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Four Tips to Stop Fighting with Your Spouse about Money

Couples fight about many things, but money is often somewhere near the top of the list. Check out this article for a few tips on how to keep financial issues from causing tension in your relationship.

Fighting about…


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Energy Tips for Working Moms

When you have to juggle work and raising children, feeling tired is unavoidable. There’s no secret…


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Four Ways to a Happier Life

There’s no universal recipe for becoming happier. We all want to be happy, and we all have our own personal definition for what that means. Some people are happy when they have…


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How to Save Money on Your Wedding

If money’s tight, planning your wedding can get really frustrating. As long as you’re willing to prioritize what’s really important to you, there are a few ways to keep your costs low. Check out this article to learn more.…


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Tips for Corporate Blogging

As long as you do it right, starting a company blog can bring your business many benefits. Check out this article for useful tips on how to woo your customers with compelling…


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Tips for More Productive Meetings

Meetings are generally productivity killers. Wondering how you can make the best of them without wasting time? You’re in the right place. Check out this article for useful pointers on how to make your daily or weekly meetings more productive.

According to …


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Eight Money Mistakes That Will Cost You

Learning how to manage money effectively takes time and practice. You will likely make some mistakes down the road – the important thing is to learn from them and get…


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Ten Tips to Advance Your Career

We spend roughly one third of our life at work. When you are really passionate about what you do and have clear career goals you want to achieve, those 8-9 hours a day will feel…


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Mistakes Your Company Should Stop Making on Social Media

Used correctly, social media can help you engage with your customers and win over new ones. When misused, however, it can wreck your reputation and keep potential…


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What Employers Look for When Hiring Medical Transcriptionists

Outsourcing medical transcription can be extremely beneficial for small facilities. More and more healthcare providers choose to save costs associated with office…


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Tips for Decorating Small Studio Apartments

Decorating a small apartment can be difficult. However, if you get creative and make great use of storage space, you can set up a cozy and inviting place without getting rid of half the things you own. Check out this article for some tips.…


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Great Tips to Spice Up a Relationship

Even the strongest couples fall victim to routine. If you feel like you’re barely spending any quality time with your partner anymore, maybe it’s time to become more spontaneous and make an effort to reconnect. Check out this article for some tips that will help.

Missing that strong, intense connection you and your partner had in the beginning of the relationship? It’s…


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Small Steps to Reduce Waste at Home

Reducing waste leads to a better future for our environment. If you would like to start cutting down on your household waste, this article offers some advice that will help. Take a…


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Three Things to Consider Before Buying Your Kid a Smartphone

Do you think your kid is ready to own a smartphone? With technology playing a more important role in our lives, the issue is likely to come up at some point. This…


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