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How to Choose the Ideal Living Room Furniture for My New Home

If you’ve just bought a new home, you probably don’t want your old, worn-out living room furniture in there. Just like you, your living room needs a fresh start.

Most homeowners worry that buying…

50th Birthday Gifts for Women

The days of living our lives are marked by how well we live and the number of experiences we have collected through the life. A lot of time the experience counts more than the age. There are different milestone birthday’s in the life that makes us revisit life in a certain…

Birthday Celebration Ideas - 6 Things To Do On Your Birthday

Birthdays are a very special occasion that one should bring in with innovative and unique ways that make it a memorable affair throughout your life. Although it is said that we should live each day fully, for birthday’s, you should go beyond full and live it in a…

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September Guest Series - Prepare Your Child for School

I'm sure every mama out there thinks about their child's grey matter. No, I'm not talking about some weird diaper of poop. I'm talking about their noggin. I'm sure you will agree that we want our children to do well in school. If your child isn't old enough you are probably wondering what we can do at home to prepare them for school.


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Biggest Mistake!

I've been writing about my adventures in weaning my almost two year old daughter from da Boob. It's her most favorite thing ever! She gets so excited when I whip that sucker out. She loves it so much that she will volunteer "more boo boo peess mama" (translation - more boob please mama) without any coaching from me. I started the process of weaning her about two weeks ago starting with the middle of the night feedings. Things were going pretty good. By the end of that first week I could say… Continue

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I Feel Empowered!

One of the decisions I felt strongly about was breastfeeding my daughter. I had a rocky time of it in the beginning but by the end of the first week I felt like a pro. I was whipping my boob out at her first feeding cues and I've loved every minute of it since. Now that she's approaching the age of two I've decided to wean her from breastfeeding and the process has been a mixture of relief, sadness, stress, frustration and exhaustion. I have never thought twice about breastfeeding and I still… Continue

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Lazy Sunday Gone Wrong

You know what I love about Lazy Sundays? Most of the time you can stay in your pajamas, plod around your house in bunny slippers and do absolutely nothing. Our morning started off that way. For breakfast I made my family some old fashioned oat meal with honey and added raisins and almond slivers for the adults. Afterwards Izzy was allowed to watch some Dora the Explora while hubby played WOW and I caught up on some blogging.…


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Hubby Dropped the Ball

When I started my journey to wean Izzy a week ago I was anticipating less sleep than I was getting. The first few days wasn't too bad. I was seeing progress so I was more than willing to go through the day more on the tired side as long as I kept seeing improvements. By the fifth night I the lack of sleep was getting to me. Even though Izzy was able to get some sleep I wasn't from spending most of my night in That Blasted Chair. I was irritated and some (okay most) of the frustration was… Continue

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Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Blogger, Facebook and Twitter, Oh My! When I first started this blog in January I had no idea how important this outlet would be to me. I have no regrets leaving my career to be home for my first born. Although, staying at home with a small child has some negative points. I missed adult conversations. Through social media I was able to fill that void. It was an outlet to bounce my thoughts and concerns to other moms. Talking to others moms gave me an avenue to… Continue

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Last night was the best one yet. I hope I don't jinx myself. We had the same bedtime routine, milk, snack, diaper change and a story before bedtime. She had a little bit of nursing and was out in about 10 minutes. The only time she woke up was for about 5 minutes around 11:45pm because she was cold. After a little bit of back rubbing and a warm blanket she was fast asleep until 4am.


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This past week I've been focused on one thing. No, that's not entirely accurate. My focus with Izzy has been on one thing. My goal is to wean her completely from nursing. She is turning two the second week of September and I would like for her to no longer be nursing for any amount of time by then. That might be an unreasonable deadline so at the very latest before we relocate to WA in October.…


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I See Da Light!

I'm feeling pretty good this morning! We're up a little on the early side but that was mainly due to hubby grabbing the trash for trash day. If you read yesterday's post, That Blasted Chair I'm sure you could read my frustration at the lack of sleep I was getting. Last night when she woke up I just took her back to her room and laid down with her on my chest. I was so tired that I knocked out. She must have fell asleep because I vaguely remember rolling her down next to me. I'm sure she woke up… Continue

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That Blasted Chair

Man, I am SO tired this morning. Last night was the fifth night I've been trying to weaning Izzy from nursing in the middle of the night. I think the second night was a fluke since each night after that I've had to sit in the rocking chair for her to stay asleep. I seriously feel like I did when she was a new born and was nursing every two hours. I would sit in the rocking chair and end up falling asleep there with her until the next feeding. Which meant that I would end up staying in that… Continue

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Step Back or Forward?

Last night was my fourth night at weaning Izzy from the middle of the night nursing. On the third night there was no crying or asking for the boob she just had a little trouble falling back to sleep. I was hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that last night would be at least the same or better. I was sadly mistaken. I recently put my foot down to wean Izzy by her second birthday which is less than a month away. The only times she nurses is before bed, before a nap and during the night. You… Continue

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A Day Downtown

We spent our afternoon and the New Children's Museum here in San Diego. This is our second time visiting and it's been a few months since we were there last. You can read about that here. It's nestled in downtown San Diego and the place has three levels. The general concept is it's a place where children of all ages can learn by doing. There are arts and crafts on each floor and you don't have to worry about them touching any of the exhibits.…


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Who Knew?

It's getting better and better! What a relief! Last night was my third night weaning Izzy from the middle of the night feeding. You can read about the first and second nights here. She was asleep by 9pm and had a little bit of trouble settling down for the night. She woke up for less than 5 minutes at 11pm and ended up falling back to sleep before I even got to the rocking chair. It was close to 3:46am that she woke up again.… Continue

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Back to School

Walking through the malls or the local shops I can't help but notice that it's that time of year when "back to school" shopping is a high priority on most mom's minds. Fortunately, my daughter is only two so I have a few years before I have to deal with that frenzy. My aunt however, is going through that with my younger cousin. She's a little fashionista in training and only the latest trends will do. At the tender age of thirteen she pairs skinny jeans, a stripped tunic under a solid cardigan… Continue

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What? No Screaming?

Last night was my second night at weaning Izzy from the middle of the night feedings. I tried to judge what horrors I would be facing based on the first night and from other mom's experiences. I figured that I would have to face up to a week of murderous crying and sleepless nights. To my pleasant surprise it wasn't half as bad as I geared myself up for. Right before bed I made her a blueberry smoothie, read her a bedtime story and nursed her. She went to bed around 8:15 pm with no problems and… Continue

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I Want my Boobie Back!

I don't know what came over me last night but when she woke up in the middle of the night I decided that I just wasn't going to give her another feeding during the night. My daughter will be two in less than a month and the other day I noticed her last two teeth coming in. As of today she still nurses. Hold on, before I start getting comments of horror that I'm still breastfeeding let me first say that I'm weaning her. The only times she still nurses is going down for her nap, right before bed… Continue

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Family Day at Chuck E. Cheese's

What a great family day! My hubby didn't have any work to do today so we decided to take Izzy somewhere special. We decided to let her experience Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time. I personally haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese's since... well I can't remember. It hasn't been in the past 10 or 15 years I can tell you that. I wasn't sure what age would be right to bring her there so we decided to just risk it.…


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Saving for College too Daunting?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPromise. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that I am a first time mother and a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) I am thinking about my own daughter's future. Every decision we make for our family, it's done with our daughter in mind. It was a tough decision to stop working to become a SAHM. I know the other SAHMs will agree with me when I say that finances are tough and budgeting is extremely important with only one income. With a two year… Continue

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Help Support Our Dream for Izzy

I entered Izzy for a chance to win money for her college fund. Please help and support us by clicking on "like" under our profile, Maryann @ Mama Tales. You can follow the link Thank you!

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We're relocating to WA state in a little over a month. I'm excited and a little apprehensive about the move. I've come to love our current home and will miss it. I'm not looking forward to the packing, unpacking and decorating to make our next house a home like this one was. With each move there is an ENORMOUS job of sorting through the "junk" we've accumulated and identifying the pieces we will need for the new house. I hope this will be the last relocation and WA state will be our permanent… Continue

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