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Help Wanted!!!

I am all about opinions today! Okay so here's the dilemma! I currently have Anthony enrolled in a local preschool's early three's program. It is a pre preschool program for the kids that missed the cut off date this past year.

Anthony LOVES it! He has made a ton of friends, he is happy, he adjusted well, and identifies it as "his school". I have already enrolled Anthony in a different preschool for next year. I am torn as to which school he should attend next fall. The school he… Continue

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so fresh and so clean

As soon as I opened the door, my nose was assaulted by the smell. The antiseptic smell. My ears heard the buzzing, drilling, and spraying. I could feel my heart begin to race...

When they called my name I literally cringed and tried to disappear, but I acted like a grown up and got up. Oh how I didn't want to... Once in the chair, I could feel the water sprinkles hit my cheek, my hands were clenched, my knuckles white, and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I was on the verge… Continue

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Does you child have a lovey? Both of mine do and no way no how will we ever leave home without them! Anthony has his beloved "raggie" He acquired his raggie when he was just a wee little guy and I w…

Does you child have a lovey? Both of mine do and no way no how will we ever leave home without them!

Anthony has his beloved "raggie" He acquired his raggie when he was just a wee little guy and I was feeding him his bottles... His raggies are burp rags... As he ate, he would grab the cloth and not let go. He rubs the rag through his fingers as he falls asleep, he holds it to his chest when he is upset or tired, and he even sucks and chews it... Each night when we tuck him in, he… Continue

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cease & desist

Back story: We have tons of gates in our house. Its our signature, people have come to expect it and many jokes are made... These gates saved my sanity when the kids were little, now they are saving our dog. See he is old and has fallen down our steps (which are hardwood) so he lives in the kitchen and the gates keep him contained...


Madison is nearing the 2 year mark, and boy can we tell it! She will drop to the ground and flail like the best of them. Its really… Continue

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Party like a ROCKSTAR

Last night, me and some girlies went out, had some drinks, and had a blast! Highlights of the night:

Joshua Jackson look alike waiter

Buckets of ranch

Yummy delish red cocktails

A fabulous rendition of Baby Got Back.... The. BEST. Song. EVER!!!

a couple of smooth shooters...

sore ribs from sooo much laughter...

I was reminded so I must add:

I participated in my very FIRST Chinese Fire drill

and promptly

busted a sweet move in… Continue

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Fab Family Day

We rolled out this morning with our eyes set on the "big city" as Anthony likes to call it. First stop was the aquarium. The dolphin show was a Major hit! Each time the dolphins shot out above the water, Madison laughed the heartiest belly laugh EVER! Anthony LOVED the sharks and he was a great "Nemo" spotter!

Next stop was lunch at Pot Belly Sandwich Works (yummy delish). There was a live band playing and the kids dug it... My kids LOVE music. Madison danced along in her seat and… Continue

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no ifs, ands, or buts...

ha ha ha! Another case of where my words have come back to bite me in the bum! Our family day is currently being spent by:

Jason grocery shopping
Me doing MOUNDS of laundry
Anthony and Madison swapping between 5 minutes of play and 20 minutes of couch time....
That's a whole lot of togetherness....

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it has to get worse before it can get better.... right?

So, Anthony relapsed. I was quite concerned because he was worse today then he was all week so I tried to get him into the peds. No go, so off to Urgent Care we go. They get us right in and are super concerned because of how hot and lethargic he is... The swab him for Strep, RSV, and Flu.

Guess what Anthony has strep AND flu b (I never knew there was a flu a. I wonder if there is a flu c) I told the doc that Madison woke up in a pile of vomit and has been running a fever today, so he… Continue

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Yeah, Okay.....

"Come DA-DEEE!"

"What do you say"


"Okay, but stop being bossy."

"I not bossy no more. I bossy yesterday"

(said with the bossiest attitude EVER)

-Daddy and three year old Anthony

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Is it just me?

So, I'm weird. I know this. I have accepted it and EMBRACED it. I tend to obsess over things, I like to overthink, and if it can be analyzed gurl I am AN. A. LY. ZING....

I stay at home. I am with my children 99,9% of the time. My husband works four days in a row and we hardly see him those days, but then he is home for 4 days straight. Yet, right now I feel like I haven't seen my family but we are together CONSTANTLY! I know it makes no sense, but it seems like I am always so… Continue

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My Moronic Monday Moments!

1. I left a message on someone's machine and instead of leaving MY number I left my friends... Thankfully, I realized it AFTER I hung up and was able to recall and leave a NEW message giving my REAL number... how embarrassing!

2. Load the kids in the car and leave for preschool. Only to have my gas light chime as I am entering the neighborhood 18 miles to empty... I look over and yup... NO wallet. So I turn around, dash inside, and grab my wallet! (I still made it to preschool ON… Continue

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Thank GAWD for...

the Birthday Express catalog!

We always have 2 laying around somewhere (If there is just one, a massacre will occur!) That catalog will occupy my children for HOURS! The pictures get studied intently, the pages get turned gently, secrets are told, and plans are made all with the Birthday Express catalog in tow... This catalog gets more love than Thomas books (and those are a MUST in this house)! Tonight, as I was cooking dinner, I glanced down and there on the floor is Miss Madison… Continue

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High & Low

Many, many, many moons ago I was a nanny for a family that had 4 girls. (The oldest is graduating high school this year! :o) This family became my family and the girls are still like my sisters today... I ate dinner with them most nights because I usually stayed through bedtime / homework....


After seeing the movie "The Story of Us" I stole the idea of high / low... Each night at dinner we all went around the table and shared our high and low point of the day.… Continue

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February 14th

1. Started yelling "Stop fighting!!!" before getting out of bed!

2. Madison asked to go potty 4, 617 times in the 15 minutes that i was TRYING to get dressed! (I had to remind Jason that he can take her potty and that I had a party to get ready for... geesh!)

3. Madison refused to put on her jacket and proceeded to throw a fit for five minutes. Said fit finally ended when I walked out the door to go to the party!

4. Anthony was pretty rude and threw LOTS of fits… Continue

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I don't know how to whistle.

I never could do it. Apparently Anthony does... lol! This is what he does when he tries to get someones attention.... I hear quite often" Mom!?! who ho ho ho!" He is crazy silly!

Video at Playing House

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Fluffy White Stuff

We had the first "real" snow of the season today. Of course I was supposed to get my hair cut and highlighted today. If you know me, I DO NOT drive in the snow. Been there done that in Colorado, hit many curbs and busted many tires, so now I stay HOME! Needless to say, my hair has be postponed until one night this week!

We took the kids out to play and they had a BLAST! This was Madison's first time in the snow. She loved it.... She fell down a lot but she loved it all the same! I… Continue

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Anthony walks into my room this afternoon with BIG news!

"Mommy, eyes not a boys anymore. Eyes a young mans. Tay? Got it?!" and off he went!


Jason and I were working out this morning while watching CNN. The TV caught the kids attention because Obama's train was pulling into Wilmington and all the people were cheering. I look over to tell the kids that it was the president and I see Madison waving and cheering at the TV along with all the… Continue

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Conversations at the Grocery Store

S: Anthony, do you want to pick the bananas?

A: No, mommy. I pickin' pbs kids dot org


A: Mommy look da salad's takin a tubby!

S: Silly, they spray the lettuce so it stays fresh....


A: Look mommy, dat grandmom has a firemans coat!

Lady: I am a grandmom. Do you have a grandmom?

A: mommy dat ladys talking at me. I not talkin to Grandmas...

S: Tell her yes you do have a grandmom.

A: Yes I has a grandmom... not dis… Continue

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My son...

He just went potty and came out with no undies....

"Hey mom... you see da penis? I has a bi.. a wittle penis!"

Then he laughed this crazy laugh and ran upstairs. I said nothing... :0

God help me when he starts preschool....

Added by Staci on January 13, 2009 at 10:00pm — No Comments

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