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Stressing out right after your vacation

I think by now, most Americans realize they don't take enough vacation. There are plenty of stories out there telling us we don't use all our vacation time, and polls measuring how many people are going to take a vacation this year and even reminders that vacations actually boost…


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A letter to my Son on his 4th Birthday

A Letter to my Son on his 4th birthday

What I love about and hope for my son on his 4th birthday.

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Making Painted Jars: From Juno Magazine

I have been feeling very crafty lately, especially as I have been making things in preparation for the Salford Angels WI trade fair in October. So with me getting my crafty self on lately, I wanted to try something different, something I could display in my home and that would give me the chance to use some recycled materials, so I had a go at these recycled painted jars from…

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Target White Wine Taste Test |Hobbs & Hayworth on MomCave (Caution: Not Safe for Kids or Work)

Are you the kind of mom who buys both her clothing and her wine from Target? Can you tell a Sofia from a Fancy Pants?  Hobbs & Hayworth are back with a TARGET white wine taste test. The comedic duo selected three of “Tar-jay’s” finest vintages to sample. It’s possible they may have just chosen them by the looks of their pretty bottles. See how Harmony and Audrey did at identifying the different types…


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$25 July Giveaway

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How to Recession-Proof Your Stroller Pick

In this economy, everyone wants to make sure their dollar is well spent and their stroller choice will (literally) go the distance. We're here to help with our top 5 ways to help you maximize your stroller budget!

1. Forget the Snap n Go Carseat Frame. Rather than spending over $50 on a stroller frame that will be useless to you after 3-6 months, instead invest that money in a carseat adaptor for your…


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Useful Tips for Blogging Everyday

Blogging can be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience, so long as you understand what your goals are and how you plan to get there. But, if you don’t have the right plan and systems in place, it can also be a stressful and exhausting experience.

When starting a blog, Neil Patel suggests that you go through a nine-point process. This process includes everything from figuring out the…


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A few wishes for my hero

Today is my Mom's birthday.

I won't disclose her age, but it strikes me that she has spent more than half her life as a central figure in my life: She has raised me into the woman I am today, she has been my rock when I falter, she is the one of the few people in life I enjoy cooking with, and she is always…


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Make Way for the Cook: How To Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

Everyone is in need of more storage options for their kitchen, but these people do not have a way to create these storage options. Everything from clever uses of the cabinets and door hardware will help to create a spacious and exciting kitchen for the family. Try the few…


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6 stylish Instagram feeds to follow

Instagram is no longer just a place to share photos, for some Instagrammers it is purely a business. There are lots of fashion gurus and bloggers on Instagram that are being highly paid to demonstrate this or that brand item. It doesn't necessarily mean that whatever they do is just for money. They have the power to influence, and this is just being used by brands to advertise their collections of clothing, accessories, makeup, etc. Sometimes, this is the reason that all these…


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Mom Style: Vacation Looks


So as many of you know, I had a baby...4 1/2 MONTHS AGO. What?! How is that possible? With my first baby, I fully expected to snap back to my pre-pregnancy weight at this point. Breastfeed they said. The weight will fall off they said.

No. Just no. That did not happen.

For some reason I'm one of those lucky women who packs on the pounds while breastfeeding. The weight just sticks like glue no matter what I eat or how often I exercise. After I'm done, things seem to…


Added by Ashley Sieker on July 13, 2016 at 11:33am — 2 Comments

Luxury Family Home Designs

The home is where the heart is, so it makes sense that you want to heart your home! After all, it’s where we eat and sleep and relax. However, unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to be multimillionaires and we can’t all employ A-list interior designers to transform our rooms. With this in…


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Why We Need Non-Violent Toys

It's a bit more of a serious post today, but something that I feel is important to discuss, particularly in today's' world - violent toys for children. 
I have always found the site of children running around with toy guns worrying. I know to them it is just innocent play, but this is not what I see and never will. This was especially brought…

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Sour Cream Rhubarb Muffins

Originally posted on Like us on Facebook at

Hooray for rhubarb. Every summer, enough rhubarb…


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How To Select Baby Slings

Baby slings or baby carriers are quite common nowadays and you can find many people lugging their babies around using them. Though baby slings are a great invention, a few factors need to be taken into account before purchasing them because if you buy an incorrect baby sling it can result in injuries to the baby or a lot of distress to both the baby and the parent.…


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Why People Don't Vote (And Why I Still Do)

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Voting has always been important to me. I make it…


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Girlfriend's Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bag:


The 45 Best Things I Took To The Hospital

Originally appeared on Frugal Nesting May 30, 2016

A comprehensive, detailed list of the 45 best things I packed for childbirth! This list should be useful for either a hospital or a birth center…


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Crash Course in Saving....

Savings Tips_Cute Beltz Blog

As parents some of us find it difficult to start saving. Many of us have 401K/403B plans through our jobs so we believe that’s saving or some think how can I possibly save any money, there’s never any left over?!?!?!?!?  As parents we need a rainy day fund, especially if you have a children, a car, a house or WHATEVER!!! There will always be a time when the unexpected happens.

I started saving early in life, so I was able to buy my first home at 28 years old.  I knew…


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Our food journey: Starting my baby on solids

Hello mummies

When baby E was 4 months we went for his checkup the MCHN suggested that we could start him on solids any time before 6 months. She suggested that we start with rice cereal then gradually move to vegetables and fruits. She suggested vegetables before fruits because fruits are sweet and if we start with fruits he might become a picky eater…


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A Standard of Grace

This is a really difficult time to raise children.

We are surrounded by information, but that information tends to present a lot of problems (what not to eat, what not to buy, new epidemics to worry about) yet rarely offers up solutions.

We also live in a time where it is very easy to…


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