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Six Types of Denial

Denial is a word that has constantly stayed under the radar for many years. A lot of times we avoid the truth for fear of being hurt.We all at one time or

another have battled this demon of denial. Please don't be a victim of

denial it can ruin your life and your children's.Take this year and

transform your mind one day at a time. If I can do it you can. But today

on this blog we are going to heal from being in denial.…


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Kid Friendly Couscous with Chicken and Veggies

Kids Couscous with Chicken and Vegetables


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Book Review: God Gave Us So Much by Lisa Tawn Bergren


God Gave Us So Much by Lisa Tawn Bergren and beautifully illustrated by Laura J Bryant, a limited-Edition Three Book Treasury.

God Gave Us So Much combines three books in one: God Gave Us So Much, God Gave us Love, and God Gave us Heaven.

Every story has is about the…


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Noble Women

I couldn't help think this morning, about the noble woman mentioned in

Proverbs 31.  Many of you, that are reading this, had to make a choice,

when you had a child, whether or not, to go back to work. Like you, so

did I.

I have to tell you, I never thought in a million years, I would go back

to work after having Jada. After all, it took 7 years to get her here. I

couldn't imagine God being so good, so kind, and so merciful, wanting

me to go back to work,… Continue

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Should Kids Get Paid For Chores And School Performance?

This is a tough question... On one hand it may be a bit confusing to tie allowance directly to chores because we should be teaching our kids to help around the house when its needed, not just when it is part of their "to do" chores.  Also, it can be very easy for parents to lose track of the chores that have actually been completed. A…


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Sleep can help with a more productive work out!

My post


I have been feeling down and out and plain sick for the last few days.  My husband brought home some sort of viral code last week and we all got it.  On top of that my son has been cutting teeth since Christmas eve and he has been up all night since then too so that means Mommy is not…


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MamaBlogger 365 Initiative 2011. Today's Post 'My $.02 by Amy Brozio-Andrews' For the Museum Of Motherhood!

REFRAMING MOTHERHOOD: Are you a Blogger with a following, who wants to change the world? Please write us at …


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Advertiser Campaign: iTriage Healthcare App

We are happy to work with iTriage Healthcare app created by Healthagen on a…


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Followers and commenters wanted!!

Check out my blog @ Angels of Inspiration. Become a follower and please share your thoughts and mcomments.Angels of Inspiration… Continue

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New Year's Resolutions

So the term resolution means something that is resolved or finished, so I've always been confused as to why they are called New Year's Resolutions instead of just new goals. What are new year's resolutions? Are these things you work at for a few months and then just toss aside in failure? Do you actually stick to yours the whole year? It seems to me that they are always set up to fail. I hate failing. (read more)

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Crafts & Winter Fun

This past week has been fun. Knowing that it won't be long before the chaos of starting school again & extra curricular activities get going again this week as well- we have been taking advantage of the quiet time.  The kids received some really cool craft projects for Christmas & so when they started begging to work on some of them- I said yes.  If I had known that they would literally sit at the kitchen table for 6 hours… Continue

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WordPress Plug-Ins

For all you bloggers out there I thought I would share these valuable plug ins for Wordpress that are very important for social media use. Putting all that work in to creating a blog post does not get you very

far if you can not get that content out to people. Allowing your blog

post to be shared by others is vital. Start with the basics and ensure

that your blog post can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. Plug Ins

allow you to add bookmarks that will allow your readers…


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Women Reign Supreme When It Comes To Social Media

I have run across several articles lately based on this recent research study by  The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute. Their study showed that women business owners value social media three times more than their male counterparts. I thought this was very interesting and it made me think that women, in general, like to socialize more than men from my experience and so…


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Snow Day

 It's not so much of a snow day here in Jacksonville, as only maybe 5 flakes fell, but up north it's one of the worst storms in recent memory.  In my own way I am both sad and happy as I do miss playing in the snow but never in a millions years could I miss driving in it.…


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Two Thousand Eleven

Here we are.  Two. Thousand. Eleven.  Can… Continue

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My Best Life

It's Monday... undeniably THE worst day of the week... every week, every month of every year. Not today. Not ever again. Why, because today I am starting My Best Life....

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Gwendolyn Hooks Author Highlight

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, January 3, 2011


Gwendolyn Hooks – Author Highlight”



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How to: Dye Ombre Hair Color


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Today, alone, the news included 3 headlines that got my attention. The unprecedented flooding in Australia… Continue

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