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5 top tips for boosting your income

If you are looking for extra ways of making money, then the good news is there are some things you can do. There’s no sure-fire way to get rich quick, but there are ways that you could earn a little bit more cash.

Here are 5 top…

Different Styles And Types Of Furniture To Try For Your Home

Everybody has a dream to buy a house for their own and design it as per their choice which pleases them as well their loved ones. Whether it is an apartment, two storeyed villa or tenement people always are keen to design it and make it more attractive and…

Fun Repurposing Projects for Those Old Blinds

No room is complete without the right blinds! But, that doesn’t mean the same set of blinds will look right at home in your living room until the end…

Kathy's Blog – September 2009 Archive (8)

Communication techniques may have changed but not the communicators!

So I know we are all busy with our lives and families, careers and relationships. Life seems to be moving ahead at a ”Warp 10 Mr. Sulu” rate (I promise that is the first and last Start Trek reference ever in this blog!) and we are all looking to technology to help us keep things straight or speed things up. We have email, Twitter, Facebook, texting and of course cell phones attached to all of our wrists. When things are moving this quickly, it is comforting to know that some things cannot and… Continue

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The bigger picture

I am a firm believer that things don’t happen without a good reason. I have always believed that everything happens within a bigger plan and when we look back on it later it will seem so obvious. I will also say that my experience has been that when I am in the midst of the drama it can be quite difficult to see what the hell it all means. It has happened this way almost every step of my life. For most calamities I have come to terms and found some peace in the way things turned out. There are… Continue

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We are past the halfway point of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

To all of you out there wearing your gold ribbons and spreading the word of how desperately we are in need of research and funding and research and more funding so children don’t have to fight and suffer and die from a disease that every adult is afraid of … thank you! I sincerely appreciate it and am touched by your caring.

Now I hate to say it, but I am so tired. I am so tired of thinking about it, reading about it, screaming about it, crying about it and not getting anyone outside… Continue

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Milestones again ....

My daughter’s life, as those of all of our children, is made up of milestones. To be perfectly honest, until recently, most of them were pretty crappy. Date of diagnosis, date of relapse, first time hair fell out, first time hair grew in, first friend lost to cancer (that continues to be the most heartbreaking), first time she understood she had cancer, first … well you get the idea. Recently we have been celebrating happier and more hopeful milestones. First “first day of school” without… Continue

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Childhood cancer awareness, signs and symptoms

So we all know by now that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, right? Many of us are hoping for a cure for our children, but many are asking how they can know if their child may be ill. Here is a short list of things to look for… and I have added some to the bottom.

Continued, unexplained weight loss

Headaches, often with early morning vomiting

Increased swelling or persistent pain in bones, joints, back, or legs

Lump or mass, especially in the abdomen,… Continue

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I am baffled, I admit it... why can some presidents speak to our kids and not others?

Did you ever feel like you are really really stupid and missing the point or that you are simply smarter than everyone else and it is so much more simple than they are making it seem? That is how I am feeling right now. I just don’t get it.

Most confusing to me, why would people be threatening to keep their children home from school because the president will be speaking to the kids about education?! I am stunned. He is our president, as was his predecessor. You don’t have to agree… Continue

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Don't ask, don't tell ... the 7 year old's version

My sweet little girl isn’t as “sweet” as she was yesterday. I should have known when she got in the backseat at the car rider lane that something was up, but I was too distracted with some antics of her brother. Normally the routine conversation goes something like this, “So guys, how was your day?” Julia will always speak up first, “Well, Johnny had to pull a strip and Susie just can’t seem to be quiet and Mary had to change seats because she wouldn’t stop talking to Bobby. It was a good day… Continue

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Today begins a month of rememberance and tribute and committment to change and cures. I am also in the midst of the last two weeks of my last class of my degree program, so I will start off by re-posting my thoughts from a year ago. Thanks for reading and remember to wear your gold ribbon! Sadly we have lost several of the children I was referring to in this post and many more have joined the ranks… Cancer just keeps coming….

Bear with me on this one … I have run out of Kleenex and… Continue

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