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Tips on Getting The Right Handbag for Your Body and Style.

Every professional woman has several handbags that she changes regularly based on the occasion, theme and what kind of clothes she is wearing. Handbags and shoes are the two major things that any woman has…


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History That Speaks to My Soul

History has always been a passion of mine. It began long ago when my mother read me the Little House on the Prairie series. Since that time, I have read volumes of history books, taken classes for the sure pleasure of learning, watched documentaries, and been drawn to historical fiction movies and television programs sometimes for no other reason than I want to study the sets and costume design.

But not every period of history speaks equally to me. I don’t find them all…


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Typical Cost to Replace Garage Door Springs

Replacing cost of the garage door springs depend on how many kinds of springs to change, whether you will do the job yourself or hire a professional. In general, you are looking at costs in the range of £ 32 to £ 160 if you do the work yourself. It will probably cost you in the range of £ 65 to £ 325 if hiring a professional to install new springs.

Two Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two basic types of garage door springs: springs and torsion springs. Extension…


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Do You Love History?

Do you love history as much as I do?  If so, I invite you to visit my blog.  I write about the timeframe 1890-1920 with occasional updates on my writing career and guest blog posts sprinkled in.

Click here  to visit my blog and step back in time.

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Important How-To's of Planning a Safe Family Vacation

Most people look forward to vacation where they can relax and escape from their busy life back home. For those who are traveling as a family, it's the time to create new memories and bond together. When you're planning your next family vacation, there are a few important…


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The truth about teen driving skills

We were on vacation last week. (Did you miss me? I missed you.) On the long way home, my son came up with a plan after he saw my husband and I switch places in the driver's seat. He thought it would be a great idea for all of us to take turns driving, as he was fairly certain that he could sit on my lap (since he can't reach the pedals) and steer.…


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How TeleHealth Can Help You?

In these uncertain times, I worry a lot about healthcare, especially for my children. It is so important to have affordable healthcare, especially if you are a single parent.  Sometimes, the kids get sick and it does not always require an emergency visit to the doctor but it would be nice to get medical advice from a true professional.

Recently, I was contacted by a tele-health…


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Hoppy Easter! :)  I hope everyone had a fabulous day with their families, ate yummy goodness food and found that golden egg!

I love holidays.  I love the idea of spending quality time laughing with family, enjoying little ones running around, cooking & baking (I like baking more) and eating way too much food til you explode. 

Every family is dysfunctional in it's own way shape or form.  Least I know mine is, BUT I wouldn't have them any other way.  We're loud, silly,…


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Choose the right diaper for your kid

According to the recent research about child health, usage of disposable diapers is not good for the children. They ought to experience more infections, rashes and irritations when used regularly on their skin. The chemicals used in the diaper is not a friendly one they are harmful to the skin. Especially for infants their skin type is very soft so we need to be careful in pampering their health. Every parent give special importance in choosing the cloths, diaper, food items and bottles for…


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General Tso's Chicken at Home

Not something I usually do, but I came across something I was eager to share!

I like Chinese food, but I haven't had food from a neighborhood Chinese restaurant in years. The closest I've come to enjoying some was going to P.F. Chang's last year, but it still doesn't compare. So I have been getting my fix of egg rolls from the Publix…


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Back To Work: Motherhood Gets Lonely

Initially, it sounds like a dream come true…

All of your kids are finally in school. You’re FREE! You have the entire house to yourself for nearly eight whole hours. You can do whatever you’d like – take a morning yoga class, relax with a hot cup of coffee and a nice homemade breakfast, catch up on your soap…


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Finding Good in what seems like a bad deal

Today is good Friday because God turned it around from a seemingly bad deal to a good one, read it here Finding Good in what seems like a Bad deal

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Tone Your Inner Thighs With These Easy And Effective Moves

Bikini season is here! Bikinis aren’t the easiest pieces of clothing to put on. If you’re not naturally gifted with a shapely, curvaceous body, you’ll be able to relate to that. Just in case you’ve forgotten, that’s the only body you got. Plus sized model, Ashley Graham perfectly understands so. She said…


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Trending 2017 Block Heel And Boots For Women

There are several types of shoes in the market particularly for those women who are obsessed with shoes. The available shoe trends will enable your plan effectively making you well prepared for the coming seasons. There are warm block heels and boots, which are meant to keep you warm during the winter…


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Epic Fail

Well ladies and gents...surprise!

I was laid off last Thursday.  Damn elimination of a job position and budget cuts.

Since then my phone has been constantly going are you?!  Are you okay?  OMG what are you going to do?  How could they?!

Somedays I want to throw my phone against the wall cause I get so annoyed on top of my kids are on Spring Break this week...oohhh the joy! 

I want to escape.  I'm waiting for someone to tell me "sike just kidding."  I…


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Little Bunny's Own Storybook by Margaret Welwood

A lovely inspiring story.

This is a lovely story, beautifully illustrated, about very happy Little Bunny. He loved his daily routine, the stroll down the path with his mum and dad, and best of all his visit to the library, where each day he picked a different book to…


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5 easy Steps to Running a Drop Shipping Business

So you want to start a Drop shipping business as a stay at home Mom: Here is what you need to know:

5 easy steps to Running a Drop shipping Business

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5 easy steps to running a Drop shipping Business

So you want to start a Drop shipping business as a stay at home Mom, here is what you need to do:5 Easy steps to Starting a Drop shipping Business

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Check Out The 3 Amazing Must-Have Fashion Trends For This Spring

After several months of covering up with layers after layers of coats, cardigans and shawls, Spring time is the perfect time to dress lighter and…


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The Beginning

I'm a Mom. 

A single mother, to four of the cutest and coolest kids I know.  I sure lucked out when God blessed me with them.  Yes they're crazy, loud, funny, and sometimes not the greatest listeners or the big brats EVER.  But they're mine and I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. 

Not every single mothers plans this.  I always get the OMG how do you do it?!  And the honest answer to that is...I have no freaking idea!  I just do.  I live off of coffee and sarcastic…


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This is the Best Thing You Can Do to Secure Your Phone

Smartphones aren’t cheap. That’s probably the first thing you noticed when you decided to invest in your Android device, and something you haven’t forgotten ever since. When you’re handling your expensive bit of tech, it seems like there are too many threats to count: viruses, theft, snoopers…



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