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Fall Colors in a Flower

Stop by and check out my latest photos!


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The Last of 7

Last night was the last of the 7 photography classes. Stop by to see some of my shots from the last assignment.


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Monday has arrived

And Im not really ready for it!!


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Are you ready?

...for the weekend?

I am http://ahappysimplelife.blogspot.com/2011/10/so-glad-week-is-over.html

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Its lunchtime somewhere

Here is a quick and simple lunch idea. Your kids will love it! Mine did.


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How is your Tuesday going?


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Weekend Picture Post

Please stop by and see photos from our morning at the pumpkin patch! While you are there, go back one post and see photos from Dylan's first field trip!


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Field Trip Day

This was Dylan's first field trip with his class! Picture post...


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Do you enjoy fall?


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Busy and Tired

How has your week been so far?


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Whats for dinner?

Check this out and maybe I can help you with that decision!


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How was your weekend?

I am so glad that we had nice weather. It is sad to think that winter is just around the corner...


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Emotionally exhausted

Guilt is a horrible feeling. I just want my normal back...


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Home made Biscuits

Here is a smple recipe for wonderful home made biscuits!


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What I did today!

What did you do this morning? Stop by and check out what I did...its a photo post!


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Pumpkin Bars

This is a wonderful fall treat. They are very comforting on these dreary fall days! Enjoy with a cup of coffee!


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Does anyone remember that tv show? What would you do today with that ability?


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How was last week for you?

I am hoping for better this week


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Freezing Friday!

What do you have planned for the weekend?


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I used to get comments. From 1 to 4 on a blog post. I am happy with one. I am happier with 4. I am often disappointed when I go to write another post that the previous day's post never got a comment. Even when I ask my readers a question. No one takes the time to respond. It hurts a bit. I love reading blogs and often comment on many other blogs. But that doesnt help to drive traffic or motivate others to post on mine. My content hasn't changed. Maybe that's the problem? I dont know. My…


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MBC Cutie of the Week

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Thanksgiving Turkey + You

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