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How To Select Baby Slings

Baby slings or baby carriers are quite common nowadays and you can find many people lugging their babies around using them. Though baby slings are a great invention, a few factors need to be taken into account before purchasing them because if you buy an incorrect baby sling it can result in injuries to the baby or a lot of distress to both the baby and the parent.…


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Why People Don't Vote (And Why I Still Do)

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Voting has always been important to me. I make it…


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Girlfriend's Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bag:


The 45 Best Things I Took To The Hospital

Originally appeared on Frugal Nesting May 30, 2016

A comprehensive, detailed list of the 45 best things I packed for childbirth! This list should be useful for either a hospital or a birth center…


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Crash Course in Saving....

Savings Tips_Cute Beltz Blog

As parents some of us find it difficult to start saving. Many of us have 401K/403B plans through our jobs so we believe that’s saving or some think how can I possibly save any money, there’s never any left over?!?!?!?!?  As parents we need a rainy day fund, especially if you have a children, a car, a house or WHATEVER!!! There will always be a time when the unexpected happens.

I started saving early in life, so I was able to buy my first home at 28 years old.  I knew…


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Our food journey: Starting my baby on solids

Hello mummies

When baby E was 4 months we went for his checkup the MCHN suggested that we could start him on solids any time before 6 months. She suggested that we start with rice cereal then gradually move to vegetables and fruits. She suggested vegetables before fruits because fruits are sweet and if we start with fruits he might become a picky eater…


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A Standard of Grace

This is a really difficult time to raise children.

We are surrounded by information, but that information tends to present a lot of problems (what not to eat, what not to buy, new epidemics to worry about) yet rarely offers up solutions.

We also live in a time where it is very easy to…


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An Attempt At Clean Eating

I've been meaning to try clean eating for a long time. I'm not a fan of fad diets at all and avoid them at all costs, but I have been very aware of what I eat since having a child and want to be a good example for him, as well as looking after myself so I can keep up with him. Clean eating appeals to me as it cuts out all of the rubbish that all too easily finds its way…

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A letter to the Struggling Mom


  Being a woman, the title of this post alone is a very hard thing to admit to. Admitting that we struggle causes us to feel that we aren’t good enough or that we’ve failed in some form. But, I find it an appropriate time to be bold and reveal some of the thoughts I face on being…


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When Love Doesn't Happen Straight Away

It is a very common fantasy that when we have our first child (or even our second) that as soon as they are born and they are handed to us we will be filled with unconditional love for this tiny, lovely creature. We imagine that we will be surrounded by this bubble of love, as we settle in with our new little family. But a fantasy is all that this idea very often…

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My experience with Pufies diapers

I was not impressed with cloth diapers and was looking for an alternative diaper for my 19 month old baby. When I was going through reviews on the Internet, I figured out that Pufies has received a lot of attention in the recent past. Therefore, I thought of spending my money in order to get a pack. I have been using them for the past couple of months and I am quite pleased with my decision. That’s why I thought of writing this article, in order to share my experience with Pufies…


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6 Tips to Self Love-New Year - Better You

Hey everyone and welcome back to "It is Well, With my Soul" blog.  So as some of you know, this year is all about making myself better...and if you want to go on this journey with me, then feel free and tell me how it's going.  Tonight we will be talking about Self Love. Finding yourself love, or myself love is like dating someone new.  When you put all your trust and love in someone, and then your break up or something happens, you have to find that trust and…


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I Wanna Be A Beachbody Coach

I'm watching Merrill cheat with my 1st love, but I'm not jealous, I wanna join in. After the birth of Duchess, Les Mills Combat was there for me in my 1st year postpartum. Combat accomplished what no man could ever do, it forced me to submit....I don't submit well...sigh, I miss Combat. I wonder if he'll take me back? I Wanna Be A Beachbody Coach....and yes, I am aware of what's getting ready to happen....

The flesh doesn't easily submit and believe you me, I know what I'm talking…


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The Daily Struggle

After months of being away, I finally decided to step back into the blogging world! Moms don't pass by! Give me your feedback and let me know what you think!! Make sure to have a sense of humor and sarcasm!!

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My Summer Suitcase: 2016 Edition

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Because we only get maybe two months of actual…


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Teach your Kids the Very Basics of English in a Digital Manner

In today’s time, every toddler and growing kid is a gadget freak. You cannot help but buy them gadget or video game of their choice. However, wouldn’t it be better if you provide them with educational video game that not serves their interest but also educates them and makes them smarter!



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5 ways to free your mind; nurture your soul

Understanding when to free your mind and nurture your soul, I feel is crucial in living and loving a life you created.  This year has all been about my journey of self-discovery and loving my life.  I’ve been noticing how much our souls need our…

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Stereotypes are Meant to Be Broken!

When you hear the term "violinist" or think of the violin, who/what do you picture? Amazing music is amazing music & always worth sharing!

Please click here for the FULL post.

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But WHY Do I Run?

This month, we are working on blogs about Science and Exercise and why they should be done in tandem more often!  If your child has an interest in science, we seek to bring you interesting and up to date science and experiments that you can discuss and perform with them!  Enjoy!

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