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Be Yourself & Love Yourself

Living in a world where there are so many different kinds of people, especially women, can be very inspiring.  Commercials, blogs, the internet and other forms of communication constantly bombarding the consumer with tips on how you should look, what you should wear, what is acceptable and what is not can sometimes make you feel out of place.

One of the most important lessons in life that anyone can learn is to be you.  There is only one you.   No one in the world can be you. That is…


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Career Versus Stay at Home Mom

Many women are faced with the dilemma of having a successful career and becoming a stay-at-home mom. I was watching this particular show and the mother had a comment about that very topic. She had made the decision to come home to be with her child and she said she was afraid. She had gotten so adjusted to working professionally and was not sure how she would adjust.

Women who have decided to postpone their career and become stay-at-home moms have found this choice to be very…


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Woman to Woman

As women we have been commissioned to do so much. Are you prepared for the journey? The preparation process requires a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical development.  This progression is absolutely essential to executive judgment, productivity and manifestation with excellent results.

Development in each of these areas will cultivate the natural gifts and talents that you may possess and allow you to maximize your potential with the greatest rewards. Are you performing your…


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Parenting and Your Support System

Parenting is one of the most important, fulfilling jobs you will ever encounter. Making decisions that will help produce healthy, bright, happy children is generally the goal.

The challenge for many parent's today is choosing environments that will help your children's development process when they are not in your care. It can be a very emotional experience for the parent as well as the child. Of course, no one could ever do a better job than you when it comes to caring for your…


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The Woman

When I think of the Woman, I think of beauty, a pleasing quality of form and delight, with such color and aroma, what an opulent sight.

The Woman, an intelligent being, capable of acquiring and retaining knowledge to guide her, when influencing, motivating, and empowering those around her.

Let's empower someone today!!!

Ursula Tara Davis

The Corporate Woman @ Home.Mom





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Do You Listen When Your Child Speaks

There is so much chatter going on these days. Everybody's speaking but who is really talking?

You may not realize there is a difference between chatting, speaking, and talking. When our children speak do we listen? Speaking can be defined as uttering words or articulating sounds. Speaking can also mean to express thoughts, opinions, or feelings orally.

I would like to share a letter that my daughter gave to me when she was 7 years old. She had been speaking to me about how she…


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Father's Can Have a Day Too

On this wonderful day called "Father's Day," I would like to salute all fathers everywhere...

Being a father is a tough job, and being a good father is even more complex. What makes a good father varies depending upon the perception of the person giving the description. One thing we all can agree on; having a father is one of lifes more memorable experiences.

If I could describe the relationship chemistry between the man and woman as it relates to parenting, it would be similar…


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Mothers Sharing and Caring

So excited!!!

Just received my notice and it's official.

So excited to be a part of a much larger voice.

Mothers everywhere need encouragement and a listening ear.

What a wonderful place to be able to connect and share your thoughts,

ideals, and dreams...

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