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Dance, Dance, Dance…with My Budding Ballerina…

My four year old daughter just finished her first year of dance school at the most delightful dance studio in downtown Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Jeannie Cardinal’s School of Dance!

The studio is so family-friendly and really caters to the student and family who wants a wonderful dance experience without the pressure of competition. The studio is located just off the…


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Finding Your Frugal Side

As soon as a baby enters our world everything changes. We no longer have the extra funds to eat out, nor do we have the energy. After all, isn’t just finding time to take a shower a feat that makes us smile from ear to ear?


I don’t find it necessary to be an extreme couponer to be frugal. While I would truly love the idea of being able to dedicate the kind of time, focus, and dedication it requires to take couponing to that level of success that…


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Zany Amusement Park Fun

Today was fabulous! We’ve been having very unseasonably chilly and rainy weather for this time of year as of late so I was a tad worried since we had a day trip planned to head to Land of Make Believe in Hope, NJ today. The weather report, even as of this morning was calling for a cloudy day with rain to begin around 1:00 pm. It was only slated to be around 66 when the rain hit. Nothing like putting a damper on our amusement park and especially our water park…


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Educating Today’s Children

It seems more and more, parents are seeking an alternative to a traditional public school education. The school decision has caused me great angst myself so I thought I’d blog about it to let you know that you are not alone if you feel overwhelmed, confused, and oftentimes intensely frustrated. I feel these things and I haven’t even sent my children to “real” school yet. My son attended pre-K for the first time in 2011, and just graduated in…


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Raising Our Children in the Faith; Getting Them to Actively Participate in Church

Our children have been going to church since they were one years old so it’s old hat for them, but I find as they get older it’s easier to keep them sitting still and quiet, but they are no longer loving attending the way they did when they were little. In their earlier years (they are now four and five) they used to get so excited and yell, “yay…church!!” when we were departing on these family outings. It saddens me to see this spark of excitement dissipate. I…


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The Midnight Creeper

Do you have a midnight creeper?

We do…and we’ve named him the “Candy Caper.” Our creeper comes out in the middle of the night when the house is pitch black and the rest of the zoo is quiet. The dog is nestled in our bed sleeping, the cats are sleeping, and the kids…err, ONE kid is sleeping. The other, of the male variety is busy lurking in his room. Waiting…

As soon as mommy and daddy are down for the count our little midnight creeper who we’ve nicknamed “The…


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Notes from a Perturbed Housewife

I wrote this almost three years ago, in July 2009, and recently came across it. I thought it might make for an enjoyable read for my blog and Facebook followers.

(c) The Domestic Diva & Her Two Tiny Treasures; Do not copy without linking back to our site and giving credit to the author.…


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