The Strategy to Choose the Best Credit Cards

Do you desperately want to get hold of the best credit card? When you opt for credit cards, you should be aware that every option has its set of benefits and rewards. This is why you need to make your choice wisely. We will just give you a guideline in this regard.

First, we…

Top of the Line Educational App Will Engage Your Kids for Hours

If you feel like us, you know how hard it is to navigate all of the kids' apps out there. It seems to us mere laypeople like there are thousands of apps to choose from. It's a hit and miss game. And, if you want your children to learn from apps in the process it is even harder. One thing is sure, there is a lot of…




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True-North Thursday: "All BLOGGED OUT?... Then GO Back to Blog basics!"

'To Blog or Not to Blog...that is the question',
to me has a huge parallel to the ever famous…

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OMG my daughter embarrassed me today big time!

My Daughter SOOOOOOO embarrassed me! Whew!!!

OMG I just have to tell you that today my daughter totally embarrassed me! We were at a local shopping center and they have a huge fountain that…

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Are You Underestimating Your Child’s Weight?

As America’s population becomes more and more overweight, people may develop a distorted perception of what is deemed a healthy weight. This is precisely what USA Today reported on when revealing the results from a recent study performed at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. 


Researchers asked 111 women and 111 children questions about their age, income and body size, and also measured their height and weight. They were asked to…


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Squeeze Physical Activity Into Your Busy Schedule and Get Fit Fast

Squeeze Physical Activity Into Your Busy Schedule and Get Fit Fast



Making exercise a priority is a challenge for everyone. For parents it can be difficult to find time to workout because of the full plates that they often juggle, whereas for many kids, biking to the playground and playing kickball in the backyard have given way to watching television, playing video games and spending hours…


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The Revolution is back! YAY!

Food Revolution is BACK! WHIHOO!!

I am so excited because Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is back!…


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Every Season Baby Shower Themes

I’m an underpaid event coordinator. I don’t get paid at all…However, I do love sharing ideas about how to organize your parties, decorating themes, catering, etc. There are many good ideas out there but sometimes it’s nice coming up with something more personal. I’ll start with the beach because that’s my favorite place for everything: bridal shower, bachelorette party, Wedding, baby shower, B-day, Anniversary, and if I could I’ll have my funeral held there too while my coffin floats on the…


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I just found out that ABC is cancelling 2 of thier daytime soaps. All My Children and One Life to Live will be gone. It is sad. They intend to replace them with 2 talk shows. Thats what we need, another stupid talk show. I have grown up with these shows. If you watch these then go to and leave a comment telling them it is a mistake, and then scroll down and click "contact us" at the bottom of the page…


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It's Thursday...Missed Wednesday...Let's Pretend It's Tuesday!

Russian Family

Image via Wikipedia


This week is a little mixed up for me.

Does that ever happen to…


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The Safest In Double Strollers Today

The Dream On Me Side-By-Side Stroller provides large storage for your children’ s needed items.The compact umbrella style design is not only attractive but makes for a comfortable safe ride for your child. Features fully reclining seats a five point safety harness and two large baskets. Each twin canopy is fully adjustable.



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Are Kids Copying their parents when they lie?


Are kids copying their parents when they lie?…


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The Points Game

This morning started ordinarily enough.

I woke up (late again. How do I incorporate that sound into my dreams????). I went out to the porch to check the temperature and then went back into the house to awaken Z and the Hubs so that we could start the day.



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Mental Illness

Sometimes waking up in the morning to the stories you hear on the news every day is not really the way to wake up. Wednesday morning I woke up to the story of the 25 year old mom of four who drove her car into the Hudson River and I was horrified. I imaged the terror and the memories this poor ten year old boy would have for the rest of his life. And… Continue

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I Heart Our Pediatrician - Part 1

I absolutely adore our pediatrician!

Yes, I will shout it from the rooftops!

We're lucky, I know. I hear so many stories from friends about not completely liking their pediatricians, and family doctors. The problem is, at least around here that many doctors are maxed out on patients and cannot take anymore, making it that much harder to find a good one.  Read more:Click…


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ABCs of Me

Learn a little about me and read a fun post!!! Come to

and see it!



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Ten Great Reasons to Work from Home

Ten Great Reasons to Work from Home

Do you dream of working from home? Are you considering making that change and having the flexibility to spend more time doing the things you love? It's becoming more and more common as people explore options like telecommuting and starting their own home-based businesses. Here are the reasons I started building my business at home!

1—The rising cost of fuel! This can be a huge expense, not only in dollars but also in your time and the wear…


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Check out our new funny story at

Check out our new funny story at Continue

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