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If you’re on the internet a lot, you’ll realize that it’s filled with blogs of all shapes, sizes, and stripes. Many are utilized by businesses as a way of extending their brand and pulling in more customers. Others are just people who are taking advantage of a platform so that they can put…

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too much information

Potty talk is in full swing at our house. We talk pee. We talk poop. We rejoice over every secretion that doesn't soak Austin's pants or land on the floor. We proudly clap as he literally shows us his latest drop off in the potty. It's amazing how dull I have become to such disgusting discussion. And, that's parenthood.

But, nothing quite prepared me for the new public embarrassment of potty training. When you introduce pee pee and poo poo into a toddler boy's vocabulary, there is no…


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creative baby proofing

When A was a baby, we kind of slacked in the baby proofing department. Sure, we covered the outlets, and we used a baby gate as needed. And, of course, all cleaners and hazardous materials were placed safely from his reach. But, that was the extent of it.

He opened and closed cabinets at his whim, pots and pans all a strew. I cringe looking back at the death trap of a coffee table we had. And, it took me entirely too long to part ways with the various fragile decor around the…


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the Christmas tree


In 2008, we celebrated our first Christmas as a wedded couple. Less than three weeks prior to that, we closed on our first home. Despite towers of cardboard boxes and completely disheveled home, we still put up our first Christmas tree.

It was beautiful. It was adorned with delicate glass balls gleaming in purples, reds, blues, silvers and golds. Gifts of Christohper Radko and…


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it's all about the turkey

Frozen turkeys have been haunting my dreams for the last few nights. We are rounding the corner to Thanksgiving, and this is our year. We are hosting. All I keep telling myself is “Don’t screw up the turkey.”

Recipes have been bookmarked, pinned, printed and scattered. I have grocery lists littered around the house. In the last two days, I have already made three grocery runs, elbowing through the aisles for that last can of green beans. Nothing says I’m Thankful like a mob…


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the shower dance

I'm not a morning person. I never have been. I never will... at least, voluntarily. My children have forced me into a morning person's life. I still eyeball the clock each and every morning. Groan at 7 a.m. Roll over at 6 a.m., and mutter a couple indecipherable words at 5 a.m. or earlier.

The first thing I yearn for each morning is not a cup of caffeine. It's a shower. Showers are my coffee - a shot of sanity before our days of chaos. But, personal hygiene itself can be a mystical…


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a cookie monster

oreos for E

No vegetables for E. No fruit. No meat. No mushy pasta. Nothing ordinary for this child. He will eat Oreos. And, that works for me.



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taking candy from the baby


Day 3: It's been three days of sugar highs. This is the first year "out of sight, out of mind" has not worked with A on the candy front. This year, that Jack O'Lantern bulging with Milky Ways, Snickers and gummies seem to call to him at every waking moment of the day... and night.

"Momma, can I have a treat? A treat, Momma? A treat? A treat?"

Despite only hitting up two…


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Last night, as I crawled into bed, I took a brief inventory of the collateral damage surrounding my bed.

I noted a significant spot of dried spit up in the middle of my side. Animal cracker crumbs trailed from end to another. And, a large pile of clothes - clean or dirty, I don't even know - heaped across the end of the bed. You know what I did? I brushed the crumbs slightly…


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picture imperfect


It's fall in Texas. The mornings are cool and afternoons toasty. Only a handful of trees have received notice of the season change. And, the only true indicators of fall are incited ourselves.

Here in Texas, where the weather boycotts cold fronts, we celebrate the spirit of fall. We do pumpkin lattes in 80 degrees, oversized wreaths exploding with leaves and scarecrows, and we do pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins. Did you know there are at least 10 pumpkin…


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dear husband

I’m bad at sympathy. I’m awful waiting hand and foot. And, for most things, I kind of adhere to the “Suck it up” motto. I would have been a 1950s wife fail.

So, five days post-op from sinus and throat surgery, this is what I handed the hubs.


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a marketing miracle

I bought A a new toy today. It was met with the same enthusiasm as if I had handed him an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles. You know what it was? A broom.


I would personally like to thank the person who first began marketing cleaning supplies as toys. Child labor? Perhaps. Brilliant? Absolutely.

"Look, kids! Cleaning is…


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up all night

Tonight I find myself talking to the baby monitor.

"Please go to sleep. Please go to sleep. Please go to sleep."

But, he doesn't listen. Tonight, the baby tosses and turns, fusses and cries. He is already setting the tone for the night.

"Don't get too comfortable, Mom." There will be little sleep in the following hours. Tonight, E and I will be partying with the crickets. And, tonight, I embrace that.

I am tired. I am exhausted. These last couple weeks have been…


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sing along

The first time I heard A sing "Jesus loves me," my heart melted. Such a precious, innocent voice singing such sweet words. My heart was full. What a proud day for me as a mom.

The first time I heard that same sweet voice sing a little Jay Z, I nearly slammed into the back of a truck. What did you just say?


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sharing a lifetime


It all started on a porch in Ohio. On a cool spring day, boy met girl. There was chatter, and there was laughter. Six months later, there was a wedding.

Sixty years ago today, my Grandma and Grandpa said, "I do."

Sixty years. Sixty years of living and loving, of heartaches and joy, of angry spats and treasured moments. Sixty years of a life shared.

In 60 years,…


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waiting for a mouthful


Despite teething symptoms at four months old, A received his first tooth a month before he turned one. Just when I thought my child would be joining the dentures club, a little white tooth appeared. E wants to be just like big brother.

At E's four-month well check, his pediatrician confirmed that he was indeed teething. Now, almost five months later, there are still no teeth. Not…


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diapers for life


We're stuck. Stuck in potty land with nothing to show for it. A has officially revolted against the potty at home and school. Last week, he even refused to set foot in the bathroom during school. Needless to say, we've taken a few steps - or, ridiculously large leaps - backward.

What we are dealing with is downright defiance, and, to be honest, I'm lost. I have no clue what to…


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waiting on that rainy day


I love cold, rainy days when there's nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to see.

We spend a bit of the day in bed, snuggled beneath the covers, cartoons in the background, toddler feet in our faces, a bubbly baby rolling between us, and laughter to fill the room.

These are the sweet moments that I lock away in my heart. For a time, there is no fighting, no crying and…


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twizzlers and jerky


Beef jerky, Twizzlers, Cheeto puffs, graham cracker sticks.

This is my grocery list. No, we are not adopting a college student. This is all for my 8-month-old.

Before you run off and call Child Protective Services, he doesn't actually ingest half of it. These are all tools for combatting his sensory food aversion through occupational therapy. And, to be fair, the OT…


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