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What To Post About On Your Mom Blog About Your Family’s RV Trip

If you run a mom blog, you should know full well that a family RV trip is far too big of an opportunity to pass up to write about.

In fact, you can probably get multiple posts out of a single RV trip, even if it’s only a quick…

Adorable flower girl dresses to choose from

As the music rises and your guests’ heads start to turn, they’ll be delighted to see the cutest little members of the wedding party start making their way down the aisle.

The tradition…

The Importance of Dinner Together

Many mothers believe that the single most important activity you can do with your children is to read to them at night, help them with schoolwork to make sure they get good grades, or make sure they are always nearby.  …

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Dreaming of sunshine series part 2


One of the advantages of traveling to St. Lucia or any of the Caribbean Islands, is its proximity to the east coast. Just a few hours of  jetting and you’re in paradise.

St. Lucia is simply stunning. Located midway down the eastern Caribbean chain, between Martinique and St. Vincent, this exotic destination is only 14 miles wide and 27 miles long. On the eastern shore of the island is the Atlantic Ocean while its west coast delivers the calmer…


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Dreaming of sunshine

Yesterday  I wrote a piece on seasonal affective disorder. Writing that piece made me reflect on my first years as a transplant in New York.

Moving to New York was an exhilarating, pivotal episode in my life. One memory that sticks out to me on my first year as an official resident of NY is getting bundled up to watch the parade down 5th Avenue for St. Patrick’s Day. Who cared if I wasnt Irish, I was there to partake of the revelry and stand in awe of the new life ahead of me.…


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The 411 on getting your 1,2,3's on 747's

note: this was posted on my blog during Thanksgiving week 2012

It’s Thanksgiving week, and for many Americans that means clocking many windshield hours should the mode of transport preferred is by car.

But for many families Thanksgiving means hauling the kids to grandma and grandpa’s using up all the sky miles mom and dad have been saving all year long.

And for families like mine who have…


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Winter Blues a.k.a. SAD

Looking out the window and it’s snowing again. Feeling the pitter patter of cabin fever creeping up on me once more. Or the onset of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  But what exactly is SAD?

 According to the American Academy of Family Physicians,
“patients with seasonal affective disorder have episodes of major depression that tend to recur during specific times of the year, usually in winter. Like major depression, seasonal affective disorder probably is under…

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Fun Family Destinations

With winter recess fast approaching, spring break and summer are not far behind.

If you are lucky enough to have a vacation fund tucked away to dip into, check out these family friendly destinations. There’s still time to get those search engines rolling to find the perfect get-away for the family.

1. A Disney theme park


Whether you’re West Coast or…


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Classical music, opium of the people

In my culture, our generation grew up in a time when our moms made their kids take piano lessons or karate . It was the “thing” back then. More specifically, any parent who had kids under 12 made their daughters take up either ballet or piano, and the sons had to endure weekends of karate or judo classes.

My mom put me in both ballet and piano. I took ballet classes on and off from 3rd to 6th grade. That lasted significantly longer than the piano lessons. My piano teacher came to…

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Einstein was not an accidental genius

Nature v Nurture. What really rules mightier when raising kids? Lately it seems to me that my theories on raising kids with above average IQ’s and well rounded personalities to boot are holding true.

Just as it was proven in the book The Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any given field. When I read Malcolm Gladwell’sbook I said to myself, well gosh darn it, I was right after all. If only my…

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Striking a balance between URL and IRL

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is a specially-formatted string of text used by Web browsers and other network software to define a location on the world wide web.

And just as everything in these polar worlds mirror each other, it makes sense that someone would string together some letters to reflect the opposite of virtual reality, hence IRL or,  In…

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Design Envy

When I conceptualized this blog I promised to share anything and everything that inspired, provoked or moved me. Today I am in inspired mode.

Its been 8 years now since my husband and I moved into our cozy home. I was 7 months pregnant with Nicholas and we were at the very  cusp of our nesting phase. And as any homeowner can attest to, the best part of moving into a new home is the pride of ownership the process of buying a home provides.  This pride of ownership is what drives us to…


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Quick and easy Beer Batter bread

This is the easiest bread recipe you’ll ever find. Just like the name suggests, its super quick and easy to make. It’s a one bowl recipe, no fuss, no mess. I loved using Sam Adams because of its rich, bold flavor. You can use other beer brands that suit your taste.

3 cups flour

1 tablespoon baking powder…


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Golden Globes is all about the Girls this year

This year’s Golden Globes was quite epic.  And as the title suggests, this was a big year for girls.  Namely, these girls, Tina Fey and Amy Pohler (for being LOL funny as the hosts), Jodie Foster (for her impassioned speech), and Lena Dunham (writer, director, star of the series Girls).

This is the first time in a long while that I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting through 3-hours of hollywood patting its own back.…

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Diamonds (and gold) are Forever a.k.a. best valentine gifts ever

There are barely 4 weeks left to Valentine’s day. And for you procrastinators out there (you know who you are), if you want to really impress your wife, girlfriend or fiancée with a made just for her piece of jewelry, this is the time to head over to your neighborhood/family jeweler. And not to worry, if you don’t actually have a family jeweler and don’t want to pay for overpriced jewelry from national or big name chains and shops, I will give you the name of my family jeweler at the end of…


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One gray day in Brooklyn

My pre-children memories with my husband of 12 years are chock-full of petty quarrels, walk-outs (even sleep-outs), cold shoulders or in short drama-rama scenarios. However,  the dynamics of marriage drastically changed for us when we started having kids, a stage I call our “post-kids phase” (or in an effort at brevity, PKP).

Although our pre-children phase (or PCP), was dotted with minor altercations, we also had many priceless moments, both of the epic and mundane proportions. All…

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This is 40

This is 40

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