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MamaTalesBlog's Blog – July 2011 Archive (20)

Feeling the Burn

Started the weekend with a bang by fitting in one last work out with Stroller Strides. For some reason I had no energy today. I was dragging my feet throughout the entire workout. I couldn't say that I had less sleep than I usually do but I was just TIRED. I power walked through most of my workout and still managed to built up a good sweat.

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Heading Back for More

I'm excited for Saturday. I'm heading back to my favorite photography instructor for another class. This will be my fourth class with San Diego Photography Classes. I've already taken three other classes with them you can see posts on Photography 101 and Photography 102. These two posts were even featured for their Groupon Deal.


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Our First Baby

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

My husband and I just welcomed our first baby and it’s been a totally magical experience. I love the idea of being a stay at home momand thanks to his recent promotion it’s actually something I can do which makes me happier than ever! I love being able to give Abbey my full attention and it’s nice cooking dinner and doing laundry while my husband’s at work. I can’t believe I’m a mom now and that I’m responsible for this tiny baby’s… Continue

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Six Years After "I Do"

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our sixth year of marriage together. If I added up all the years we have ever been a couple then we're working on our tenth year together and seventh year married. After all those years together you tend to forget the excitement you feel when you go on a date. That's especially true once you have kids. Continue Reading

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No More Injuries Please

I'm so bummed! Today at Stroller Strides I was having a pretty good workout. I want to keep improving my cardio so I opted to jog in between each station to push myself. Toward the end of the workout there was an exercise that changed everything.

While standing next to a picnic table we side stepped on to the seat with the leg closest to the table following with the other leg and then returned to the floor. It is a pretty high step so I was careful and took the exercise slow. Around… Continue

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Wood Foam Blocks

Hello mamas! A month ago my husband and I stopped by the local Lakeshore Learning Store here at Hazard Center Mall and picked up some things for Izzy that I want to tell you about. The first one is a bag of Wood Foam toys. They come in its own zippered bag of 100.

I like them because there not heavy or injury prone as real wooden blocks. As a toddler her coordination is still work in progress and the wooden blocks have fallen on her toes a few times.… Continue

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Toddler Antics

My daughter absolutely loves trying on shoes. Last night she had her eye on my husband's uniform boots. She probably bit off more then she bargained for. That's me snickering in the background.


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Cardio Monday at Stroller Strides

Yesterday was cardio Monday at Stroller Strides. Last Monday was my first day working out and it tough with a capital "T". I was felt like I was loosing my breath during the warm up and a few times during the work out I felt the urge to vomit. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? It was much tougher than I was expecting and I had thoughts that it was too tough for me to continue. What changed my mind were the other moms in the group. Throughout the workout the other moms came up to me to introduce… Continue

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Stink Eye

I have a confession to make. I realized that I've been doing the "stink eye" more frequently than I should. My husband gives my daughter ice cream right before bedtime? Stink Eye! Some one pushes their way through the door while I'm in the middle of it holding my daughter in my arms? Stink Eye! The neighbor's car alarm goes off for the 10th night in a row waking my daughter up? Stink Eye! Some manic thinks driving offensively means to weave in an out of traffic narrowly making the lane changes?… Continue

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Public Spanking

My family spent the afternoon walking around Plaza Bonita Mall. It's one of the three indoor malls here in San Diego. During our time there a woman was frantically searching for her daughter. She was asking groups of people if they saw a little girl with pinks bows wandering by her self. There was no doubt in my mind that she was panicked and frightened that her little girl was lost in a crowded mall on a Saturday afternoon.

We were there to witness the moment she found her daughter… Continue

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Try it You Might Like it

When in doubt change how it looks. Izzy has always been more on the picky side when it comes to what she'll put in her mouth. What can I say, she's a toddler. I've even tried singing the Yo Gabba Gabba song "Try it You Might Like it", doesn't work.

I tried giving her corn before she didn't look at it twice before saying "nooooooooo". Tonight I made corn-on-the-cob and didn't even try giving it to her. You guessed it she wanted to try it.… Continue

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A Look Back - Stroller Strides

So my first week of Stroller Strides is complete and I must say I feel REALLY good. I think I was at a point in my fitness, or lack of it, that I was lazy to do anything. I didn't want to go anywhere nice because that would mean I would have to go clothes shopping. After one of those I am always in a funk. I hate looking at how nothing fits nice on me and how my post baby belly still makes me look pregnant in some styles.

I stay up late last night reading and was seriously thinking… Continue

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We used to use a booster seat for Izzy during meal times. We loved the Fisher-Price Deluxe Booster Seat because it was portable and easy to carry. This past month or so Izzy has been fighting the time she spends in that chair. No, we don't strap her down and walk away. I'm talking about in less then 10 minutes she's pulling on the seat belt repeating "down" over and over again.

I recently found a product that raises the entire chair. I've had the KABOOST for about a month and I can… Continue

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Toddler Talk

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your toddler's head? I rolled over one morning to find my toddler exploring the drawer in my night stand. If you listen closely you can hear the conversation she has into the headphones. Continue Reading

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Do you remember the first time you had an Oreo? I probably wasn't any older then five when I had mine.
My uncle, sister and I sat at the table to try a black cookie and promised me it was good. Continue Reading

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Working Out at the Park

Just finished my second day of Stroller Strides. I didn't feel like I was dying like I did on Monday. So I guess that's progress. I still have a long way to go though. That goes double for my abs. These days they look more like a keg than a six pack.

During abs we were doing this exercise where you sat down with your legs wide a part, one hand behind your head and the other pointing out.…


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Little Helper

I have a little helper. My daughter loves to jump in to help me out with what ever it is that I'm doing. Her favorite activity has to be the laundry. All it takes is a basket of clothes for her to dive right in. Not literally. She likes to hand me the next piece of clothing for me to fold if I ready for it or not. Most of the time I end up with all the clean clothes strewn about the floor. By the time the basket is empty her eyes are set on the folded pile.…


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Want Your Body Back? Me Too!

This morning I headed over to Mast Park with Izzy in tow to try out an exercise group especially for mommies that want to get back into shape after having their bundle of joy. Santee Stroller Strides is a fitness group that you are able to bring your babies with you to work out. It's outdoors and it combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training.

I have been biking around Santee towing Isabel in a biker trailer at least three times a week for an hour each ride. I felt like… Continue

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Smart Cookie

I haven't been posting frequently the past few months. When I hoped on today and I noticed some odd posts. It took me some time to realize that my 22 month old daughter left 3 new posts on my pages. When I still had my android I installed the blogger app on it with the assumption that I would be able to blog when the desire hit.

Continue Reading

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I've really been enjoying my bike rides with Izzy. My hubby bought a Burley Encore Bike Trailer to attach to my bike. Izzy loves going for a "ride" and will wait by the trailer patiently while I put on her helmet. I've been taking her around the neighborhood at least three times a week. When I first started I could tell how out of shape I was.

Continue Reading

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