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How to Choose the Ideal Living Room Furniture for My New Home

If you’ve just bought a new home, you probably don’t want your old, worn-out living room furniture in there. Just like you, your living room needs a fresh start.

Most homeowners worry that buying…

50th Birthday Gifts for Women

The days of living our lives are marked by how well we live and the number of experiences we have collected through the life. A lot of time the experience counts more than the age. There are different milestone birthday’s in the life that makes us revisit life in a certain…

Birthday Celebration Ideas - 6 Things To Do On Your Birthday

Birthdays are a very special occasion that one should bring in with innovative and unique ways that make it a memorable affair throughout your life. Although it is said that we should live each day fully, for birthday’s, you should go beyond full and live it in a…

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Imaginary Friends

My daughter is currently going through a stage... where we have a permanent, live-in imaginary friend who invades every inch of our space. Read about it here!

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New Mamas

My response to a new mother who was exasperated in line at Target.

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Keep our boys INTACT.

New blog post

Please read, leave comments, whatever you like. :)


My Gentle Birthing

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Walk for Moms and Midwives NC

Join me in the Walk for Moms and Midwives NC. Read my blog to learn more!

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Preparation for Birth

Pregnancy, for most women lasts from 37-42 weeks, and while that seems
like a long time, it really is not. In that time, couples/families
become very involved in preparing for the birth, and I can't help but
wonder if families prepare enough...

Click Here to

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Just Posted - Birth

I just posted on my blog about birth. I'd love to hear your thoughts, and for you to share my blog with women you know that may be interested.


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Help a fellow blogger. :)

Hello everyone,

I am currently doing a blog on breastfeeding awareness, and I need some help! I'd love for you to email me some short snippets of how comments or attitudes affected your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. These can be positive or negative snippets, and you may tell further what resulted from the comments. I'm also posting pictures of moms proudly breastfeeding their babies. No names will be included in the photos, but your first name will be used for the stories… Continue

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My Gentle Birthing Needs Your Help!!!

In response to the news story from Tampa, Florida, in which nursing mother, Melissa Taylor was told that breastfeeding was inappropriate in the lobby of

her daughter’s school, I will be writing a blog about Breastfeeding


I need your participation!!! What I am asking from you, is that you help me to write a fully informative blog about breastfeeding awareness, to help break the stigma. I need stories (positive…


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My Gentle Birthing's Response to Mamapedia Readers.

I worked hard on an article that was published on Mamapedia, which received mixed reviews, as I much expected. The article: New Surge in Birthing: HypnoBirthing and response: My Gentle Birthing's Response are both… Continue

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My Gentle Birthing is being featured on Mamapedia

I am thrilled announce that a blog entry that I submitted to Mamapedia has been chosen and will be featured on May 12 (Wednesday). Please check out my blog in advance:

Log on to Mamapedia on May 12 to see read what is written and comment. Comments are always welcome.

-Teva Dellabalma, HBCE

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Ever wonder about breech babies?

Have you been curious about malpositioned and breech babies? My Gentle
Birthing has blogged about malpositioned babies and how to help them
turn without invasive medical procedures. Please read.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

-Teva Dellabalma, HBCE

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Featured on My Gentle Birthing Blog... WAHM who does custom painted children's clothing!!!

Visit My Gentle Birthing (<------Clickable) Blog to learn more about a WAHM in Georgia who does adorable (and affordable) custom painted clothing and accessories for children!!


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What would YOU like to read?

My Gentle Birthing's blog is handing the topic choice over to its readers. Obviously, a blogger's audience is extremely important, and so, I am asking what my readers want me to address in the birthing realm.

Visit the blog and leave a comment. I look forward to reading what everyone has to say, and answering the questions in blog format.


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La Leche League Baby Fair and Kaya Birthing Stool!

Exciting times here in Fayetteville, NC. The La Leche League Baby Fair is fast approaching on May 1. I will be a vendor there, and I am scrambling to get my stuff together!

Also, the Kaya Birthing Stool came in yesterday, and my family was so nice to test it out for me, complete with Sydney telling her daddy that it was only for babies. :)

Check out both posts on:

Have a… Continue

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International Cesarean Awareness Month Blog Post on My Gentle Birthing

Please read this blog post I just completed. It is so important for all of you to know and read. Your comments are always welcome, as usual. :)

-Teva Dellabalma

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Fayetteville's HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator offering something NEW!

I am so extremely happy to announce that My Gentle Birthing, Fayetteville's HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (HBCE) has ordered the Kaya Birthing Stool! I am so thrilled an excited to bring such a progressive birthing stool to Fayetteville!

Please read about this on my blog: My Gentle Birthing Blog

Have a beautiful day!

Teva Dellabalma, HBCE…


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Let's change the culture and practices of birthing in the United States!!!

Hi Moms,

I just started a Group called Fayetteville, NC Birthers.

I am a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator in Fayetteville, and have a passion for helping Fayetteville to become a more progressive birthing place, one couple at a time.

Please join Fayetteville, NC Birthers if you have an interest in changing the culture and practices of birthing in the United States, or if you live in Fayetteville, NC. I look forward to our journey together!

-Teva Dellabalma, HBCE…


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