What To Know About Using A Rideshare Service with Kids

Unless you live in a big city, you might not have a huge amount of experience using rideshare services, and particularly not with your kids.

However, if you have any travel plans coming up, you will more than likely use a…

The 4 Most-Often Overlooked Aspects of Starting a Business from Home

Whether you’re sick of bouncing from job to job or feel like your current gig just isn’t panning…



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Childbirth Education: Changes in How it's Taught

Since the 1950's when Lamaze was first introduced, it has been the most popular method to learn in preparing for childbirth. However, the breathing tecniques taught through the Lamaze method are now outdated and no longer meet the needs of expectant women based on current research, science, and best practices for childbirth.


Current research proves that stress is directly related to pre-term births, low birth weights, gestational hypertension, and other…


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How To Get Started On An Exercise Program

Check out my blog for a new post on  How To Get Started On An Exercise Program.


Thanks! Jenn

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This is Sick in the Head....

On a daily basis I get emails, sometimes several, which leave me wondering how on earth we get by as a human race. I received this email yesterday:



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Good Intentions

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Everything...check out this amazing message and skit



It's everything!  Check out and follow me.

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Daddy Snores...

So I am in another room of the house with one of my daughters than my husband and my other daughter. All of a sudden I hear "Daddy Bo (our dog) snores really loud. Then she says "Daddy he snores just as loud as you do!". I laughed so hard, because for me it is sometimes a hard decision to sleep in bed with my snoring husband or sleep on the couch with my snoring dog!


Please check out more posts like this at…


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This was a video/slid show that I made a year ago with my EMT Class. The class is from 2009. We all had such a great time. This is not the whole class, but we were a group and always had ton's of fun…

This was a video/slid show that I made a year ago with my EMT Class. The class is from 2009.

We all had such a great time. This is not the whole class, but we were a group and always had ton's of fun!

I am in the Grey sweater. Please enjoy.. It brings tears to my eyes :) ( happy ones )


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My First Giveaway


I am having my very first giveaway!  It is for a computer program calledColor It By…


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Diaper cake Giveaway!!!

I am giving away a great diaper cake!!! Check out my blog to enter!!!!


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A Thankful Heart Part 3: Hopping Along to Easter Blog Hop

A few Fridays ago I did a blog on A Thankful Heart and then followed up with A Thankful Heart: Part 2. This blog is for the Hopping Along To Easter Blog Hop. In each post I…


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The Night Life

I can't clean like normal people. People whose houses are ready for company whenever you show up. People who have an organizational system, a handy place for everything (so jealous). Floors that are regularly swept or vacuumed. I just can't.



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Sinful Temptations!


Last Friday, someone brought some "sinful" plus tempting food to the office!!

Upon entering the office, the aroma from the King of Fruits filled the entire department.... then I saw three tubs on the pantry table... that was pure delight... for me! hahhaa....

True enough, the big tub was filled with lots and lots of…


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A "Pawsitively" Fabulour Blog Tour: Meet Max the Dog

Usually I review picture books on Wednesdays…but today is very special because I am hosting my first ever book tour for an amazing author duo…MAX THE DOG AND HIS PARTNER, ANTHONY MAJEWSKI. 

Maximus, a.k.a. “Max” is an English Labrador who shares stories about his real life experiences.   

“Dogs Work Too! From Max’s…


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What Parents Can Do To Keep Their Infants Safe

Parents want the very best for their children and their safety is their number one concern.

See infant safety for parents and new parents @…


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Waiting For A Potty Disaster


This is not one of your "run-of-the-mill" potty training postings. Read on....

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Feather Hair Accessories

Have you been hearing a lot about feather hair accessories lately?  Feathers seems to be a popularHair Extensions trend right now.  A headband with feathers or a hair clip or even a feather extension to add to your hair.  Etsy has quite a few options for hair extensions on their site. I particularly like this …


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Embrace the "F" Word

Learning to Deal with Failure

When was the last time you failed? I don't mean a little mistake. When was the last time you experienced a bona-fide, gut-wrenching, FUBAR failure? I used to be afraid to fail. I think I spent much of my twenties and my early thirties trying hard not to fail. Back then, I had serious perfectionist tendencies and worked hard not to make a mistake.  I look back at how naive I was then.…


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Oh how early the day starts!

Because the first children are here so early, my day starts at 5:00 AM!


What do I do at 5:00 AM? I prepare breakfast for the children that are here at 6:00!


This brings me back when I was working full time and my daughter was only 2. She's now 18!

How hard it was for me to leave her at daycare and run off to work! I remember crying my heart

out heading to work every morning. The guilt of leaving her.


Well 18 years later I see that…


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