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Family Night: Goodbye Summer!

I was looking through my blog a few weeks ago and I realized that I was a way better mom before I had three kids.


I've heard it from a lot of mommies.  Two is doable, manageable, one-on-one team formations.  Three?  Three throws you over the edge.  I have heard though that if you can get to three and survive, then four, five, six, and so on, are no big deal.  Just throw 'em on the pile!  (Not that I will be testing out that theory.  Rest assured, I will…


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Did you read the post I wrote last week about the ultra-lame way I found out that I don't have a job at my school this year?  Are you sad for me?  No?  Did you read the post about my house being in foreclosure?  How about now?  Are you sympathetic yet?  Good!

Because you can help me start earning some dinero.

I… Continue

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I remember being 11 or 12 and watching TV and seeing a commercial for thirtysomething.  Remember that show?  It was on in the late eighties/early nineties.  I never watched it.  I was too young.  The only thing I remember is watching a commercial and thinking, What a dumb show.  Who would want to watch a show all about old people? 

Today I realized, those "old people" are my people.  I'm not sure when or how it happened, but those are my people.  



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Does this blog make me look fat?

This morning there was another post on my blog about an incident that occurred last week.  At the advisement of my lawyer (or an old high school friend from Colorado that is not at all involved in the legal field) I have removed it from my blog.

It was a good one too.  I guess the early bird gets the worm.  And the rest of you get this.

So, all of this had me thinking.  What is too much to disclose on a blog?

Blogging is different than writing a book or writing for a…


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That's not fair, God.

This post is dedicated to Geneva and Lauren and both of their mommies that astound me with their strength and their faith every single day.

This week I've been thinking about God and His sovereignty and His justice, and why things happen why they happen. Because, honestly, a lot of it just doesn't seem fair. Things like innocent people dying in riots in London, hungry and forgotten children in Somalia, and incurable diagnoses for children.

Why does He allow…


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A Letter to My Baby

Dear Littlest Monkey,

I love you so much!  You are, by far, my squishiest, squeeziest, cuddliest baby I’ve had.  ”The others” were cuddly, but not nearly as squishy and squeezy.  I have to be honest with you though.  You are the baby of the family, and because of that, you are being treated differently.  Sometimes it’s good.  Sometimes it’s not.  But as your mother, I feel like it’s my job to be honest with you (and to pay for your therapy later.)

First of all, there’s baths.…


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Teenage Girl Facebook Faces

I have a lot of different friends on facebook.  In fact, I have 282 friends on facebook.  Some are from different churches we've attended, some are from school, some are family.  But my most entertaining kind of friend is definitely a teenage girl.  They are always updating their statuses, always letting us know where they are with their hand dandy "check in" feature, always posting photos, and always changing their profile picture.

I have quite a few… Continue

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A New Way of Blogging

Last week I launched this new and improved sight.

Doesn't that sound exciting?  Like I'm part of the space program or something.

Well, a few things have happened since then.

First of all, I obsess.  I think I have an obsessive personality.  Actually, I know I do.  I start getting interested in the slightest thing and I need to know all the info behind it and spend most of my time thinking about it.  For example, when we bought our minivan, I…


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Life is short.

My little sister changed her facebook status update to this the other day: Tired of all the "goodbyes" this year... God is definitely filling up his house with some of the most amazing people.

She wrote that because my brother-in-law's mom had just died.  It was sudden, and shocking, and beyond words with sadness.   Vicky was an amazing… Continue

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Three Things That Made My Day Less than Stellar

I'm a list girl.  Always have been.  Always will be.

I like a chore list.  I like the focus it gives me during the day and I love, love, love being able to cross things off my list as the day goes on.

I live by a grocery list.  I don't understand how people can go to the grocery store without one.  Unless you have a list in your head of the 3 to 5 things you need, but then again, that's a list.  A mental list?  Yes.  But a list, nonetheless.  Walking through the aisles…


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Bra Burning

If you are of the male persuasion, you may want to skip this one.  And if you choose to read, don't say I didn't warn you.

I HATE nursing bras.  I figure that by the time I'm done nursing Elijah, I will have worn a nursing bra for two and a half years of my life.  (Not consecutively.  Cumulatively.)   I've hated them from the beginning, and I hate them still.

First of all, they provide no support.  None.  I'm not exaggerating.  Zero support.  I get it.  Underwire…


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