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How to keep your baby warm throughout the winter?

Most moms know that picking the wrong bedding might cause SIDS. However, we forget that if your house is really cold your child might get hypothermia or bronchitis.  Babies need warmth even more because many of their systems are still develop ing. They get cold easier and quicker than we do. Portable electric heaters (fire proof) are safe only until your baby starts crawling... If you don’t have proper heating at your house and your only option is using blankets I suggest you check your…


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Breast Cancer: A sad Journey

Not sure how many reading this blog have taken this journey. It’s not an easy journey for most people. I’m not going to paint roses and butterflies because although they are around, many times the journey for cancer patients is not an easy one, especially during the final stages. My grandmother and grandfather died of cancer. I also have an aunt with breast cancer. She suffers, and she also smiles trying to make others happy but within (I know) she is in pain. For all those who currently…


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Autumn Memoirs

I get a little nostalgic in these autumn days. Childhood scenes flash through my head. It’s hard to keep up with my thoughts, work, & life in general. This is my favorite time of the year. The weather is gentle inspiring me to meditate & dwell on my sentimental thoughts. Everybody is looking forward to Christmas & I just want to get stuck here in time. I don’t want winter to ever arrive. I want my autumn to flourish, and snow fall on the green grass. I want the ice to mirror the…


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Three day fever

This fever is highly contagious, and it’s most common in children 6 months to 3 years old during spring and fall. However, it might happen all year-round. This type of fever is most prevalent in children under 2 years old but it might happen to children up to 3 years old. A rash usually appears after 3 days. Your child will loose appetite and become irritable. Febrile seizures may also occur. If blister and spots are present it means it’s infectious. Your…


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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer usually forms in the tubes that carry milk to the nipples and glands that make milk (lobules). Inheriting some genes will definitely contribute to the development of cancer in our bodies. Eating a healthy diet and avoiding smoking might help but it doesn’t mean that you’ll not contract cancer. Exercising decreases hormone…


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Baby Needs

From baby bottles to socks, the list could become very extensive. But really, what are your baby’s needs? On Saturday afternoon I was throwing away the trash and the cutest little girl yelled: Mommy, mommy!!! I looked at her surprised. Maybe I resembled her mother. Who knows? All I know is mommy wasn’t around… Her grandpa was taking her for a walk. It seems her mother is working or too busy most of the time. I also remember, a young woman who worked every single night and was neglecting her… Continue

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Are we prepared to have a child in this economy?

Let’s face it; most of us work really hard to support our kids. One person working is not enough to pay the bills… That’s why; the ideal thing is to plan for your child ahead of time. However, many times children come without us being prepared. In today’s economy, honestly, I advice people to stay childless until things get better. Nonetheless, many in the past had children during great depressions and survived. Certainly, nobody wants to go through the headache of not having food to put on…


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Why is my toddler always feverish?

School already started and most of us are concerned about our children picking up one of those nasty flues. No matter how many pairs of socks your children wear or how much you care, they always get sick. You need to be prepared because the inevitable will happen. The only way for your child not to get a fever is if he/she stays at home with you. Some common symptoms are sweating, red face, and flushing. Call your…


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Clingy Toddlers: First Day of School

Most toddlers cry on their first day of school. They are terrified by their new environment. Why do they feel this way? What can we do? One of the first things that have worked out for most parents with clingy toddlers is taking their kids to the school they will be attending way before the first day of school. You can take your child a few times and walk through the halls, visit the cafeteria, check out the bathrooms, and meet future teachers. Many parents don’t do this because this…


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Shut up the fire alarm: Coping with Stress

Did you ever set your kitchen on fire?  Burnt your pancakes? Baked things the wrong way? Couldn’t sleep all night? These and other things become an overwhelming load we can’t bear. What about your in-laws? A flat tired in the middle of the express way, uncomfortable shoes; lay off, no money to buy Christmas presents, etc. The list goes on and on. However, if we are sincere with ourselves, most of these things are not as important and overwhelming as they seem to be. Sometimes we make it look… Continue

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My First Day of School

I’ll never forget my first day of school. I hated it, and every moment of it. I ran to my grandmothers’ house which was nearby crying. My grandmother was the sweetest person on planet earth. She had this graceful look that took all my worries away. I don’t remember how it was on the next day. I guess it got better and better. But honestly I don’t remember good school memories. Most of them were bad except for an award I got for doing well at a painting competition. It was a certificate and the… Continue

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Best Summer Flu Medicine & Remedies

The first thing you need to do is rest. Take a day off from work at the initial stages or else you’ll probably have to take a week off. Second, the traditional chicken soup. The soup I make is quite exceptional as I put more than a dozen things on it: Chicken, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, cassava, sweet plantains, red bell pepper, onions, garlic, olive oil, white vinegar, etc. Hot teas with lemon and honey are great. Echinacea is recommended. I personally…


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Summer Fun or Trauma Season?

Summer is marketed as being a time for fun and adventure. However, some emergency room doctors will actually call it Trauma Season. Car crashes, drownings, bike crashes, falls, & you name it. All these things happen to millions of kids ages 14 and under during the summer. Kids spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer. Besides being exposed to danger they are also exposed to the heat. Don’t keep your kids outdoors… Continue

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The importance of brushing your Baby’s teeth

Babies need help brushing their teeth until they are about 7 years old. Parents should try establishing this healthy habit early on in life.  That way, your child won’t be uncomfortable with a toothbrush later on. Clean your baby’s gums before teething with a wet towel. Your baby’s first teeth are also a chance to establish a good habit in cleaning your baby’s teeth before the new ones show up. Milk teeth help your… Continue

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I didn’t know what SIDS was until it came across on a website. It stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Sadly, it’s number one cause of death on infants one month to one year of age. Researches have no idea what this happens but there are a few precautions you can take to avoid it. The first thing is placing your baby on his/her back to sleep. This position works best to…


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Premature babies

Some people say that playing some kind of music helps the baby to grow healthier and quicker than normal conditions. Certainly, it won’t hurt your baby. Premature babies generally required more attention. They need help breathing and maintaining body temperature. Anemia is possible, and worst things like bleeding into the brain. Some preemies might experience learning disabilities and impaired hearing or vision. Breast… Continue

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Baby Boomers Symptoms

Baby boomers, born during the period of 1946 and 1964, are already experiencing the symptoms of aging. The largest population boom was immediately after World War II in 1946. 16 million American returned home and got really busy with their girlfriends or wives. Baby boomers have had an amazing impact on our modern society. They love having fun and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. People couldn’t afford to spend much…


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Mood Swings after birth

Women with family history of depression are more likely to get depressed. Hormones could be another factor since they control the brain chemistry that controls emotions and mood. Some women get depressed before their periods. There are other times in a woman’s life such as puberty, pregnancy, and perimenopause (physiological stage before menopause) that might trigger symptoms of depression.  Some of the causes of postpartum depression could be lack of time for yourself, complications with…


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Healthy Body Temperature

The normal body temperature of a healthy human should be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.0 degrees Celsius. Your body temperature is low when you have a slow metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate is fast your body temperature is higher. Usually temperature is lower in the morning between 4 and 6 am since your body is at rest but throughout the day as you exercise and intake food your body temperature rises. The…


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Are you ready to become a mother?

There are many things you should think about before making such big decision: your finances, marital status or relationship, physical and emotional health. Some mothers are ok with raising a child on their own. I personally believe kids need their dad to become healthy adults. It doesn’t mean you have to get married if you already have a child and your husband left you or you got divorce. However, if you don’t have…


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