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Courtenay Harris Bond's Blog – October 2012 Archive (12)

Only Half a Bag

“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in your life?” my 5-year-old son asked me tonight, as I was trying to put away laundry and coax him and his siblings to brush their teeth. His twin sister composed her Christmas list at her desk, updating me with each added item, despite the fact that we haven’t yet made it through Halloween. Then she screeched at her 2-year-old sister who’d stolen a stray birthday party hat. During the commotion, both my landline and mobile phone rang to inform…


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I guess my way of preparing for an emergency is to blog about it – sort of like, as I’ve previously noted, my friend Cyndi’s way of coping with a crisis is to throw a party. (See “The Norsemen Cometh.”) In fact, I hope to row over to Cyndi’s house tomorrow afternoon for one of her bashes in my Hawaiian shirt and toss back a couple of stiff Hurricanes. In the meantime, I thought I’d better post an entry…


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Lost Causes

I was putting the finishing strokes on the fourth installment of my “It’s a Thin Line” series – you can visit parts12 and 3 – when I realized what I really wanted to do was reminisce about what I miss. So here goes:




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Burn After Viewing

One of the things I would love to say to my 5-year-old daughter and cannot is, “Please, please, please stop drawing so many pictures.”


Georgia’s 2-year-old sister is a bit young for coloring, and her twin brother would rather dribble a basketball than put marker to paper. But Georgia is deeply entrenched in an artistic phase.


I don’t know where she gets this drive. I, myself, am not at all crafty – at least not in the Martha Stewart sense. I hate going to the…


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Happy Ending

The other day my husband called to tell me he’d be home at 5 p.m. sharp. To say that I experienced a twinge of ecstasy might be an understatement.


After my 2-year-old and I picked up her twin siblings from half-day kindergarten, we’d have a mere five hours to kill until daddy arrived. And they promised to be a delightful 300 minutes. My twins’ fighting-to-playing quotient had been listing toward the battlefield; Jane was stomping her foot whenever I mentioned the potty; my…


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Doctor Please, Some More of These

I recently watched a crime thriller in which the coroner said he could tell from the spatter pattern that the victim’s blood pressure was sky high before she died because she was fighting for her life.


That’s pretty much how I feel most days between 6 and 9 a.m.


In fact, the other morning I was so stressed out by the time I dropped my twins at kindergarten that I found myself frenetically humming “Mother’s Little Helper” to my 2-year-old on the walk back to…


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The Norsemen Cometh

Saturday night, my husband and I found ourselves scavenging around the quaint borough of Narberth with about 100 other people – in Viking helmets.


“The next time someone asks us what we’re doing, we have to come up with a better answer than a scavenger hunt,” noted one of our teammates, who chose to remain anonymous. “Let’s say we’re going to a swingers’ party.”


But even one of former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's orgies would’ve looked staid compared to…


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A Proper Goosing

I may have an outrageously dirty mind, but the following sampling from Sylvia Long’s “Mother Goose” strikes me as unfit bedtime fodder for my 2-year-old, better suited for, perhaps, a pedophile:


            “I love little pussy,

            Her coat is so warm,

            And if I don’t hurt her

            She’ll do me no harm.


            “So I’ll not pull her tail,

            Nor drive her away,

            But pussy and…


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All About Timing

I was about to duck down a wooded path before a run the other day to – well, to pee – when I saw another lady emerging from the exact spot, cinching up her shorts.


Had I arrived 10 seconds earlier, we would’ve both been mortified. And this incident, so seemingly diurnal (pun intended), actually reminded me that life is really all about timing.


Timing is different from pacing. As a good friend of mine, who also has three, young children, likes to say, “Keep it…


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A Little Stiff

Lately, I’ve been noticing a rash of dead animal postings on my Facebook news feed. For instance, one friend recently discussed the tragic evisceration of one of her chickens. She pinned a raccoon as the prime suspect. Then another friend shared a picture of a field mouse she’d sucked up with her Dyson. Then another friend, who relocated to Texas, noted that she’d finally seen an armadillo – dead in the middle of a road.


And then, apparently, it was my…


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Why Billy Joel Rocks

I should probably be ashamed to admit that I have always been a huge Billy Joel fan.


Actually, to be completely honest, I think I was a Barry Manilow fan before I discovered Joel. I’m a little fuzzy on the order, though I do know that the first song I ever learned by heart was “I Can’t Smile Without You.” I’m sure you know it: “I feel sad when you’re sad/I feel glad when you’re glad.”


Those are lyrics to grab onto. And I did, tenaciously. I knew Manilow’s 1978…


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My Love Affair

I’m having a love affair – with Trader Joe’s.


We have a secret rendezvous at least twice a week. Well, not that secret since I usually have to bring my toddler and sometimes my 5-year-old twins, too.


But my children are supportive. They love Trader Joe’s as much as I do. The clerks there are trained to give them stickers and free samples.


Furthermore, my kids have figured out that the place has not just one but two kinds of cinnamon rolls: the…


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