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The mindset:

I heard a friend say “I took one step forward and two steps back”.

When I heard that I knew she hasn’t been listening; to any of her self teachings.

I said to her… “Any steps back is purely a mind set, take the steps away, what do you have? No wheres? Or the place you are supposed to be?”

Another quote I heard from someone very special to me was in a nut shell… “My life is complete when I hear my children’s voice, or see their faces.”

This quote in a… Continue

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Reasoning of living:

Many people are looking for the reason of why we are here on earth…

I wonder the same things at time… but then when I come across a cross road the feeling is lifted… the dawning conclusion sets in… I was told by someone the reason… But I didn’t listen back then. I was rebellious and refused anything that came across to me as ‘real” I needed to find out for my self.

The words “to be”… are not just 2 little words… It’s a way of living.

I stopped living in the past…… Continue

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Not to save her, but to show her:

Last night I was playing in a game chat room at dotblue.com , I was playing my fav. Game … snake… I seen on the chat that someone loved emos and instead of hippies… I said that emos suck if they cut themselves… I said I wished my lawn was an emo so it would cut itself… lol… anyways getting off topic…

The person responded back, saying “are you saying I suck?”

I said: “only if you cut your self. There is no real reason to do such a thing”

She said: “My mother is dying from… Continue

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Emphysema V.S. ME

Ok so I have been having problems breathing since 2005… finally the dr. decided to do something about it… took an X-ray and a breathing test…

Found out I have the beginning stages of Emphysema… F&ck!!!!!!

The reason I started to smoke was because of my family… they smoked all the time in front of me. I didn’t want to smoke because I wanted to go back to gymnastics and or dancing… however that was just a pipe dream mixed in with denial… ugh! To say the least… any ways…… Continue

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Clone a Willy…

Ok, so I told my self the next web page that comes up from Stumble, I will write about… well low and behold I come to a page for making your own dildo from your lovers privet parts… what the heck?! I love this idea… because if your husband is off on a business trip or have to go to war, you don’t feel like you are cheating on your husband… because it’s the replication of his “John”…

Wow, and I can’t believe how affordable it really is… can you imagine it’s only,… Continue

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The What if Game…

So I was told about this women that played the “what if Game” and it got her in deep crap… Because she never knew when to really stop…

Now I was thinking, if you played the “what if game” in a safe manner what type of adventures would it bring you? I have decided to play this game… I will keep you updated on my first “what if’ scenario. I am thinking of also taking pictures of it and or a video to see it play out… I can’t wait…

The “What if Game” in a nut… Continue

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Dear Diary Jan. 4th 2009

I can’t believe we are in 2009 and we STILL don’t have a hover board?! What the hell? This year Donavan and I are making a hover board… he is a genius and knows way too much… so he is going to be helping me…. I swear I will make it this year… not for the money… I really don’t care for that right now… I just want my hover bard dame it!

I go back to school tomorrow and I am sooo excited…

I was on Facebook today and my cousin had written 100 things for her bucket… Continue

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Dec. 20th ... almost christmas...

Ok! The newest update…

Went to the doc. Said I was pregnant with the urine test… told him to do the Blood test… It was negative… man! I was sooo peeved…

Yesterday was a huge snow in day… was SO much fun… we actually went out side for a walk to the Grocery store and then had fun in the snow… never laughed so hard in my life… AH, good times. Of course we went back in for some hot co-co… who doesn’t?


I had a horrible dream the other day…… Continue

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Dec. 6th 2008... Got Some Good News And Some Bad news!

I found out some Bed News... I knew this was going to turn out this way... I just knew it!

I didn’t start smoking until I was 18... My whole family smoked in front of me. So I decided if I was going to die from second hand smoke then I may as well smoke the real thing... I started to smoke... I am now 25 years old.... I had quite for both pregnancy’s, however it never lasted long... The second time I had quit I told my self I would never go back to that filthy habit again...

However I… Continue

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Nov. 27the 2008... Almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas and I am freaking out! I have no job, I am a student at Medix School in Brantford.... PSW Coarse... Trying to get it right for once and it seems, yet again I screwed up! I should have gone for schooling after Christmas, So I could have a job and have money for gifts for my son... What was I thinking? I was thinking of the fututre, I was thinking of how great it would be to have a career and not a job....

But I am still GRRRRISH about it.... Why?

My… Continue

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The Morning: Sat. Nov. 29th 2008

This morning my son Stephen woke me up... I love it when he wakes me up...

I noticed I was actually having a real conversation with him... It was great! My little man is growing up. His vocab is getting so much bigger... He even said the word “Classified”...

Holy cow! I thought, what an amazing sound coming out of a 5 year old.

He is becoming more and more independent... It scares the life out of me... But I enjoy it all the same.

Today is a… Continue

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