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Rubbish Pork?

I have not been subscribing newspaper for a few years now... in fact, I seldom read them unless it is really HOT news that is on everyone's mouth and to kill my curiousity, I will go online to read them. Other than that, not so bothered..... till this afternoon....

My colleague was telling me about RUBBISH PORK and reminding me/us not to take dim sum so much. Remember the documentary show in NTV 7 recently? It was on some journalists going undercover to "expose" some illegal pork…


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My Thoughts and Plans

I can plan all I like but God will decide...

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Cold Hands And Jelly Feet


This will be a short post.. tonight I have a function to go to.. er.. a church function... last minute they needed a guitarist and I am now having clammy hands and cold feet. I was very reluctant at first but after this message from my cell leader, I changed my mind... she sms-ed me saying "Do it for the Lord, HELP!!"

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China Dim Sum

In less than a week, I have gone to that restaurant three times in a row! So... I don't think I wanna go there until perhaps half a year later! hahahaa.... First time I went was with my two ex colleagues, second time with Elinluv and the third time with Andy and Fernie....

These dim sum were pretty special in a way.... prices range fromRM3.50 onwards.... actually I don't mind going there again if anyone were to give a treat.... hahahahaa.....…


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Yesterday in the office I received sms and messages asking me whether was down or not... I could not confirm for sure that it was or not cos my office "memang" banned the staff from logging in to that website.

But after emailing to some friends locally and overseas, they told me that they could not log in too, then it was finally confirmed...'BLOGGER IS DOWN"

I thought it was only a few hours, by the…


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A Gentle-Man


Yesterday I had an appointment with a dentist... one night before that, I was having cold feet, I regretted making the appointment, after all it was only a chipped tooth at the side.... I could live with that chipped off... hahaha....

After punching in to the office, I left for my 8.30am "date" with the…


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Aaron's First Treat


Before Aaron left, he gave my family a treat in Kok Thai Restaurant. My mum, my two sisters and their families came for the dinner, sort of commemorating an early Mother's Day meal then. His very first treat since he started working a couple of months back... so fast time has flown... he has been working for more than two months…


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My Two Boys And My Girl...

I want to post this up ... it is something I want to remember when I am older... I mean when I am Really Old next time... that will be the time for me to Smile.....

Mother's Day on Sunday came and went.... but these little memoirs will always remain....

When Aaron came back on the first week of May, he brought back a gift for us... "Happy Mother's Day"... he wished me..

On the very actual day in the morning, I received a long distance phone call from Aaron,… Continue

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Straits Quay, Seri Tanjung Penang


The first time I heard of Straits Quay was from my friend who is residing in Rawang. She asked me whether I have been there, I said I never heard of it... all I know was Clarke Quay in Singapore... hahaha...

Last weekend I went up North, yes, I was in…


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Mother's Day Celebration and Wishes


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YE LADIES, single or married... hope you have a joyous day making this day a memorable one for your mum.... As for me, sorry, I did not make this day memorable for my own mum... *need spanking*.... I will not be taking her out for dinner due to these reasons...

One: Today all outlets will be jammed up in IPOH…


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Scotty McCreery In Always On My Mind



When I received a phone call that Scotty has sung "Always On My Mind" last night in American Idol, I quickly clicked on youtube and searched for the song..... it took me some minutes... but it paid off, I finally found it... and ..... when I listened it to the first time, I gulped and gulped down... my…


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Honesty Counts Though ...


It was my fault... yeah!

After going round and round Greentown Business Center looking for a parking, my Impatience Nerves took over my brain.... when I saw a vacant parking lot near this Kopitiam, I quickly maneuvered my steering and zoomed into it.....

I could sense Elin was not too fond of entering this outlet but me…


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My Limited Edition For Aaron

I was not feeling very good during the past few days when Aaron was home. In fact, my appetite was nearly down to 3 out of 10 when he was around, so unfortunate.... Nevertheless, we still went around to get some nice Ipoh food before he left, eventually he ended up eating more cos I ended up looking… Continue

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Bitter Sweet Suffering

After fetching Aaron from the airport, we went to SS2 to look for his "favourites." He took over the wheel... mama here was very exhausted already by then... in fact, I was not feeling well, stomach cramps on and off... but then, that did not deter me from "walloping" these...

I guess the temptation was too hard to resist...... and I paid the price ...

in place…


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Prince William And Kate Majestic Wedding Pictures

The wedding of the decade at Westminster Abbey..... Prince William and Kate Middleton...

How many of you took leave to watch this? :) No, I did not... in fact I reached home around 5.30pm... quickly, I switched on TV7, just in time to see "Princess Kate" getting into the car from her home to the church....

But alas, I had only one hour to witness the wedding... at 6.30pm, I had to "shoot off" again... Here are some pictures I have taken while watching from the big…


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Rush Hour 3



I always go out during lunch hour, either to fetch my girl from school or when I don't, I will be out "driving around" looking for DOUBLE S - Stomach Satisfaction! LOL...

But there are certain days that I cannot even have lunch properly... at times we ended up eating in the car itself... those times are called "Rush Hour." Sometimes I have to…


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A Double Take For Thai


Since his purpose was to come home to eat and eat, I fulfilled Andy's wishes by taking him to Soon Hoong, Thai cuisine but in a "coffeeshop"........ yours truly here is "frugal" one..

It is my second time there but…


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Hello MamaPaparazzi!


Very early on a bright Sunday morning, I had a nice surprise. I received a sms from Mamarazzi saying that she would be coming up to Ipoh for a makan trip (foodie trip).... "What to eat... where to go..." kind of question.. I replied citing a few. Since the place…


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Food Consultation


Andy came back for the weekend, he has one week of study leave before his exam commencing in early May. He didn't bring back his laptop, just a book and it has been lying on his room table since he came back on Friday. What I meant is that the book he took back has been left untouched... untouchable... cos both he and the book are on "Sleeping…


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Vampires And Crabs!


What do vampires and crabs have in common?
Answer : they are killed or pierced through the heart....

Oh, before you go on, this post is not for weak and crab lovers.... please refrain from reading on..

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