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ফ্রোজেন ফুড: বিপদে আপনজন (Frozen food: very handy)

[English version has given below]
ইদানিং আগোরা, পি কিউ এস, মিনা বাজার, নন্দন ইত্যাদি শপিং মল গুলোতে গেলে ফ্রোজেন ফুড এর বেশ ভালো…

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Teen Adoption

Considering adoption? Consider making a difference in the life of a teenager!  Teen Adoption

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Blogger Opp & Hop

Grow your social media and join me in Get Ready for Summer Event.  There are still plenty of spots to add your giveaway to the hop as well as spots left for Dexas and Slendertone giveaway.

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Taking that first (legal) drink

At a recent happy hour with my coworkers, we started talking about our 21st birthdays. There were the usual tales of being taken out by friends to have their first legal drink, with lots of admissions that they had had alcohol well before that milestone birthday.

When it came to me, I told the truth: I…


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The Beauty Closet's Essential Guide to Face Washes:


I think most of us could claim by now to be close to if not already experts in this area. BUT...I was quite surprised myself on some things I didn't know about face washes- like what they put in them for example or what ingredients and types of face washes are…


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Recognizing Life's Special Moments


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Did you Know about Tamanu oil? It's the Natural Acne Fighter & Moisturizer!


Tamanu oil comes from the tamanu tree and is originally from tropical Southeast Asia and can also be…


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Lets Agree To Disagree

                                  Parenting Styles

Mom vs. Dad

Lets face it, raising kids is difficult, but there is an extra added stress when you and your partner disagree on each other's parenting styles. It is difficult to focus on what is important when your main focus is who is right or wrong. Most parents choose to parent how…


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The End To Regressive Behavior

I am so proud of my son! A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about regressive behavior. My son was going

through it and I felt it would be nice to enlighten other parents who were going through the same situation I was in and how to deal with it. No matter how much you research and read up on the subject remember that patients is key when it comes to dealing with your toddlers regressive behaviors.

It will pass!

and that is why I am so proud of my son. He has…


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Write Every Testimony

Write Every Testimony

There's one common reason to write in both difficult times and joyous times.

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Why Mom Friends Are So Important

You guys, I have to tell you something. And it’s something that you already know.

Being a mom is one of the greatest joys you’ll ever have. And it’s also one of the hardest. 

Sometimes, I feel like the world is pushing on me to put forth this image of motherhood perfection. Because that’s what you see across a lot of social media, blogs, media and the like. That push makes it so easy to feel like you’re alone in your parenting fears, fails, and hard moments. But…


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Settling In...To Blog

Settling In...To Blog

Getting ready to relax can be a task on it's own! 

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Tips for children flying solo....

Summer season is here and that means an abundance of unaccompanied minors traveling to see grandparents, friends, relatives or even a parent in another state.  Here are some tips that makes this process a little less stressful.

1.  Make sure your child can handle the experience of flying on their own.  As we know the hustle and bustle of airports can be overwhelming not only for children but for adults too.

2.  Carefully review the airline's policies for handling…


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DIY: Make a Passport for Kids and Explore Your City


"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."


- T. S. Eliot



This summer, the girls are getting their first passports.

But we're not heading en…


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Oh ye of little faith

There are conversations that I have with my son that come easily to me: Stuff that we learn together about science, new vocabulary words, sex, what we use the Internet for and the…


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Chapter reveal: 'Help Your Child to Thrive: Making the Best of a Struggling Public Education System,' by Liane Brouillette


Title:  Help Your Child to Thrive: Making the Best of a Struggling Public Education System

Genre: Non-fiction, parenting, education

Author: Liane Brouillette

Website: …


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Cedar Plank Salmon

Summer provides a great opportunity for families to focus on health. Not only is the summer a big grilling season, but a season of fresh fruit and vegetables, which can be found at the Clabber Girl Farmer’s Market. The Market provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time together as a family learning about local produce, fresh baked breads and granola and even dog treats. Now every person in the Wabash Valley may not be experienced in the culinary arts, and the very thought of cooking at…


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Spring Toddler Craft Project

Spring is here which means time to be outside! Man, did that winter feel like forever. Spring allows all of these wonderful opportunities for play and crafts with our kids. I am not the crafty type, unfortunately. Throw me into a playground, a park, a soccer field, and I will have the time of my life with McKinley. Give me a box of construction paper and pipe cleaners and you’ve lost me.

Fortunately for you, my sister Kristen, mother of two darling toddlers, is the crafty type! As…


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