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Tonight on 24/7 MOMS Live Webcast

Tonight on 24/7 MOMS Live Webcast ( TV on your computer)

It's Fun,…

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P90X update, in week 9! Added measurements!!

Getting more linmber and stronger thanks P90X!

My husband and I are now 3 days into week 9 of P90X and we are both getting…

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How I make the BEST JELLO ever!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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Hello everyone!

How is everyone doing today? Here in sunny SW Florida it's a fabulous day!! Couldn't ask for more!

Please visit my blog & follow me there, it's a new blog on how to Change Your Life...

Change Your Life

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Come see what's in our new listings. ARTS/CRAFT and Handmade.

Free for the…


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Personalized Wooden Gifts for Children

Every gift is a keepsake!  A Personalized Gift made entirely from wood, with the child's name personalized on it. Whatever the special occasion - a Christening, New Baby, Baptism, Birthday celebration or Christmas - a wooden gift that will last so long is the perfect gift. All Children…


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Too Anxious to Go to Sleep Alone?

Too Anxious to Go to Sleep Alone?


“Specific sleep-time rituals can also help, such as writing down worries and putting them in a safe box to be dealt with in the morning, or using a special cuddly toy as a comforter or “protector”, or reading a relaxing and entertaining book before sleeping.”

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How to Lose that Muffin Top! Spring has sprung- not your waistlines too!

How ironic that I awoke to the beauty of snow - covered trees this very a.m. as today marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. What is even more odd is that on this very date, thirteen years ago, flakes fell from the sky on my wedding day in New York City. This is “snow joke.”


Dare I mention that bathing suit season is around the corner? This gives us harried moms three short months to…


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Twitter Poll: To Follow Back.... That is the Question!

Having a chat on my blog today. I would like your opinions! What are your thoughts on following back on Twitter? Important, Creepy, Cool! Let me know!

Weigh In Here!

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Some Signature Dishes


Here I go again... the same old shop that I used to visit each time I drive down to Kuala Lumpur with my kids. I will order the same old dishes and will enjoy the savoury taste of their infamous tai lok mee cooked with yam! (fat noodles with taro) and of course, not leaving out their signature dish, that is the…


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Angels of Inspiration Youth Group!!!

Angels of Inspiration Youth Group!!!

Angels of Inspiration, we will make a difference!…


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10 things about Me.

10 Things about Jennie aka Tidbitz

1. I am a frazzled mom of three great girls.

2. I am a coffee lover.

3. I love to listen to music and watch long adventure movies.

4. New old fashioned American recipes make me giddy with delight.

5. I dislike small houses with lots of clutter. Hoarders scare me.

6. I'm a cheap spender,…

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The Day That Was Yesterday

Big little was not well on Sunday. He was vomiting every 25 - 30 minutes like clockwork. When he finally fell asleep, he was able to extend it to every hour. We got some sleep between 4:30 -6AM. Then when he woke up, he proceeded down the same 1 hour path and started compaining about his right side hurting. (uh-oh)

I turned into "one of those moms" yesterday morning. I went to the doctor's office before there were any doctors there (the upside to that, I used to work there, so, I kinda took… Continue

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Bitter Pill of Life

As I said, I have had at least 5 medical professionals try to talk me into taking some kind of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety to help me bring down my blood pressure, stop grinding my teeth, reduce my fantasy of freezing my husband for 1 week a month and un-knot muscles so that I can participate in yoga.


It's not that I am opposed to the benefits of Wellbutrin, Xanax, Zoloft, Alexapro and whatever else they think might help. Some people's lives improve exponentially with the…


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It's Time to Examine Your Relationship With Your Children

Don’t you love how nature provides us with a specific time each year to enjoy new beginnings after a long winter of hibernation? Everywhere we look we see evidence of “new life” appearing. Buds on the trees, blossoms on the flowers and the…

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Charming Fore! Axel & Hudson Spring/Summer 2011 Collection and Amazing Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win one of these awesome polo shirts for the little man in your life! 3 winners will pick the size (6m-12y)

Fore! Axel & Hudson, the golf inspired boys’ line introduced Spring/Summer 2011 collection. It has everything we’ve come to love about FA&H: Golf paraphernalia reinvented in witty prints, vibrant colors,…


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  • Recently, DJ got a chance to ride a mechanical bull. As I stood by, I realized it translated to life. Life's like a mechanical bull. It really is. You're on this thing you CAN'T control & all you CAN control is holding on for dear life. And then? Like the bull, you get kicked off sometimes, don't ya? And whatta ya do? Lie on the ground? Run away? Kick the bull? Or...maybe like DJ, we simply get back on. If life's got you riding a…


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California Grill at Disney World's Contemporary resort

California Grill is a spectacular restaurant.  It is one of Disney World's signature restaurants near the Magic Kingdom at the Contemporary Resort. 

I was thrilled when I found out the first night of my conference would be spent dining at the… Continue

Added by Meagan Shamy on March 21, 2011 at 6:59pm — 1 Comment

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The One Diaper Bag All Parents Need

All parents with babies or toddlers need a fantastic diaper bag with lots of pockets. There are many on the market to be sure, but finding one that best fits your needs can be an arduous process. Who has time to go to a baby store and sift through the myriad…


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