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As the temperature is on its way up and summer is soon going to be upon us, it is time for you to start taking out clothing for your children. If you are going to go for a vacation during the…


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HELP!! My creativity is on strike!!

Ok, so I've been seriously thinking about switching this blog over to its own domain. It's cheap. Why not?

The problem I'm having is that I can't figure out a name for it!

I could call it the same…

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New Site Design

I redesigned my blog and made it a little less in your face and killed the cute. Now it's... nifty.

Check it out. :D

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Another Blog Design Giveaway by Colleen Shibley Designs

I had so much fun creating Sammy Makes Six new blog design, the winner of my first giveaway, that I just had to do it again. I really have a great time designing blogs and meeting new people. So if you didn't win the first time or maybe missed it all together, here is your chance once again.

Come join my Giveaway

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I May Not Be At BlogHer10 But I Can Pretend

I really, really thought I was going to make it to the BlogHer conference this year. I used to live in NYC and I miss that incredible city.

So today's blog hopping party, The Original Virtual Girls Night Out, is getting into the New York state of mind. Come over, add you blog…


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A giveaway

Save money, the environment, your floors and your back. I know you want one.. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop.

it's a wet mop that you can refill PLUS you can use your own homemade cleaners. You have a removable cleaning pad that made of microfiber and

you could wash it.... Saving you more money...

Go to… Continue

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Oh We’re Going Out to Dinner… Even if it’s Pouring Rain!

Last Sunday, Mags asked the girls if they wanted to go for ice cream after dinner. Of course, Pip, never one to turn down an excuse to ride her bike/scooter or ice cream, said yes immediately. Besides, since we’ll be walking to school most days this coming year, she said she wanted to get used to riding with her brand-new-backpack.…


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Super Mama Saturday: Karyn of Tail Wags Helmet Covers

My sister and I rode our bikes non-stop. From the time we sped away in pink, plastic tricycles to bikes with flowered baskets to teal Huffy mountain bikes, we created years worth of childhood memories. One thing we did not love… Continue

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Dora’s 10th Birthday Celebration Event


11110 Causeway Blvd

Brandon, FL 33511

Dora’s 10th Birthday Celebration Event

Dates: 8/14/2010 – 8/14/2010

Nothing is bigger in a preschooler’s life than their birthday — now, one of their favorite friends is…


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Call Me!

When my soul is feeling low, I replay everything I know...of You. What

you've done and are able to do...I know all things are possible through

You! When I put my faith in bring Me through...all the tough

times. Lord, cut the ties that bind...Me to depression, anxiety, anger

and agonizing expressions. That project a negative reflection of who I

am. Not the ugly but the beautiful Daughter of the… Continue

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Cherishing Love- A poem

Writing prompt instructions:

This week we're going to switch gears and write a little poetry. Writing poetry helps us work on cadence and rhythm which can make for better fiction. So by flexing our poetry muscles, we can in turn create more fluid fictional pieces. Please write a narrative poem that focuses on the workings of a family, whether it be your own or one that you've created from scratch. Good… Continue

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Candida a Major Cause of My Chronic Illness CFS/ ME

Your Answers within - Candida a Major Cause of My Chronic Illness CFS/ ME

What is Candida?

Candida is a yeast that changes over time into a fungus that spreads out sending roots, which then grow new shoots. It multiplies under the ideal conditions in our gut to undermine the working of our immune system. It is this overloading of the candida in the body which then causes the body to have various symptoms such as digestive disorders and of course Chronic Fatigue.

A yeast cell… Continue

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How Have You Changed?

Scott says I've changed over the years. He specifically noticed when I

we were newly married and when I was pregnant. But really we all change

as we get older right?

Here's some things I've noticed over the years:

I don't laugh as hard as I used to. I laugh more internally now. I used

to double over in stitches and laugh real hardily over… Continue

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Jaliyah's 4 Month Update!

Today Jaliyah turned a whopping 4 months old (at 10:03pm to be precise). She can now..
  • Roll from back to tummy, and tummy to back
  • Yell at me
  • Give me quite the attitude when yelling at me
  • ...finish reading HERE

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How to Roast Green Chiles

We had 22 green chiles in our Bountiful Basket this week. I knew that we wouldn't be able to use them all in one week, so I decided to roast and freeze most…

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SnackTAXI - Product Review

Early in the…

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i got a job!

YAY! I'm officially a Working Mother.

You may have noticed (or not) that I havent been blogging as much lately. Perhaps you're relieved. Either way, I've been a little silent. That's because I've been doing some preliminary supply shopping. I'm not sure what to expect as far as supplies and because this month will be busy for me (number 1 son is going off to college), I like to prepare as early as…


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BlogHer 2010, Breastfeeding, and the Nestle Boycott

I’m itching to write my BlogHer post after reading many interesting post from other bloggers who are going. I’ve been wanting to write it for weeks but can’t find the time — trip to Germany, three editing and social media clients that want to be kept happy, the normal momsense (motherhood and wifyhood and a bit of nonsense thrown in), and then there’s that thing called sleep I need to fit in once in a while. Just once in a while.

So here is the compressed version of my… Continue

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