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10 Reasons Why Working From Home is a Nightmare

Several years ago, as a single, almost thirty, Sales Manager, I had a web conference with a client who was working from home. I remember how miserable this woman sounded as she juggled her screaming baby and my probably irritating questions about the value she found in my company’s product. At the time, I thought “this woman should be happy, she is able to maintain an amazing career in Marketing and be a mom simultaneously.” I thought this to be a…


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A Few Words for Breastfeeding Shamers...

I awkwardly pulled the strap of my dress down and held my baby close to me, while trying to cover with a blanket. Since we were both still learning how to feed, I felt frustrated, nervous and anxious as I juggled trying to get my daughter to latch right and covering up simultaneously. I nervously looked from side to side, just in time to receive my first disapproving look from an elderly woman. She looked right at me and shook her head and made a face that screamed disgust. I felt…


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Dear Everyone...please stop telling me to cherish these moments

There is nothing on earth I love more than my children.  These four little girls are the driving force behind every breath I take. They are also the reason I am on a heavy dose of Zoloft and have to dye my hair every six weeks.  Considering I have four young girls, including identical toddler twins, I tend to draw a crowd and a flury of comments and advice from every stranger we pass.


"Parenthood is a challenge, but it is so worth it isn't…


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In the Choice Between the Mom-Hangover and Death...I choose death friends


I will never forget my first mom hangover.  Our first born was three months old and the Hubs and I were just itching to put real clothes on and get away for the night.  We attended a family wedding and spent the night in a hotel...I think...whether we ever made it back to the room or not is questionable.  Needless to say we drank a lot.  We threw those suckers back as fast as we could order them.  Us new parents had something to prove that night, we were still…


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Dear husband…I love you, but I would love you more if you would just not touch me

I love my dear husband.  I am one of those rare creatures that loved him from the minute I saw him across the room at a frat party at the ripe old age of nineteen.  Even though I was hot and heavy with someone else, we locked eyes, danced on couches to J-Lo and Ja-Rule’s, “I’m Real,” and by the end of that jam I was his for eva’!

Truly I hit the jackpot with Sam. Sure, we hit our rough patches in those early years… I mean we were teenagers for crying out loud…but he has developed into…


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You know you are The Queen of Suburbia When Your Life Changes Over New Couches

Last Saturday my life changed.

No I did not get a promotion, we didn't move and Lord knows there is no pregnancy announcement coming.

Friends- we are getting new couches.

Those who know me already know that this is actually big news in our home.  Those microfiber monsters have been a real point of contention in my marriage for years.  You see when i was preggers with the twins I was a bit hormonally whacked and all over the place emotionally.…


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Hotdogs & Hell - The Dinner Time Horror

Dinner time. The most god-awful couple hours of the day at our house. It is pure hell from the instant we walk in the door. The kids turn into little demons and I lose complete control of my household, my children, and my patience.

This joyous time begins about 5:00 p.m. every single day. After a long commute home in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I pick up all the kids from their child care and head for home. On a typical drive home, I listen to them cry, fight, and hit each other because…


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Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream: Review

When I was pregnant I saw quite a few adverts for Weleda natural baby products in the magazine that was reading (Juno and Green Parent) and we bought some of their Calendula Nappy Change Cream before Bobby was born so that we would be prepared. Now that he is almost 15 months old (how??) I feel that we have used the cream enough times and in enough nappy…

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8 Budget Tips for Mothers with Students

Whether by choice or by chance there are millions of mothers with students who are struggling to make it through the day. For many of them, making it without having a financial breakdown is a miracle.

Every parent knows, that raising kids is a difficult but rewarding job. As a parent, you are on-call…


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Embracing the dark side

The bears in my household outnumber me. They are there in the morning, facing me with their anger at the fact that the sun has risen in the sky yet again, forcing them from their slumber and making them face another day. I try to focus on my thankfulness that it is another beautiful day; I try to enjoy the morning...but why do people think that it is OK to be…


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Highlights from Las Vegas Vacation 2016

We went back to Las Vegas again this year for more desert adventures! We stayed for 4 days/3 nights and had a wonderful and relaxing time. With Vegas, you have to plan ahead and make sure you take it easy on yourself especially during the hottest parts of the day. A notable change in Vegas is that many of the Casinos on The Strip & Downtown now charge for parking. It's not terribly expensive--about 5-6$ for a few hours, but annoying when you remember the good 'ol "free" days. And also,…


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6 Benefits of E-Books that make them Valuable

Traditional textbooks are still being purchased and sold by the millions.  However, with the fast-growing tablet market, E-books a new and more worthwhile way of learning. Many would discuss the pros of these interactive learning tools are as great as their availability.  E-Books technology is now…


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Road Trip Through Colorado (Pt. 2)

After spending a weekend in Colorado Springs for a family reunion, we headed to Black Canyon of the Gunnison. On the way we stopped and stretched our legs and had a mini picnic lunch with a beautiful view....and of course Hollis found some dirt to play in so she was stoked.


So many beautiful places to pull over and stretch your legs and take pics. I can't wait to hike some of these places when the kids are a little bigger.…


IMG_1116 IMG_1114


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Even babies need a bedtime

When my son was a baby he slept all the time. (Mostly while laying on me.) I remember having to wake him up to feed him and all the times he fell asleep while still breastfeeding. When I asked our doctor about all this, she asked some questions about family history and determined that everything was fine. She added that we were lucky because our son slept so well.…


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Interview: Ruth J. Anderson, Author of ‘Whistle Blower and Double Agents’

Born and raised in Washington, D.C.’s  Georgetown, Ruth J. Anderson served with several Congressional and cabinet-level officials for over 25 years, including the Federal Communication Commission; Senator Richard Russell, Senate Commerce Committee, Secretary of Commerce,…


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We were waiting at the bus stop...

We were waiting at the bus stop...

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1st Day of Kindergarten

1st Day of Kindergarten

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Why The Philippines is a Perfect Family Destination

By Anne Carr

If you know anything about Southeast Asia from photos or travel documentaries or have traveled there yourself you know how it draws you back time and time again. I have visited the Philippines and loved every moment of the weather, the food, the beach, the people, and the beautiful…


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Permanent Temp

A few years ago, I worked a job where I started as a temp and spent two and a half years as a temp and when I started pushing the issue about getting hired in full time, they fired me. I did anything they asked me to. I worked overtime and weekends when that was not what I was told were my hours. I was brought in to do data entry but they had me doing many other things but never changed my title and never changed my pay. I watched other people come in after I started there and get hired in…


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