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We Had a Blast AT The Blast for the White Cloud Diapers Event

RJ and I went to The Blast – a rocket ship themed indoor playground – last week for an event sponsored by White Cloud Diapers. And I have to tell you…that place is pretty dang awesome. It’s got everything a kid could ask for – it was like a McDonald’s playland on steroids. And I felt like I belonged on a kid version of American Gladiators. Not.Joking.

See what I mean? Awesome.

Anyway – there were a bunch of mommy bloggers there with their kiddos. And RJ was definitely the…


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My Age Is Finally Catching Up With My Body.

The past few nights have been strange: I’ve been so dang exhausted that I feel like I could just fall asleep on my living room floor. And then when I wake up, my body creaks and groans and feels like it needs about twenty minutes just to limber up enough to go downstairs and make coffee. Speaking of coffee, if I don’t have some, forget it. I am utterly unproductive {and have a major headache} for a good two hours...Continue reading at …


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It's Time. I'm Doing A Cleanse.

I have this problem. Ok, more than a problem – it’s a really bad habit that I’ve gotten into over the last couple of months. I am absolutely, positively addicted to sweets. I think it’s from all of the carrying around of la babe. Because he has been a bit of a monkey lately. And lord knows it’s not easy to have an extra 20 pound person strapped to your chest. So this extra workout {can I call it that? I think I can…} makes me extra hungry. For sugary goodness that…


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Things I Love: Finish Quantum Dishwasher Cleaner

So I have a confession for ya’ll. I am absolutely in lurve with the Finish Quantum dish detergent pods. In full disclosure, it makes me feel incredibly old to be talking about how much I love a cleaner for my dishwasher. But I also realize that sharing this little piece of domestic happiness is probably something that you guys want to know about. Right? Right.

Anyway. We’ve been really unhappy with how our dishes have been coming out of our…


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The Baby Products Every Newborn Mama Needs: Part II

Last time I posted I gave you a list of products every mama needs for their baby. And there were obviously some things that I left off of that list – but it was for good reason. Because some things that you’re going to buy really do depend on what you’re going to use them for. And some really depend on your child. So for all of ya’ll that were…


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The Baby Products Every Newborn Mama Needs

A few weeks ago I found myself running around Babies R Us with my little man when I ran into a couple that looked like they were registering for their first babe. They looked totally overwhelmed. So being the super nice nosy mama that I am, I offered a little advice. And asked if they wanted some help figuring out what they really needed right away on their list and what they could wait to get until they figured out if they…


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I Finally Had My First Encounter With “That Mom”

This weekend I went to a baby shower. It was lovely - from the decor to the games to the food, the ladies that put it on did an amazing job pulling the event together! My pregnant girlfriend is absolutely adorable. It’s funny – before you’re pregnant, you don’t really register the preggo ladies unless it’s pretty much staring you in the face. Then when you’re actually pregnant, especially at the end of your pregnancy, you feel ginormous. You…


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WAHM: The Do’s and Don’ts of Sponsored Posts

Continuing the WAHM Blogging series, this week’s topic is all about what you should and shouldn’t do in regards to finding and posting sponsored content. It’s meant to be an easy to use comprehensive list and some of these points may or may not have been mentioned in some of the earlier posts in this series. Think I’m missing something? Tell me in the comments section below – I’d love to…


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Month Two With Arbonne: I Promoted to District Manager!

Wow – I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I last updated you guys on this crazy Arbonne journey. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering where things are at, well…I promoted to District Manager in February! It’s super exciting and I have to thank my amazing team, two of you girls will be going district in March, too! I’m right…


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WAHM: How to Write Content That Blog Sponsors Will Love

I’m continuing the conversation about finding and writing sponsored content on your blog. This week’s topic is about what to do after you’ve secured the sponsored post – aka how to write the kind of content that won’t just please this company, but showcase your skills so that other sponsors want to work with you, too.

First: Clarify what they want the post to be about. Do they want a product review? A product plug? Or do they just want to sponsor a giveaway on your blog? The first step…


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The Great High Chair Debate

Back when I was pregnant, choosing all of the gear that came along with having a baby was fun. And then as my pregnancy progressed, it went from being fun to being crazy overwhelming. Everyone had an opinion and everyone thought that we needed to choose all of our baby gear So one day, Ricky and I were registering for all of our baby stuff. And I found myself standing in the high chair aisle…


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Ten Things No One Tells You About Having a Baby: The Five Month Edition

Continuing with my series of things that people don’t tell you about having kidsbefore you have kids {like what happens to your body after childbirth}, here’s the five month edition. Here are some of the things I’ve realized {slash learned} as the mama to a five month old – that I wish someone would have…


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WAHM: Finding the Right Sponsored Content for Your Blog (Part One)

I spoke earlier today about blogging. As I was putting together my outline for what I was going to talk about, I realized that there are a lot of broad blogging tips that I’ve never really had a chance to delve into before on my blog. So be happy, my friends – today I’m going to tell you a little more about how to make money blogging!

Just to preface all of these tips, I’m going to assume that you already have an understanding of blogging, social networking and all…


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Alas, My Blog Is Not Lost!

Earlier this week, my website went down. There was a snafu with the hosting – where for some reason, my new website hosting plan {for the web geeks out there} wouldn’t apply to this domain name. Which resulted in my hosting service having to switch things around manually. Which concluded with everything being deletedfrom my website.

So after sitting on hold with them for fifteen minutes, crying my eyes out as I waited for a representative to…


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Become an Arbonne Believer: I Wouldn't Steer You Wrong, Guys!

This morning is one of those days when I really could use a nap. In the form of aboutsix more hours of sleep. I know, I know – stop complaining, right? The reality is that I really can’t complain too much – because of a fabulous deal my Arbonne team is running until the end of the month. Are you ready? Wait for it….Fifty percent – yes, that’s 50% off of EVERYTHING until January 31st. That’s 50% off the RE9 line. 50% off of the most amazing makeup…


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Baby Laughs Are the BEST <3

Having a baby isn’t the easiest thing in the world – any mom can tell you that. It’s challenging, it can be frustrating and it’s definitely tiring. But here’s the thing about all of those things: the little joys always outweigh anything else. Being a mommy can be tough, but it’s also rewarding as all hell. And one of those little happiness’s that comes hand in hand with being a mommy? Baby smiles. You really can’t help but…


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My Jeans Are Tight. It's Time for a Change - Let's Do It Together!

Yesterday morning I was getting ready, just like any other morning. But something was a little different. I felt a little…jigglier…than normal. Suddenly, I was nervous that my jeans weren’t going to fit. I don’t know why this feeling came to me out of the blue. I just knew they were going to be tight. And you know what? They were. It wasn’t the same as the I-still-need-to-lose-the-baby-weight feeling.…


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How This Thing Called Arbonne Has Changed My Life

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I’ve been talking a lot lately about an amazing life change that I made recently. And if you don’t follow me…well, hopefully I’ve intrigued you at least a little bit to hear more. But before I tell you thewhat, let me tell you the why.

A couple of months before RJ was born, I lost myself. Throughout my pregnancy I put up with a lot of crap that I probably shouldn’t have had to deal with – and eventually, I…


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Four Tricks To Get Baby To Sleep When They're Fighting Dreamland

Truth: when your baby starts sleeping through the night – even if it’s just for a six hour stretch – it’s pretty much the most blissful experience you can have as a new parent. Sure, there are other joys about being a baby mama. When your little guy intentionally smiles at you for the first time, hearing that first belly laugh, the list goes on. But I’ve realized that I’m more able to appreciate all of these things now that my baby sleeps through the…


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BBQ Chicken Pizza: Let's Switch Things Up A Bit

One thing I love: pizza, obviously. But I don’t love every kind of pizza. What I really love is homemade pizza. It’s fresher, healthier and…cheaper. Duh. But sometimes you need to switch things up a little from the original. Aka if you’re getting tired of the same old, same old pizzas every week {yes, we do have pizza once a week at my house. And you really should be, too…} then put a little twist on your pie this week – in the name…


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