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Connor's Bites

I was thinking…

I try to feed Connor the healthiest of meals.  Usually foods that are quick and easy to make and prepare.  Foods we can all sit down and eat together.  I bet you all want to do that same thing, right?  So out of that thought came Connor’s…


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The Nursing Strike

Oh bottle, how I loathe you! You stole my baby from our snugly nursing cuddles with your oh, so easy flow...


OK, I'm…


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8 Tantrum Free Bedtime Routines

Bedtime can be a challenging event for some toddlers.  Quite honestly, it can be the moment a parent dreads as evening draws near.  For some, it's only a matter of time before the ultimate meltdown ensues...  

Speaking personally, this isn't the case for me.  I'm going to be completely honest.  My son has fabulous…


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6 Ways I'm Creating a Simple Life For My Son

Connor is over a year now and quickly soaking the world up like a sponge so I've been on high gear to put an effort into harboring a simple environment for him in terms of toys, expectations, activities, etc.  So here are my thoughts I wanted to share with you in hopes you'll share more ideas with me and our other readers!  …


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Keeping The Memory Alive: How We're Creating a Bond Between My Son & The Grandpa He Never Got To Meet

Today, just like every day Connor reached up toward our wall of frames and pointed to the picture of my husband as a little boy on the beach with his father.  We pick him up so he can see it and say “There’s Daddy when he was your age with Grandpa.”…


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Nursery Redesign

Check out my new post: Nursery Redesign

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