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Symptoms to Take Notice of in Children

The NHS has been facing ever-increasing pressures in recent years, with slashed budgets, staff shortages and lack of resources taking its toll on the quality of care. One of the many ways we commonly see the impact of these pressures is in waiting times for GP…

Mother of the Bride Guide

The day you’ve dreamed of for years has finally arrived! Your little girl is all grown up and has chosen a partner to start her life with, and you are officially a MoB -- Mother of the Bride! While congratulatory remarks are appropriate at this juncture, so are a few…

How to Through A Larger Than Life Small Wedding on a Budget

This one is as simple as crowdfunding your honeymoon. It might sound strange at first, but do you really need another blender or set of dinner plates? Instead of having your guests purchase a bunch of things you’ll end up trying to return anyway, why not let them chip in for…

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Kids Are Using More Technology Every Day

Join the discussion... Are you experiencing a lack of verbal communication with your kids? Ever wonder what kind of communicators our kids will turn out to be when they are adults. The NPD Group recently reported that kids' use of technology and consumer electronics devices are growing rapidly. Moms like us know that our kids are exposed to… Continue

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here at Demystifying Digital we have put together some great ideas for fabulous Father's Day gifts. We have ideas with some of the coolest new technology that any dad would love. Gifts from free on… Continue

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide. From cell phones to laptops, digital cameras to MP3 players... there is something for every mom and every budget.

Get mom a great gadget this year. It will last a lot longer than another vase of… Continue

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Aneesh Chopra - CTO For Us

As a technology person, I was excited to hear about President Obama appointing Aneesh Chopra as the U.S.’s first chief technology officer. I like to think of him as the first chief technology officer for us, the people. With so much talk in the past about how backwards and behind our government is in the technology space, this is a breath of fresh… Continue

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Earth Day - Go Green By Calclating Your Ecological Footprint

This Earth Day, April 22, take the time to teach your kids about how THEY can make a difference... a real difference.

Together, you can calculate your ecological footprint on the earth and see how much of an impact your family is making. More importantly, you can then work together to find ways for your family to tread… Continue

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Ben & Jerry's Free Ice Cream - Just What Mom Ordered

Get ready, Tuesday, April 21 is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s. Free ice cream for you and the kids! Find a participating Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop near you! Can you believe they have been scooping it out for 31 years. Where has the time gone. So, choose from the chunkiest, funkiest ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet that Ben & Jerry’s… Continue

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LeapFrog Text and Learn - Not Like Mommy's Blackberry

When I heard about the latest addition to their product line, the LeapFrog Text and Learn, I just had to scratch my head and say "WHY???" and then say "What were they thinking?". Most of our kids already know how to use a cell phone, and a large percentage of those can even work their way around a smartphone, blackberry or iPhone device… Continue

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Kodak Gallery - Important Change in Terms of Service

Kodak Gallery has changed its Terms of Service and is now charging for storing photos in a roundabout way. You now need to purchase certain amounts of prints or gifts from their online store through the Kodak Gallery or your pictures will be deleted from the… Continue

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Get Fun Free Stuff From Leapfrog

Leapfrog continues to be a great resource for parents. Not only with their products, but now with a fun reading program. To celebrate National Reading Month, you can join the others who have made… Continue

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Free Dr. Seuss Book

Everyone with kids can use another Dr. Seuss book and Toys R Us knows that. A Free Book is ever better though, right. Get the details here. How about making it a free Dr. Seuss book like Hop On Pop, Horton Hears A Who, Green Eggs and Ham... just to name a few. Sounds pretty good right.

Here's a stimulus for all parents out there. Buy 2 Dr. Seuss books from… Continue

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Favorite iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps are a hot topic right now. Anyone with an iPhone just can't seem to get enough of them. Get some lists of great apps. Recently two of our bloggers posted lists of their favorite apps. I thought I would share them with my readers as well. Demystifying Digital's Biz Fast Tracker lists his five favorite apps while our amazing Digital Grandparent gives… Continue

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Create Free ICE Emergency Plans

Do you have a home or family emergency kit? How about an emergency plan? This is a must read! Everyone needs to be prepared and the FREE editable pdfs they offer are quick and easy to fill out. You, your family, kids, babies, and pets will all be prepared in minutes. Don't miss this FREE… Continue

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Free Clip Art - Get Yours Today!

I like to use free clip art to make the projects I work on stand out. Microsoft Word is perfect for this. See how easy it is to do. The program is simple to use, most people have it, and their FREE online clip art gallery is enormous. Oh, and it's all… Continue

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Be Prepared In Case Of An Emergency!

Being prepared for an emergency or natural disaster has always been a smart idea. It really doesn't matter where you live or how many members are in your family, you should be prepared.

I recently discovered a line of products that make getting and staying prepared simple and easy. The Ice-Qube Emergency Preparedness System is a line of products that lets you prepare for yourself, your family and even your pets with little effort. Get more info… Continue

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Celebrating Black History Month With Your Kids

The Internet is one of the greatest educational tools a mom has if it's used right. Taking advantage of this enormous resource can make any mom a hero to their kids. From "what do gorillas eat", to "what's important about the number 100", to educating our kids about Black History Month. Get some great sites here to help you make celebrating the rest of February fun and… Continue

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Free Photo Sotware - Get Yours Today!

Play With Pictures, a new fun and easy photo software program, came out today and if you are one of the first 10,000 people to download it, you will receive a full version license code via email. In non techy terms... you get it for FREE!

Go here for a link to get your free copy. Act fast, since they are only giving it out to the first 10,000 people.…


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How Old Are You... Really

I recently found this fun online calculator that kids and parents will love to use. There are a lot of calculators you can use for a lot of things, but I think the age calculator is fun and cool.

Click in, fill in your day, month, and year of your birthday and the current time. It comes back with your age, but that's not all. It also tell you how long you have been living for in months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and… Continue

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Looking for simple answers to digital technology?

I would love to hear from fellow moms who are looking to simplify their life using digital technology. I blog about it every week and I am always looking for new ideas that would be great for moms. Would love to hear from you at my… Continue

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