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Prince William And Kate Majestic Wedding Pictures

The wedding of the decade at Westminster Abbey..... Prince William and Kate Middleton...

How many of you took leave to watch this? :) No, I did not... in fact I reached home around 5.30pm... quickly, I switched on TV7, just in time to see "Princess Kate" getting into the car from her home to the church....

But alas, I had only one hour to witness the wedding... at 6.30pm, I had to "shoot off" again... Here are some pictures I have taken while watching from the big…


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Rush Hour 3



I always go out during lunch hour, either to fetch my girl from school or when I don't, I will be out "driving around" looking for DOUBLE S - Stomach Satisfaction! LOL...

But there are certain days that I cannot even have lunch properly... at times we ended up eating in the car itself... those times are called "Rush Hour." Sometimes I have to…


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A Double Take For Thai


Since his purpose was to come home to eat and eat, I fulfilled Andy's wishes by taking him to Soon Hoong, Thai cuisine but in a "coffeeshop"........ yours truly here is "frugal" one..

It is my second time there but…


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Hello MamaPaparazzi!


Very early on a bright Sunday morning, I had a nice surprise. I received a sms from Mamarazzi saying that she would be coming up to Ipoh for a makan trip (foodie trip).... "What to eat... where to go..." kind of question.. I replied citing a few. Since the place…


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Food Consultation


Andy came back for the weekend, he has one week of study leave before his exam commencing in early May. He didn't bring back his laptop, just a book and it has been lying on his room table since he came back on Friday. What I meant is that the book he took back has been left untouched... untouchable... cos both he and the book are on "Sleeping…


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Vampires And Crabs!


What do vampires and crabs have in common?
Answer : they are killed or pierced through the heart....

Oh, before you go on, this post is not for weak and crab lovers.... please refrain from reading on..

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Before And After ME


At around 8am, someone called my handphone and asked me to go to the office staircase to wait for her. Two minutes later, she handed me this box to me, it felt cold in my hands and I was exclaiming..."WOW, got fresh cakes for breakfast this morning!!"…


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Being Older Is A Compliment

Last night after dinner, my girl and I went for our grocery walk in Jaya Jusco... at the supermarket while choosing some tomatoes, a familiar face was seen at the same place. It took me a few seconds to recall her name.... and when I did, I called her, "hey, Mary!" She looked up and a big smile was flashed....

After some exchange of greetings, the usual topic will be on kids... how many you have, how old, where are they now... so on and so forth... then only she realized one young…


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A Day Off To Celebrate


Woke up around 9am to the sound of my handphone alarm... made an appointment to go out for breakfast with my old best friend the day before... by 10am, we were off to a dim sum galore in one of the restaurants in town....

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Today is Sultan Perak's official birthday, most working Perakians are not working today... employees like me welcome this holiday with a cheery heart... so how did I spend my day?

Woke up around 9am to the sound of my handphone alarm... made an appointment to go out for breakfast with my old best friend the day before... by 10am, we were off to a dim sum galore in one of the restaurants in town....



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Cheap And Tempting Desire


Something to quench ourselves on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon...

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Farewell And Best Wishes


Yesterday it was the last day of work for one of my colleagues, we had a simple lunch in the office to mark her farewell. A few of us felt rather sad because she is our "clique" and she blends in pretty well with us. She will be missed because of our relationship and also she is a very hardworking lady as well...

We planned a…


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Scotty McCreery In American Idol 2011


Who is the next American Idol 2011? It is showing now in 8TV or Astro 708 but I believe many of us have already turned to the Internet to see the results which was announced few hours ago....

Yes, Paul Mcdonald (pic) is "eliminated" in this round.... though I "prefer" Jacob to be the one who is out...… Continue

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My Motorola Versus Nokia


As I was rummaging through my drawer, an "antique" caught my eye. I took this antique out and started to run my hands over it. Touching it brought back old bittersweet memories....

It was 2001 when I purchased my first handphone, I could remember it very well... the price of this Motorola cost RM650.00.... Ten years ago, this…


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Sweet Delights


Just because she has more gray hair than me, she thinks she is old enough to be my mum.

Just because she never dyes her hair like I do, she thinks I am young enough to be her daughter..

Just because I said I love to eat, she keeps on stuffing me with her baking, her cooking...

cos when I want it, she will want to do it!…


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Sinful Temptations!


Last Friday, someone brought some "sinful" plus tempting food to the office!!

Upon entering the office, the aroma from the King of Fruits filled the entire department.... then I saw three tubs on the pantry table... that was pure delight... for me! hahhaa....

True enough, the big tub was filled with lots and lots of…


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Yes, I am Vain!

I don a new hair style on Friday and it was good... I was quite satisfied with my hairdresser's style... serious, I like it even though it was short and .......and a bit curly behind... my cell group friends said I looked very young... ain't I glad!

Then when Saturday came, my "itchi-fied" mouth led my hair to "disaster." I told my sister to do some… Continue

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Thai Cuisine


It has been quite a long while since I last ate Thai food... to my delight, my sister invited us to a Thai cuisine in a coffeeshop... hehehee... I love Thai food tremendously, their food and their way of cooking suits my taste buds very well... LOL....

This shop that my sister recommended is in Bercham, I have never been there…


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Farewell To Malacca

Before we left for Ipoh, I took a few pictures from my hotel room... I know that probably this would be the first and last time I stay in this hotel... (hopefully no more courses after this.. and surely I wouldn't want to stay in this hotel if I come on my own)…


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Romantic Night Scenes


Today I thought of putting up some thai food pictures.. but I guess after the "Gruesome Find" in yesterday's post, I decided to postpone that post till the "grossiness" subsides... Meanwhile, here are some Malacca trip pictures...

During the second night, we went for the river cruise... it was compulsory, no-one was to be…


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