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Mommyhood Perfection: It Really Doesn’t Exist

I was looking through my Facebook feed this past weekend, and can’t believe how many people have had babies in the last week. I love those pictures of the first few days in the hospital. You know, the new family photos? They make my heart swell for the new mommies and daddies of the world.

And then I started seeing the posts about the first few days – if you have kiddos, you probably affectionately remember them like I do – where you were completely wrapped up in newborn life,…


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WAHM: Making It All Work With Limited Childcare

After my last post, I got a lot of emails from all of you who also work from home, wondering how I make it all work. Sure, I’ve got these tips and tricks for working from home with a little one…but what actually makes our days tick?  I get it: sometimes, working from home when your kids are home seems impossible. I’ve been there. In fact, I probably ask myself why I do what I do at least once a week. And then I remember why we have this part-time childcare set up: because I want to be able…


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Mommy Win: I Avoided the Meltdown

Do you ever have those parenting moments where you’re just like…ohmigosh. This is too much. I need thirty minutes of quiet or my head is going to freaking explode. WHY IS IT ONLY FOUR O’CLOCK????

Okay, I know you have. Because we all have those moments, sometimes more frequently than we would possibly care to admit. Today was one of those days for me – seriously, by the end of the day, I was SO HAPPY to read bedtime stories and go through our bedtime routine. And then hand the reigns…


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The Cost of Two Kids is Blowing My Mind

Today I was sitting at my desk, trying to work. But all I could think about was OMG baby stuff. And then I just had to get everything that was sitting on my mind down on paper.

So…lists. Because lists are the only way to keep my pregnant mind organized. Post its + spreadsheets + my white board. What the heck would I do without them?

Anyway, once I started putting my mind to paper, my thoughts went from OMG baby stuff toOMG LIFE IS GETTING EXPENSIVE.

I mean,…


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24 Weeks Pregnant and Sorting Baby Clothes – and She Came to Visit

The other day, I was at SkyZone with my friend Tiffani and our boys. If you’ve never been for toddler time, it’s pretty awesome: the young kiddos (under five) can jump for an hour and a half (we never make it that long) and wear off some energy. And you don’t have to worry that a bigger kid is going to jump on them. And it’s only four bucks – which is a steal, if you’ve been there on a non-toddler-day.

Tiffani is pregnant, too – due a few weeks ahead of me – and we were chatting about…


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My Battle to Find a Winter Maternity Coat. Aka the Post that Turned Me Into a Marshmallow.

So I’ve had this struggle finding a winter coat this year.

It sounds so stupid, doesn’t it? I mean, I live in the middle of the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where no matter how hot it gets during the summer, winter still comes a knockin’ every single year. And I really needed a new down coat this year.

You see, here where it gets to be so cold, you’re practically required to dress like a marshmallow for a few months out of the year simply for self preservation. It’s really just…


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Anxiety, Jerks and Making Good Decisions

I used to be really into reading. Like, I would read several books over the course of a weekend kind of thing. Today, my life isn’t really in that place anymore – chasing after young kids doesn’t really allow you to sit down and read a bunch of books, or even a few chapters, on a regular basis. But back in the day, reading was my little escape. I had pretty bad social anxiety when I was younger and that’s how I escaped it. Like, it was really bad, you guys.

Over time – and we’re…


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Beauty Buys: Five Products I’m Obsessed With Right Now

When it comes to New Years Resolutions, I don’t tend to make a lot of them. But when it comes to starting out the new year on the right foot, I’m all about it. I have a tendency to re-commit myself to a better beauty regimen at this time of year. I think it’s a combination of the New Years hype and that I realize my summer tan (what few rays I catch, anyway) is totally gone, and my skin/face could really use a little brightening. Basically, Christmas couldn’t come at a better time for this…


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The Week After Christmas Drives Me Crazy

I love Christmas. And I actually can’t believe that it’s already over. Does anyone else feel like the time between October 1 and today went WAY too fast?

Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye. I got myself so wrapped up in everything that we had going on, I feel like I missed out on something – even though I probably didn’t. Life just moves too fast these days.

This was the first year that Ricky really “got” the whole Santa concept. And it was seriously amazing. Rick…


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Windsource: Choosing a Green Option for Our Kiddos’ Future Xcel Energy #windpower #sponsored

As a parent, I think a lot about Ricky’s future: how I can help him get into the best schools, support his dreams, let him live a full life. Yes, I think about these things – even though he’s only two.

Hey, mama’s gotta have her game face on early.

One thing that I haven’t spent as much time thinking about – but know I need to be more cognizant of – is protecting the environment so that there’s actually a world left for my kids to enjoy when I’m old and gray. Yes, we recycle –…


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WAHM: How do you actually get WORK time?

Have you read all those articles about how we all have our kids way too involved in too many things, there are too many things on their schedules, yada yada yada?

Me too. I’m one of those parents who likes my child to try things, but we haven’t gone overboard – it’s not a conscious decision, though. It’s simply because there is no time.As a mom who has pressured herself to “do it all,” meaning work full time+ without putting her child into full time daycare, keep up with the house,…


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Looking for Stocking Stuffer Inspiration? Get It Here.

You guys: Christmas is a week away. Where have the last four months GONE??

If you’re like me, you had the best of intentions back in September when you started planning out what Christmas was going to look like this year. And now, it’s a week before the holiday and the only person you’ve actually crossed off your list is your child(ren). Minus stocking stuffers.

Sound accurate? Thought so...Continue reading at …


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How Stillbirth Affects Your Marriage – and How to Make it a Priority in the Face of Tragedy

So, you guys, I’ve been trying to keep my posts lighter and happier because, after all, it’s Christmas. And most of the time, I’ve been able to slap on a smile and enjoy just being in the moment. Especially when I’m with Ricky. But you may have noticed that there was a lack in posting last week. And that’s partially because I’ve been swamped – but also partially because I can’t force my fingers to write about happy happy happy when in reality, this time of year is so very difficult for baby…


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Swapping the Crib for a Toddler Bed

I promised some of you that I would eventually write about our crib to toddler bed experience. But I just couldn’t do it right away. I felt like it was going way too well, and I was totally going to jinx myself for saying it.

But you guys: it’s going REALLY WELL.

Rick and I decided last spring, when we were pregnant with Addison, that we weren’t going to actually go with a real toddler bed. Because I was a nanny for several years in college, I knew that a regular bed would…


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And The Gender Is…

So, friends, we are officially NOT having twins.

On Monday, the hubs convinced me that, due to how much movement I was feeling, there was no WAY there could only be one baby in my belly.

Needless to say, I was freaking out a little bit. To the point where I partially had myself convinced that there was a possibility that it was true.

We had our first ‘big’ ultrasound – meaning, we went to the perinatologist – on Friday. And it is most definitely just one, very active…


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Because Pinterest. And Homemade Gifts. And No Time.

You guys. I was totally going to try and be Martha Stewart this holiday season. And then I realized that it’s impossible to be this amazing mom and business owner and blogger AND make all of our Christmas gifts by hand.

Seriously. What was I thinking.

While visions of sugarplums danced in my child’s head, I am usually cleaning. Or working. Not crafting.

Much as I try, there’s just no way for me to make ALL of these fab projects I’ve come up with. So I’m going to do the…


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The Terrible Twos: The Whining. Oh, the Whining.

When it comes to raising toddlers, one thing I’ve learned is that there are no two kids that are exactly the same.

But, with that being said, there is one universal truth that I think every single toddler parent experiences: the whining. It’s unavoidable, friends.

And I know it doesn’t stop at the toddler stage. It goes on for a long time, until you actually put a stop to it. I actually know some adults who still whine, thinking it’s a totally acceptable way to get what they…


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The Best Gift Ideas for Your Husband

So, friends, I’ve been meaning to put more of these gift guides up. But reality has been that this a busy time of year, and I got a little bogged down. Plus, I figured you had some awesome gift ideas for the kiddos already planned out.

Do you want to know who the hardest person to shop for is on my list? Well, it’s really everyone that’s not my child. Because I know what will put a smile on the kid’s face – I just have to think strategically about we can make those candycane dreams…


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Ricky’s 2 Year Photo Shoot

I love our fall photo shoot. And this year is no different. A HUGE thank you to Mandi Folksfor the gorgeous photos – and here are a few to check out!


Check out more photos at The Mommyhood…


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Being Thankful After Losing…A Lot.

This morning, at 5:30, when my toddler woke up and needed his paci to finish that last hour of coveted sleep, a realization hit me.


The older I get, the faster the months go by. About twelve months ago we were just finding out we were pregnant with Addison. Now we’re nearly halfway through a pregnancy with our third child. It’s both amazing and horrendous what can happen in a short twelve month span...Continue reading at …


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