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Mother's Day Android App - Greeting Cards with Cash for Mom

Download Mother's Day android app

Download Mother's Day android app

Mother's Day app for android

Scan code or click here

Mobile app connects users with the gallery where beautiful Mother's Day cards…


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Yes Mom Entrepreneurs You CAN Have a Mobile Payment System!

Paypal's doing it in Singapore, I'm doing it in Texas - Mobile Payments - Want it?

Technology behind allows customers to shop using their android phones and other devices/tablets.

The site was built to allow users to conduct fundraisers and request customer payments. By adding an android application, it's taken the system mobile!

Paypal is conducting an experiment in a Singapore subway system that…


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Mom Entrepreneur Developed Dashboard Rocks Twitter, Facebook is next

Seeking Mom Entrepreneurs for Promotional Partnerships



If you are an internet mompreneur who

  • Loves everything social media
  • Has at least 1,000 twitter followers
  • 500 subscribers to your email newsletter
  • Loves networking and empowering…

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Developing twitter tools

If you've been following me very long, you'll know I'm getting into creating tools for the mom entrepreneur. There has been some snags and successes along the way with both of these twitter tools. Let me just talk about them a little

This site is built in Ruby on Rails, actually does several twitter functions.

1) Determines a does follow. Does this user follow that one, kinda… Continue

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Sell my e-book Single Mother Sentiments, make $$

Single Mother Sentiments

If you'd like to earn money by selling my book, Single Mother Sentiments on your blog or website CLICK HERE and sign up for 25% of the sale. You will send your visitors to the pitch page; here.

View the beautiful book cover in it's entirety… Continue

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Looking for work with government entities

I've been working for the City of Kennedale and the Kennedale

Independent School District for a little while now. I would love to snag

some work from other city's and school districts as well.

I found a place on the internet that pulls all together open bids from

around the country. You can narrow it down to your area.

Some of the information you browse from free, some stuff you have to pay.

It's very interesting; check it out. …


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Trying something new with my ebook

After years of being asleep at the wheel, if you will, with - I've decided to actually work it; the e-book. [I've got a couple more books written but they've never been published - another story another time...]

Here's the latest with my 1st e-book.

Ok, the program is officially launched. You can earn money by selling my book, Single Mother Sentiments on your site or blog.…


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Featured Mom Entrepreneur

I met Kathy Noll years ago when she released her first book, Taking the Bully by the Horns. She's passionate about ending bully behavior in our schools. She's been a contributing author at SingleRose - Resource for Single Mothers for…


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Healthy Halloween Treats

Kids on candy overload? Here are six fun – yet healthy – recipes for parties or after-school snacks from Disney FamilyFun magazine.

Black Bean Cat Crudite´s

No bones about it, this kitty skeleton makes a healthy centerpiece for Halloween parties or school gatherings. Just arrange assorted fresh vegetables and a bowl of your favorite black bean dip in the shape of a spooky cat.

Edible Eyeballs…


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What are you doing to generate revenue?

Please tell me, I want to know!

Here's is my latest "thing." I'm calling it Tammy's Online Christmas Shopping Party, because I have so many direct selling members. I'm advertising "the party" in both my hard copy publications, most of my websites, through twitter and other social networks.

Here's the copy and paste my blog: TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE DOING

Today, I put up the Online Christmas Shopping Party, and it is advertised in the Kennedale News…


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Let me feature YOU!!

Be Featured HERE on aMomEntrepreneur

Get more information HERE.

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Featuring Mom Entrepreneur Kim Pettinato

Be Featured HERE on aMomEntrepreneur

Get more information HERE.

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Let me feature YOU!

Be Featured on aMomEntrepreneur

Get more information HERE.

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Womens Right to Vote!

On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, granting American women the right to vote.

In the 233 years of our great nation's existence, women have had the right to vote for only 89 of those years. My grandmother was two years old when this right was "given" to women.

Take a moment to read about what our…


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Seeking Natural Parenting & Green Product ideas!

I am seeking articles on natural parenting & green products ideas for - can anybody help with this please?

Your articles and product info would appear on a very high trafficked website.


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Got my taxes done!

Just in the nick of time. I wasn't quite sure I'd make it. Had to go through my accounting department [large plastic grocery bag full of receipts] and pull my expenses together......... There has to be a better way.


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Toot Your Own Horn

One thing most all of us are good at, is talking about ourselves.

In an effort to try and get more mom entrepreneurs to check out my latest site /project, I sent a press release to my local newspaper. LOL - I'm also the publisher of that paper.

Come check out it.

The header image is of real members of the… Continue

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