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Yes, your worrying is normal

Before I had my son, my wonderful Mom once told me that parents never stop worrying about their children. I absolutely believed her. What I didn't realize was that the worrying happened on a daily basis.…


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The daily schedules that don't match

In our county the school system decided to stagger start times to help prevent additional traffic woes in the morning. For our family, this means that our son's school day starts and ends much later than school did when I was little.…


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When writing gets a little loopy

When I was in second grade, I distinctly remember the teacher from third grade visiting our class to teach a lesson. As she wrote on the blackboard, a slight gasp arose from the class. She asked us what was wrong, and one of my classmates said she wrote really pretty, but we couldn't read her writing. It was because she wrote in cursive.…


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Talking about differences with your children isn't enough

I did not grow up in a very diverse world. The other children in my elementary school looked a lot like me. It wasn't until we moved several times and I went to high school that I was able to meet and make friends from different racial and economic backgrounds than mine.…


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How important are things to your child?

There is an experiment that you can do at home, in which you ask your child to make a collage (or drawing) of all the things that are the most important to them. Even better: You could ask your child to make this collage as they enter each new grade. And that will tell you the point of time at which material goods start to gain importance in your child's life.…


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Tips for tackling homework

When I was little, I did my homework in several different places. I remember doing exercises in my Phonics workbook at our kitchen table when I was in elementary school. And there was the algebra homework I would try to complete in after school care in middle school. By high school, I did the majority of my homework in my room at my desk.…


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Remembering not to nag

School is back in full swing here, and with it comes the change of schedules, additional responsibilities, need for greater organization skills and...oh yes: The reminder that nagging children doesn't work.…


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The parenting tricks you learn on the job

I have several Mom friends who have children much older than my son, and I love to listen to them talk. They talk about the new hobbies that their children have, or the ways that they are navigating their child's education or they talk about the deep conversations they have with their children on grown-up topics.…


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Looking for a few good grand kids

My husband and I had an in-depth conversation at lunch last week about how our generation would need to find new ways to combat loneliness by the time we were our parents' age. Since our generation (and the ones after us) tend to connect online socially, we would need to re-examine how we make in-person connections (which all people need).…


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How did you feel about gym class?

I like to tell my son about the time my fifth grade class was all set to have our gym class in the indoor pool at our school, only to arrive and see that it was filled with nuns doing their laps. They were confused on the times that the pool was reserved for student use - or they just didn't care - but all the same, the memory still stays with me. So does the memory of the time we had to take a written test on how to play basketball -…


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When do you find the time to play?

I have my good weeks and my bad weeks.

Good weeks are the ones in which I get the majority of chores done during the work week and find myself with time on the weekend for games and family time.…


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Do we really need all this stuff?

As I came home from work the other night, I looked into the open garages of my neighbors. (I can't help but look. And you know you look, too.) I couldn't believe all the stuff that was in there. No cars. Just rows and rows of boxes and shelves and...stuff.…


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Keeping them reading

I was at the doctor's office with my son and the nurse came in to take my his vitals. She asked me some follow-up questions and mentioned that the doctor would be right in. Just before she left she said "Good job, Mom." She then pointed to my son, who was quietly sitting on the bench, reading.…


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Bad day at work equals bad day at home

No matter how hard I try, some days I can't avoid taking a bad day at work home with me. I've gone through my bag of tricks: Listened to podcasts or upbeat music on the drive home, listed all the things I am thankful for, remembered to get hugs and kisses from my husband and son when I walk through the door...but it's no use. I can't shake the negativity.…


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The division of labor starts early

I was checking my son's bathroom after his shower one night, and I was happy to see that he remembered to pick up after himself: His towel and clothes were not on the floor. Since that was the third night in a row he had remembered to pick up after himself without me reminding him, I told him how proud of him I was that he was able to help keep his bathroom clean, and that I expected him to keep it up.…


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Looking out for our Moms

Some days I worry about my Mom. Not for any particular reason - she is in good health, she lives nearby, she is brilliant. But a general worry sometimes enters my active thoughts: I am sitting at my desk at work and start to wonder if my Mom is OK.…


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Everyone needs to practice math

When I was in fifth grade, I had a math teacher who would drill us on our multiplication skills by giving us a timed quiz with 50 questions once a week. You had to be super fast to complete questions correctly. I hated it. I hated it because I was never fast enough to finish all the questions (very few children did), but I did get better throughout the year.…


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Alexa, can you understand me?

"Alexa, what's the weather?"

"Alexa, play a song I like."…


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To volunteer or not volunteer

I am fortunate enough to work for a company that gives time off to volunteer, and I am trying to be better about taking advantage of that time for activities that directly affect my son's life. 

When he was very little and still in pre-school, I chaperoned a few field trips and visited the classrooms. It was enough that I knew most of the other children's…


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Shooting for seven

As our summer winds down and we get closer to back-to-school (or the "s-word" as my son has been calling it) I realize that my son and I will be missing out on some meal times together. During the summer months, he and I eat breakfast before he leaves for camp. Breakfast isn't a long meal, but it does give us the chance to talk about what we are looking forward to in the day.…


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