way. I can't really say, "We've been friends since childhood," about anyone. I had friends for a few years, tried to stay in touch, but we always lost each other along the path of growing up.…


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Everglades Holiday Park Experience (Home of the Gator Boys!)

I was as excited as my husband and kids, anticipating this trip. When we got to the park, everything went smoothly. We picked up our tickets and went to the covered area waiting for our ticket number to be called for the airboat tour. There were a lot of people there, but the wait for the airboat tour was only about 10 minutes.

I know from seeing…


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Becoming a fit mommy is a little painful – but it is so, SO worth it

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen last week that I decided to become a fit mommy. And given my propensity to say that I’m just way too busy to work out, you may have found that to be a little…strange. So here’s the beef:

Back before we had Ricky, I was a workout queen. I worked out several times a week, had a gym membership, elliptical in the basement, the works. Most of the…


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Apparently, crazy is my life.

So I’ve been super lacking in the whole “posting” department this week. Full disclosure: I have been an absolute wreck all week. I have some many things going on – most of them positive – and it’s just been hard for me to keep up with everything. You know those moments where you just kind of get overwhelmed to the point where you don’t even know where to start? Yeah, that’s where I’ve been at for about three days. The problem is that this makes it hard to get everything accomplished that I…


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Navigating the Stages of Menopause: Keeping Your Relationships on an Even Keel

There are several changes that occur when one is going through menopause. This includes stress and mood swings that can have an impact in healthy relationships. When one has daily routine and small adjustments in ones perspective, they are able to pull through without causing any strain in the…


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How Do You Balance It All?

I took a hot bath today.

Maybe that doesn’t seem newsworthy to you. It really shouldn’t be, I guess. But the fact that I took that bath at 3:45pm, in the middle of a workday, was big news to me.

I work at home.

That statement still seems unreal. For almost all of my adult life, I have worked in an office. The past 16 years haven’t been exactly all 9 to 5, since travel was a major part of my career, but I still left my house to go to work every day. Until this…


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Is Texting While Driving Worse Than Drunk Driving?

As many people know, drunk driving is a dangerous activity that substantially increases the chances of getting in an accident. These dangers have prompted most states to pass laws to penalize drunk driving and inform drivers about its dangers. However, the dangers of texting while driving are just beginning to become widely known. Most people who text while behind the wheel are younger children who lack a more mature understanding of driving. With limited experience, teens and young adults…


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Museum of Natural Curiosity

The Museum of Natural Curiosity

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Valuable Duct Maintenance Tips

The air is a source of live and we practically can't live without it. Without the amazing oxygen our life on this planet would be practically impossible. But we can't help but notice, that nowadays the quality of the air we breathe in has decreased significantly. This…


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