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A Miracle... Ninety-Five Years Ago

Today my grandma is ninety-five years old. Ninety-five! She is fully able, active, and lives independently... no assisted living, no seniors' community.

I never tire of hearing about her miraculous birth,marvelous stories passed down from my great-grandparents.... 

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{this moment}

Inspired by SouleMama

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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My Daughter Won't Be Going To School

My oldest daughter just turned four. I was stunned when I realized she is eligible to start kindergarten in September. But my daughter won't be going to school.

We recently took her for allergy testing and discovered that her dairy allergy has gotten 30 times worse. We know she had anaphylaxis to dairy but we hoped that she would have outgrown this allergy. The headlines in early January confirmed our decision....



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Watching Baby Learn

Babies grow at a tremendous rate. Sometimes it feels like you blink and all of a sudden they've mastered three new skills.

I love watching my baby and observing how she interacts with things. She just turned six months old and it feels like....

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My True Life Love Story

Tomorrow, January 20th, my husband and I will be celebrating five years of being married. It's hard to believe it's been five years. In such a short time so much has happened! I finished my degree, changed jobs and had two children! Wow. While these are big events, one thing remains the same; every day I fall deeper in love with my husband. There's been moments in our relationship that I thought that my life was like some girly, romantic movie... at moments I can't believe that this is my…


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Our Menu Board

A few months ago I shared how my family has reduced our waste of food by meal planning. One of the strategies I shared was to create a menu board for the kitchen. I followed the directions as posted HERE and made my own board....



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Save $135... With Ease

I made a few small changes that will save me about $135 this year. Here's how I'm doing it....

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Will You Just Dust The TV?!

Rather than whine and complain about how sick everyone in our house has been, I just thought I would just show you a picture that illustrates how there's been no time (or energy) for household chores.

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Letting Go Of Time

I don't know about you but the clock rules my life. When I wake up, the time I eat, the time I put the kids to sleep... many of my actions seem to be governed by time. To make matters worse almost every room in my home has at least one clock. Some rooms, like the kitchen, have three.
I've been…

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{this moment}

This was by far, the most memorable moment of my week. What was yours?

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Wise Old Owl

As I mentioned earlier this week, I began painting a Wise Old Owl for my daughter's fourth birthday (which is this Saturday). It's been years since I lifted an acrylic covered paint brush to canvas. Plus, the fact that I've been battling a wicked sinus cold made this task all the more daunting!

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A Salad A Day

I find it challenging to eat a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables every day... especially during the winter months. For several months now, my family has been eating a salad every day. Whether it's for lunch or dinner... it's a great way to make sure we're getting a couple extra servings of vegetables in our daily diet. To make our daily salads convenient and easy to prepare there are a few things we do....…


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12 Projects For 2012

How's this for motivation? Today I'm going to share with you my top twelve projects for 2012. My reasons for posting this list is twofold; firstly, I love lists and the opportunity to write one makes my day. Secondly, it is my hope that by publishing this list, I will hold myself accountable to pursue these projects....

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