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P90X Dayt 1

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Today is Day 1 of P90X. I got my resistance bands ready to go this time so will be doing this work out withe the bands and NOT with the pull up bar. I may invest in a pull up bar sometime soon but they say you can get great results with the resistant bands so here we go. I bought these $9.99 bands and they…


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The only way to quit is cold turkey!

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Today is the day. It is the day I force my son to quit the pacifier aka "binky" cold turkey.

His last tooth (besides his 2 year molars) has come through this week so his teething days are pretty much over.  Now he just uses the binky as pure addiction and I am sick…

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Helping others feel awesome!

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I got the most awesome comment the other day and I am so excited about it.

I started this blog for many reasons.  The biggest reason is for myself and my family. I need to be a happier and more positive person to be more to myself…

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Weekend blog hop, come link up!

Come link up on my first, of many, weekend blog hops! 




We have over 50 links on there already so there are a ton for you to visit!

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NOT using tradition as an excuse to NOT change anymore!

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I have found that there have been many times in my past and present that I use the excuse of "tradition" to dictate my daily life.  This is something that I am desperately trying to change while entering in to my life of positive…

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I am facing the year with a positive attitude dang it!

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This post has been in "draft" for a few weeks and I totally forgot about it.  I think I found it this week because I needed to read it again to pump myself up so posting it now!

I learned a lot in 2010 about myself,…

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50 days after Stage 2 interStim Implant!

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It has been 50 days since my stage 2 InterStim surgery and today something really weird happened. Not bad but weird.

I have turned it up quite a bit over the past 50 days and it has been at a consistent 4.0 for about 2 weeks now.  I could feel…

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Exercise today seemed to make my InterStim act up a little!

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Today's work out consisted of 20 minutes of jogging in place, 6 times running up and down the stairs to the basement and my updated plank position 3 times. I had some issues with my InsterStim a few hours later with some muscle cramping and am now wondering if I maybe over did it a bit. I felt so…


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Keeping the mind busy can equal more weight loss!

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I don't agree with only 3 meals per day, as you already know.  I am a big fan of 4-6 small meals a day.  It all depends on your situation.  I can eat about 6 small meals a day because I am a stay at home Mom.  If someone has a job all day long…

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Kids are too cute when they do things for the first time!

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  I gave my daughter permission to take some pictures with the camera and did not watch her taking pictures.  I am kind of glad I didn't because it made me laugh when I put the memory stick in the computer.  I usually just go through and delete her pictures but I had to keep some of these this time.  This… Continue

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The first time your child gives you a kiss on purpose, is great!

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I just had to share my awesome 16 month old giving me kisses!  This is the best thing ever!  The feeling is so amazing the first time your child actually gives you kisses on purpose.  This started earlier in the day and he kept doing it all day long!  So much fun!…


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New goal/vision poster ready to motivate me!

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Well I got my goal/vision chart redone yesterday.  I posted one when I first started this blog but did not put it back up when we moved and cannot find it anywhere.  I need some Motivation to keep on track and I am hanging this in my hallway…

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Video of me doing plank position with added changes

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I don't want to re-upload the video, it takes forever so you will have to click on my post to see it!


I have been raving about plank position on here for awhile and have decided to change it up (make it more difficult) to speed up my results.  I had my 4 1/2 year old take a video of… Continue

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Homemade sushi recipe

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I have had so many ask me for this recipe, so sharing with all!


I have had a few people ask for my homemade sushi recipe and it just so happens I had posted it on my health and fitness blog last year so thought I would share it here.  instead of rewriting it here is the link to that post on my other blog…


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Kids are so unpredictable, they are lucky they are cute!

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Have you read the book Everybody Poops?  If  you haven't you should check it out, it is cute and so true! 

I think that there should also be a book called, "Ever Kid Poops in the Bathtub!"  It does not matter how hard you try every child has got to get their parents with this one.  My daughter when…


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Trying to work out with something trying to keep me down!

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Today's work out consisted of 30 minutes of jogging in front of the TV while watching "my child survived" 30 arm rows with 10 pounds of dumbbells in each  hand, 30 presses over my head with the same weights, plank position for 2 minutes. 

I would have done more but have had a lot of…


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Better for you meat sauce

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I am not a hug pasta fan but I do like the sauce.  I do not like runny sauce though.  I have been venturing and posting some of the recipes in the two cook yourself thin recipe books I have.  I LOVE these cookbooks and tell everyone I meet that they need…

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Mommies have crystal balls!

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Over the holidays I had my daughter convinced that Mommy has a crystal ball and I lend it to Santa for a couple weeks so he can check to see if she is being nice or not.  She has not forgot about this and it has been so funny.

Today's conversation (one of many since Christmas)

Rae:  Mommy, does everyone have…


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I am tired of pacifiers!

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I looked and looked and looked for 2-3 days for the 2 missing binkies around the house.  I pulled out the sofa and love seat and everything daily.  It was frustrating.  This boy of mine loses binkies at a drop of the hat.  I don't want to take him off his binky until all his teeth come in and I don't want to have to buy…


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Work out in the snow!

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videos won''t work on here being copied and pasted they work on my blog!


I burned a lot of calories today and I am pretty sure that half of them cam from trying to run and not fall down in my boots.

I went outside with my daughter today because we just can't pass up… Continue

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