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Symptoms to Take Notice of in Children

The NHS has been facing ever-increasing pressures in recent years, with slashed budgets, staff shortages and lack of resources taking its toll on the quality of care. One of the many ways we commonly see the impact of these pressures is in waiting times for GP…

Mother of the Bride Guide

The day you’ve dreamed of for years has finally arrived! Your little girl is all grown up and has chosen a partner to start her life with, and you are officially a MoB -- Mother of the Bride! While congratulatory remarks are appropriate at this juncture, so are a few…

How to Through A Larger Than Life Small Wedding on a Budget

This one is as simple as crowdfunding your honeymoon. It might sound strange at first, but do you really need another blender or set of dinner plates? Instead of having your guests purchase a bunch of things you’ll end up trying to return anyway, why not let them chip in for…

Catherine Kingsbury's Blog (14)

Facing Fear: Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

I hate to be scared. I know some people enjoy horror movies and Halloween haunted houses, etc. but not me. I'm just not wired for it. Like I always say...I have a lot of courage and faith but unfortunately also have the nervous system of a Chihuahua. I love roller coasters and thrill rides but that's about it for me in the adrenaline seeking department. Otherwise I'm really just a big… Continue

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How To Never Miss An Appointment

There is this word I have always loved. Serendipity. Isn't that a cool word? Saying it makes me feel all intellectual and stuff. I looked it up and it means: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. Great word. Too bad I don't completely believe in it. What I mean to say is that I think it is a…


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Barefoot In The Park With A Princess

Being a mom is hard work. The hours are long. The duties are many. The pay is not that great but the benefits are beyond price. I love my job. It is my vocation to which I am ideally suited. There is really nothing I would rather do. Really, I mean that. After hearing that glowing review of life as a stay home mom, you would think I just contentedly cruise through life in my SUV aka 'mommy-mobile'…


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BREAKING NEWS: I Don't Want To Hear It

I don't care to watch the news anymore. I like Anderson Cooper 360 but I think that's mostly because of his 'Ridiculist.' He's cool and quirky and somehow the news, coming from him, doesn't seem quite so scary. Plus he has a great head of hair, as is required for all important TV news anchormen. I also occasionally watch The Daily Show with John Stewart. He's hilariously funny and technically… Continue

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Love The One You're With

It's Sunday night and I'm just sitting here thinking about what a great weekend it has been. We really needed it. It was a great ending to what had been a crazy week for all of us. Mattie has two different cheerleading teams that have practices on 3 different days. David is the head coach of Patrick's flag football team and Michael is playing flag football on another team that practices at a… Continue

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I'll Tell You Where You Can Stick Your Labels

I've got a question for you all. (Aren't ya'll proud I didn't say ya'll?) Why do you think people are so quick to label one another? Especially in a negative light. I can remember being labeled going all the way back to early childhood. My mother used to tell people "My oldest daughter is the smart one, my middle daughter is the artistic one and my youngest (me) is the funny one." See, I… Continue

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My Heart Of Stone

I'll freely admit to you, right up front, that I believe in fairy tales. Sort of. What I mean is...I believe that two people in love can live happily ever after. I believe in the power of things unseen. I believe there is more to this world than just what we can pick up with our five senses. I believe in miracles. I have no choice in the matter. I have seen miracles, I have heard of…


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It's Not Your Mama's Fault Part 2

Okay, so where were we? Oh, that's right...I left off right at the point where I was officially 'emancipated' at the age of 16. Whew. Heavy. Just sitting here recalling and writing this stuff takes me back. My teenage life had been a whirlwind of changes; from living in a house with 9 bedrooms and six bathrooms with a…

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It's Not Your Mama's Fault Part 1

I never fully forgave my mother until after she passed away. I guess it happens that way sometimes. I had made attempts to forgive her and had told her she was forgiven but the pain and the scars ran deep and would resurface at the most inopportune times. The thing is...I had wanted to forgive her for a long time for both of our sake. I wanted to move on and forget and to have some… Continue

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Life with a Porpoise

When I was a little girl, I used to get words confused which made for some pretty interesting thoughts and ideas which would lead (eventually) to some profound 'a-ha' moments. I'll give you a few examples. There was a warehouse on Highway 83 in McAllen, Texas that had a sign bearing the name "Bull Parts." For many years, I grew quite disturbed when we passed it because it made me shudder, imagining all…


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Smiling Through Tears...Time to Switch Gears

Smiling Through Tears...Time To Switch Gears

This certainly won't come as a surprise to anyone but my children are growing…

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God Uses Cheap Trick To Get My Attention


As most of you know, last week was very challenging for our family. Strep hit us and hit us hard. One of my girlfriends jokingly said "you Kingsburys are dropping like flies!" It started with Patrick on Thursday and one after the other of us came down with strep. I was in over my head. My oldest, Patrick had both pneumonia and strep and I was concerned about his cough. I felt just awful. Michael…


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Summer Strep-idemic Stinks!

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