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Fun Fact Friday - Super Bowl Facts

  • According to Las Vegas, the Super Bowl spread is currently at 7 points for the Steelers over Cardinals.
  • The team I think will win is the one that shows up with the prettiest outfits. I've been known to have better odds than Vegas.
  • In 1944 due to World War II, the Cardinals (then based in Chicago) combined with the Pittsburgh Steelers to play as ONE TEAM. That team was called Card-Pitt.
  • The 2008 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots…

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Imma Cut You!!

Yuna, the lucky brat, got a cut yesterday and I'm jealous!! Why you ask? Because it means she is the first person in our home to use one of these:

I've been trying to "accidentally"... Click here to read the rest of this blog on…


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The Best Card EVER

Yuna brought this home from school the other day

It reads "Mom Your My Hero"

Inside she drew a picture of her and I together.

This easily qualifies as the best card I've ever received in my entire life.

Click here to visit my…


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My First Kiss

Do you remember your first kiss? Well I do and let me tell ya, it was a disaster. I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I was old enough to be curious about kissing, yet young enough to be afraid of doing it wrong. I was around 13 years old and the boy's name was Tim. He was this kid with glasses and braces, and he was a really nice guy. He didn't deserve what happened to him that faithful day.

We took a quiet walk together and when the moment was just right, we leaned forward… Continue

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Last week we got a new president but I didn't take time to write a blog about how I felt on that historic day. One reason I didn't write about it was because his inauguration fell on the same day as my anniversary, and of course MY life is a million times more important than the other historic event that day.

Ok fine, so maybe I'm NOT all that important, but truth be told I thought it would be nice to give everyone a break from the incredible Barack overload we experienced that day.… Continue

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Fun Fact Friday

Before we get to today's fun fact I have something important I need to mention. It's been awhile since my IP address changed at home so please make sure you bookmark and NOT the IP address that shows up above ( If my IP changes that number up above will change and your bookmark won't bring you here.

It's a long nerdy story as to why this web site shows the IP instead of the domain name of Short version is, my… Continue

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Dad, this is a blog you'll probably want to skip

I'm thinking about transferring a bunch of my old blogs from my old xanga page to this website so that everything can be found in one convenient location. If I do then you'd be able to read embarrassing gems like these:

Thursday, March 20, 2008 - Tight Body!

Well with my new diet I lost 19 lbs (so far hubby lost 39.5 and is still going. WOW!). With my new exercise program I'm able to run for about 4 miles, I do 200 sit ups a day (even I have to admit my tummy is starting… Continue

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I may look all sweet and innocent but if you mess with me, I WILL make you pay for it. Yesterday morning, Rudy and I were dropping Yuna off for school and in the parking lot there was a little red c…

I may look all sweet and innocent but if you mess with me, I WILL make you pay for it.

Yesterday morning, Rudy and I were dropping Yuna off for school and in the parking lot there was a little red car, a pick up truck, and a large delivery truck. The delivery truck was parked on the right hand side of the lot in a parking spot and the other vehicles were in a line dropping off their children. The pick up truck was parked directly behind the delivery truck and based on that we figured… Continue

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Today is a very important day in history. No I'm not talking about the day our first black president takes office, I'm talking about the day Rudy and I vowed to drive each other insane for the rest of our lives.

It was 3 years ago today that Rudy and I ran off and eloped to Las Vegas. Let me tell ya - eloping to Vegas - BEST WEDDING DECISION EVER. There was NO stress! It was just me and Rudy - the two most important people in the wedding. We didn't have to keep anyone happy but us.… Continue

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Fun Fact Friday - BACON, BACON, BAAAACON!!!!

Today's fun fact is about one of my favorite foods, bacon.

Did you know that bacon is one of the oldest meats in history? That's right! The Chinese were preserving and salting pork bellies around 1500 B.C.

Bacon is awesome and I wasn't all that surprised to find out it's been around for such a long time. Given the chance I could easily eat multiple strips of bacon at every meal. That is, if it didn't result in me weighing 1,000 lbs and having a heart attack by the age of… Continue

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The Herps!

I want to give all of my friends herpes for their birthday:

Unless they would prefer getting Clhlamydia

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Detox - DONE!!

Gooooooooood MORNING!!!! Detox is officially over and now it's time to move on to Phase 2 of the Fat Smash diet! I feel FANTASTIC. I have a lot more energy, I've lost weight, I'm eating really healthy and I'm exercising again. It's friggen' awesome.

Four of us started detox together on January 5th. As you know detox lasts for 9 days. Today is day 10 and this is everyone's official weight loss numbers:

Me: ...…


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Me: I can't believe she can't fu*king read!!

Kayla: Fu*king read!

Me: *buries head in my hands* Did she just say what I think she said?

Rudy: Yup. Nice job Mom.

Thanks to me my 2 year old daughter said her first swear word yesterday. I wish I could say it could be worse, but fu*king is about as bad as it gets. In my pitiful defense I was ...

Click here to read… Continue

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Have you ever gone to a OBGYN appointment, gotten undressed and suddenly realized you haven't shaved your legs? In like a WEEK?

Yeah... welcome to my life.

Visit my website

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2 Days of Detox Left!

I'm almost done with detox and I'm feeling great! I peeked at the scale and I'm already down 5 lbs and Rudy is down 8 lbs! 2 more days left and I am SO READY to have a nice piece of salmon or maybe a cheeseburger (without the bun of course).

This time around I think detox was easier. I already knew which meals I enjoy and which meals are a waste of time. These past 7 days for dinners I've had; taco soup, portabella mushroom steaks, vegetarian chili, spinach casserole, tofu stir fry,… Continue

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Fun Fact Friday

I came across today's fun fact while watching TV last night:

The best selling book in the world is the Bible. There are approximately 50 copies sold every minute! In an ironic twist, it's also the most stolen book in the world.

I love to read but I have to tell you I've never actually read the entire Bible. I tried once, but found it to be confusing and boring. There weren't any cool explosions or car chases, and there wasn't even one mutant alien or vampire! It doesn't… Continue

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Taco Soup And Mock Cornbread

I'm busy today so I don't have time for a long post. Instead I'm going to share my all time FAVORITE detox recipe:

Taco Soup


1 can each of rinsed - Red Beans, Black Beans, Pinto Beans, Great Northern Beans, and Kernel Corn.

1 package of extra firm tofu - Crumbled

1 can Rotel Tomatoes

1 can low sodium Diced Tomatoes

2 cans water

Season to taste with Chili powder, Cumin, Garlic powder and fresh cilantro. (I like it spicey so I… Continue

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Spinach Casserole AKA Detox Lasagna

This is what Rudy and I are having for dinner tonight. It's one of my favorite detox recipes, but every time we go through the detox program I can never seem to find it without searching everywhere.

I'm hoping by posting it here I'll never lose it again. Added bonus - those of you also doing detox (Fat Smash Diet Phase 1) have a new recipe to try!

Spinach Casserole - aka Detox Lasagna


1 package frozen chopped… Continue

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Depression Isn't A Problem If You're Dead

So I'm watching TV the other day and drug commercial comes on. No not the type that compares your brain on drugs to a fried egg, I'm talking about those OTHER drug commercials. You know the kind from the drug makers that are promoting a latest wonder drug?

Well the commercial I saw was for Abilify, a drug that is being used to treat bi-polar disorder. When one of these wonder drug commercials come on I always stop to listen because at the end of the commercial they list the side… Continue

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It's DETOX Time!!

I made it through the first day of detox, only 8 more days to go. It went pretty good. This is the 3rd time I've done the Fat Smash detox program and I've always had a ton of success. The rules are easy to follow and if you stick to it you learn to appreciate food again.

During the past few months I lost all of my appreciation for food. I could no longer tell the difference, in taste, between a green pepper and a yellow pepper. Heck, I wasn't even eating peppers unless they were… Continue

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