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8 Ways to Make Food Shopping as a Parent More Bearable

No one is denying children aren’t the gift that keep on giving. But, as a parent, there are just some tasks in day to day adult life that shouldn’t be accompanied by kids. Namely the weekly food shop. Opening yourself up to a world of whining, potential tantrums and…

How Moms Can be Savvy When Shopping High End

When you become a mother, there are some sacrifices you have to make. Say goodbye to free-time, your pre-baby body and, of course, the biggest loss of them all, designer items. The most exciting purchases you’ll make now are cute baby booties and miniature clothing you…

What to take on a trip with children, so that the suitcase is not overloaded?

To have a good rest during your family holidays, you are to get rid of extra load. It is about material or non-material issues, like business calls and overloaded baggage. It is possible! Since you’ve made up your…

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Joe E. Satchel

Pink Koala Design Joe E. Satchel- Kids Messenger Tote
* Fabric Messenger bag , meant for kids but works as a small bag for moms and dads
* Divided Inner Pocket
* Adjustable Strap
* Velcro Closure on Strap( to prevent strap from getting caught and eliminates over the head removal)
* Small outer pocket for library cards or cell phone
* Velcro Closure
* Pencil Case Included

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The Motherload of Giveaways

Mothers' Day Basket Giveaway!!!!

Huge Gift "Basket" Giveaway in return for your help. Great products samples from Pink Koala Design and other great companies.

To ENTER, go to…


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Pink Koala Design Giveaway

This is our first giveaway! Hope it goes well. The Pink Koala Design Office Tote is a great bag for baby, travel or work. Soft structured and easy to pack. It's a sturdy, multifunctional bag.

One Wednesday each month, Pink Koala Design will offer you a chance to win a fabulous prize from our collection. It's as easy as answering our question of the week in the comment section or post an answer on our Twitter page or Facebook page and hope for… Continue

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I don't think that this post will be long because there's really not much I want to say about it, but that could change if I start getting fired up talking about it.

The Justice of the Peace in LA has every right to feel how he feels even though he's ignorant for doing what he did. It was a violation of those peoples civil rights and he should of known better. But that's the issue right. Racist people don't seem to know better. They spew ignorance from every orifice of their bodies… Continue

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Black Barbies

This is a link ( a story about the new line of Black Barbie dolls called So In Style. I was a bit surprised that this was news and my first reaction was haven't we always had black barbies. I did. She had a short curly do and a red sparkly dress. I broke her head off and in recent years I found her again on Ebay and bought her.

These particular dolls supposedly have more "African American"… Continue

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Favorite Halloween Memory

As part of Etsy bloggers, I have to blog on certain subjects each month. This month being October the subject matter is Halloween.

Without having to think about my favorite Halloween memory is of the Chainsaw Murderer. My friends and I were trick or treating and we came to a house at the end of the street. Nice house with a beautiful landscape area sitting right in the middle of the yard. We approached the house and got our treat (pencils) and as we were leaving the guy asked if we… Continue

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Slow Start

After I pulled myself away from watching The Game on YouTube, I made my way downstairs to my sewing room/studio/workshop whatever you want to call it to get some work down. Slow start today. Once I finally got behind the sewing machine again things went smoothly but I quickly remembered that I HATE all the prep work. The cutting and such that goes before you can sew a product together. I'm thinking that I have more on my plate than I can handle but I don't know. Maybe I just didn't hit my… Continue

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Creative Soul Stuck in Cubicle Land

This morning, I was walking in to work and there were several people walking in front of me. We all had our bags and our lunches and we marched slowly into the building. Kinda depressed me but as I reflected on it, it started to motivate me. It's a cold gray metal and glass building. We all work in cubicles, some offices, some labs. We sit in front of a computer for 9 hours a day so we can have every other Friday off. At the end of the day we grab our bags and we all march out only to do it all… Continue

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This really doesn't have to be long. Normally I leave my thoughts on subjects like this to the office water cooler. That's my time to talk about the antics of celebrities and politicians. But in this case I just wanted to say something brief about Kanye West.

No excuses what he did was stupid and if it were me after I got over the shock,I probably would of (in my earthly moment) cursed him up one side and down the other. Definitely not what Jesus would do. But that just shows that we… Continue

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I've Never Understood Hatred

Today is September 11 and I'm sure most people are reflecting on the events that occurred eight years ago today. I was living in Philadelphia (the birthplace of freedom, liberty and democracy) in this country and I was attending design school. I was watching the Golden Girls and my cousins uncle came upstairs and said "Do you believe this shit?!". I was like "What the Golden Girls" and that's when he told me about the planes. I remember turning the channel and watching one of the worst… Continue

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Reviews: PK Picks

I'd love to help other moms find products that are fun, unique, and useful. As an aspiring business owner, I do tons of market research on the net, in stores, and in magazines to see what other companies are doing. I have subscriptions to most major parenting magazines, industry magazines like Baby and Children's Product News, Earnshaws, and even study magazines from Europe. I'm constantly studying magazines to see what the new product might be not just for my business, but for me personally.… Continue

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Time in the Garden with Mom

Today I enjoyed an incredible salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers from the family garden.

Quite often I'm reminded of how much my body has changed since I've given birth, but there have been other positive effects of pregnancy and childbirth. One of those is the fact that I can now eat fruits and vegetables. Before I got pregnant I had been unable to eat those things. For some reason my body just didn't process them and they immediately came right back up in a very nasty… Continue

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Today my husband and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Most people make huge deals out of milestones like 10, 25, or 50 but anyone who's married will tell you that every year is a milestone and should be celebrated. Every day is a celebration truly because marriage is hard work and most don't make it. I don't know if we will be one of the exceptions but I do know we've made it this far and it should be celebrated.

My husband's first marriage did not last three years and… Continue

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I am mom. It's been almost 8 months since my son was born and I'm still getting used to the fact that I am a mom. I'm responsible for this person's health and well-being for as long as I'm alive. Huge job. This morning he rolled right off the bed. Rolled right over the pillow that a month ago would keep him blocked off from the edge. It's happened before and that time he landed on top of a pillow, this morning it was the floor. I scooped him up and held him close as he cried and I cried.… Continue

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