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I Don’t Care What You Say – I Love My Uggs.

I was reading the other day about something I’ve heard for years: Uggs are SO not fashionable, omg stop wearing them.

Well, hear this person who hates Uggs: I am your nemesis.

Ok, maybe not that extreme. But seriously, I love my Uggs.

If you’re sitting at your computer groaning, hear me out. Because I’m guessing you’ve never survived a winter in the frigid tundra before.

I start wearing my nice warm boots about the same time the frost advisory alerts start pinging…


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11 Weeks Pregnant: Finding Balance.

Ever since we lost Addison, my life became about finding this seemingly non-existent place of balance. It’s never been my strong suit. And I think that was really thrown in my face when we lost our sweet baby girl.

And with all the changes that we’ve gone through in the last five months – and yes, she was born five months ago today – it’s felt impossible to find that perfect spot between work, life, self, gym…

Sometimes, I think that’s the point: when your life is constantly…


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Blogging for Money: How to Get Rich as a Blogger

I have people stop me every once in a while – usually people I know – to tell me, “I could do what you do, you know. I can write. I could be a blogger. And I would be rich.”

It sounds a little bitchy, doesn’t it? But I really don’t think people mean it that way. So I tell them, “yes, you can. And here’s how you do it.” And then I lay out for them 67 different things they could do to become a famous blogger. And then they go on their way, somewhat happier that I’ve given them my secret…


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Life After Child Loss: Stillbirth From a Mother’s Perspective

Originally, when I was connected with David from Abigail’s Footsteps, I intended to share a bit of their story and what their organization does. And then David sent me this video that they created as part of a training program for clinics and maternity wards, to help the staff understand what it’s like to go through stillbirth as parents.

I’ve never really shared Addison’s birth story. To be…


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The Third Pregnancy: Being Prepared – and Taking it in Stride

Being pregnant – no matter how many kids you already have had – isn’t an easy. The truth is, every pregnancy is different. And while there are some things you can plan for, especially since you’ve already been through the whole shebang before, the reality is that pregnancy isn’t something you can plan or schedule. Every pregnancy is different, which means every pregnancy can be unpredictable.

No, I’m not trying to scare you, mama. I’m just telling you the truth: preparing yourself…


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Blog Better: Finding Your Niche

I know a lot of people who should write blogs. I tell them all the time – you should seriously consider starting one. And their response is always the same: “I just don’t know what to write about.”

Now, I’ve been doing this for so long – and worked with clients on creating niche blogs in so many different industries – that sometimes I feel like the blog whisperer. Tell me ten things about your life and I can tell you what your blogging niche should be. Heck, I can even rattle off what…


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Mom Fashion: 8 Items it’s Time to Retire From Your Closet – And What to Wear Instead

We’ve all been there – that moment when you walk into the ECEC or school or the grocery store – and you see the mom who’s still clad in her favorite items from the years before kids. And I’m not hating on anyone here: but the reality is that if you want to be taken seriously as a parent – or in your career – it’s time to get rid of some of the…less than classy items from your closet and invest in a few items (or find them at thrift shops or second hand stores, if you’re a thrifty mama). To…


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Diary of a #YouthSports Mom: Why We’re Taking a Break from Hockey

Guest Post by Dr. Aaron Haight

I love sports. I have played sports my whole life. I was even the only girl on my rocket football team. I minored in sports studies. I interned for the Detroit Pistons and Joe Dumars. Sports are my thing and up until last week I was a Hockey Mom.

My son Jacek is my sports kid. Since age 2 he has been able to sit and watch an entire football game without getting up or whining. We have taken him to high school, college, and professional…


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10 Weeks Pregnant: Starting to Feel Like This is Real

I can’t believe we’re here: ten weeks pregnant. And while I know that anything can happen…we’re officially quarter of the way through this pregnancy.

It feels crazy to say that.

For the past several weeks, I haven’t really believed that I’m pregnant. I’m just…going through morning sickness. Counting the weeks.

But it’s starting to get more real. As each day goes by, it feels more and more like a pregnancy and less like I’m just sick. The more that I can relax, the more I…


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Pregnancy Workouts: How You Can Be BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK, too!

I’m not sure if I’ve made this abundantly clear or not, but I have a serious – and we’re talkingserious – obsession with all things chocolate. So when I heard that drinking lowfat chocolate milk is actually a way that athletes are refueling and rebuilding their bodies after strenuous workouts, you have to know that I was excited.

The first time I heard about this was during one of my early…


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Ricky’s Birthday: Cowboys, Ponies and Trampolines Galore

So I went a little all out for Ricky’s birthday this year. Given how difficult the spring and summer were – and the fact that we barely had any barbeques this year – I just wanted to have a fun little celebration for my little guy turning two.

So…I may have ordered some ponies. But just for the day! Not to keep. Much as my husband would like to have a pony in the backyard.

And yes, that’s true. A hobby farm is definitely on his bucket list. But that’s a story for another…


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Hair Video: The Quick Mom Up-do For Everyday Life

So, I have this thing during the week. I rarely wear my hair down, because it bothers me when it gets in my face while I’m working. I also have issues with actually styling my hair during the week, because…well, I’m short on time.

To help fix that, I’ve come up with several quick hair dos that make my mornings easier. And also prevent me from looking like the mom who literally just rolled out of bed to take her kid to school.

And because I love ya, I’m sharing one with you…


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Parenting Toddlers: Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

So summer is winding down, fall weather is starting to take hold, and while we probably still have a taste or two of summer left (it’s going to be in the 80’s this weekend here in the not-so-frigid tundra!), it really is time to start thinking about the colder months ahead. And with that comes…cold and flu season.

Yes, I know. NOT something you want to think about right now. But nonetheless, as parents, it’s time to start preparing for our most dreaded of days: when the little ones…


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Parenting Toddlers: Teaching Your Little One About Healthy Baby Foods

I guess I am what you would call an ‘experienced’ Mom, my 3 daughters are now 8, 10 and 12 and I am well into my 40’s! I have the benefit of reflecting back and seeing if the choices I made when my babies were small have paid off as they enter their teen years. I am happy to be able to share some of that wisdom with you.

My personal website is called as that is what I am passionate about. We all start…


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Cub Foods Days – Gift Card #Giveaway!

If you’re local to the Twin Cities – like me – then I know you’ve heard of Cub Foods, one of the biggest local grocers. And if you’ve been keeping up on the news, they recently bought out several of the old Rainbow Foods locations around the Cities to open up some new stores. In honor of their new stores – and in appreciation of their loyal customers – Cub is throwing a big, month long party called Cub Days!

Beginning this week through Oct. 11, Cub shoppers will be able to save big…


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Pregnancy After Stillbirth: The Breakdown Point

I think I’m finally starting to realize just how much of an impact losing Addison is having on this pregnancy.

The last month was such a whirlwind – it’s been so packed with doctor’s appointments, work transitions, events and chasing after my rambunctious toddler that I really haven’t had a lot of time to think about things. Or how anxious I am to get through every little milestone that I set up for this pregnancy.

I’ve been super behind on reading my favorite blogs lately.…


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Exhaustion. And Going to the Shooting Range While Pregnant.

Have you ever had one of those moments – those days, or maybe those weeks – where you’re just so burnt out, you don’t even know what you should do next?

That’s how I felt on Saturday.

I hate that feeling. Mostly because you never know how long it’s going to last. It’s funny, because my doctor’s visit on Friday really precipitated the whole…unproductive afternoon.

On Friday, I was talking to one of the nurses about how this pregnancy has been so different – between the…


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Healthy Snacks: 10 Easy Ideas to Always Keep on Hand (for Pregnancy AND for Toddlers)

When I’m not pregnant, I’m honestly not much of a snacky person. Being pregnant makes a whole different side of hunger come out – I’m basically ravenous all the damn time. I also have a toddler in the house, who LOVES snacks – and needs easy access to his favorite things. Because of this, I’ve had to come up with a stockpile that goes beyond the goldfish crackers to keep us both happy and full (have you ever seen a hungry, crabby toddler? Imagine the same thing in a grown woman with a baby…


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8 Weeks Pregnant: What it Feels Like This Time Around

With my previous pregnancies – especially in the beginning – I would sometimes forget that I was pregnant. Just a slip of the mind, I didn’t always feel pregnant, so I just…didn’t always remember that I was pregnant.

This time around, even at 8 weeks pregnant, it’s so much different. I can barely go five minutes without thinking – has another day passed? Because I’ve been so worried about doing this pregnancy right, there’s not a moment that’s gone by that I don’t remember…


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Blogging Tips: How to Find Brand Partners

I’ve gotten several messages over the last week from readers asking me one thing: how do I find the right brand partners for my blog? The truth is, there’s not one fit that works for everyone – but there’s certainly similar steps every blogger can take to find partners within their niche. So that’s where we’ll focus this week’s blogging tips: how to find great brand partners for your site.

1. Identify your niche.

This sounds basic, but it’s actually a step that…


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