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If You’re Suffering Through Toddler Sleep Regressions, I’m With You

A few weeks ago, Ricky went through a week or two of sleep regression. Every night, bedtime became a battle. Compared to our usual routine, this was tough. Every night, he cried and screamed until we would let him lay down in our bed. Which then became the goof around in mama and daddy’s bed hour. And then he’d go to bed, but wake up over and over and over again.

Patiently, we waited for his sleep to return to normal. And it did. But I have to say, I don’t know how parents with…


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Contractions Are So Mystifying.

At 11 last night, I awoke to a giant “thump” in the room next to ours. It was actually nothing out of the ordinary – just my two year old rolling around in his bed and hitting the wall. But as soon as I woke up, I realized I was having a contraction. A decent one! While laying down!

To be clear, I’ve been having contractions for a week and a half at this point. But they typically aren’t consistent when I’m laying down. So I was kind of surprised, but figured it was a one-off…


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36 Weeks Pregnant: Things Are Getting Serious

It’s so weird for me to say that we’re basically full term. I’m over 36 weeks and have been having (minor) contractions since last Friday. And at this point, if I go into labor, baby will come.

My mind and my body feel like they are in this weird state of anxiety over waiting for baby to arrive, plus shock over the fact that in a few weeks, my year and a half as a pregnant woman will come to an end.

I’m soaking up all of my “eat what I want while I’m pregnant” days that I still…


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Finding Great Childcare Can Take a Little Work

Last night, my child decided that it was totally appropriate to climb on top of his mama’s head, sprawl out across her shoulders and demand that I get out of HIS spot on the couch. I don’t know where the kid comes up with this stuff.

The past two weeks have been such a whirlwind with my little guy. As you may have read, we didn’t have childcare for about a week and a half. Much as I love spending all of my time with my adorable two year old, it’s not super conducive to getting a lot…


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Trust Your Gut

I feel super behind, on everything. Last week, Rick and Ricky both got sick with a stomach bug. I thought I avoided it, but came down with a nasty case of it on Thursday. Ever the stomach flu at 34 weeks pregnant? It’s not easy, let me tell you.

We also had to fire our childcare provider last week. The combo of stomach bug recovery + playing catch up + trying to work a full week + caring for a 2 year old at the same time = chaos. I’ve been using my best multitasking skills, which have…


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The Toddler to Preschool Transition is Going Too Fast

Last night, I was trying to get Ricky into his jammies after bath time. Content to run around in just his diaper, he was so not interested. Finally, I got him up on his bed and used my stern mommy voice to say, “Ricky. We need to get your jammies on. Knock it off.”

And do you know what my sweet little baby did? He looked at me with a very serious face and said, “NO. YOU knock it off mama. Knock it off!” And then he gave me biggest smile, like he had just learned a new nursery rhyme…


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Pregnancy After Stillbirth: The Moment When You Realize You’ve Moved Forward

This weekend was amazing. The sun was out, the weather was warm. It was 70 degrees in March – that’s a regular old heatwave for Minnesota!

There’s this distinct smell that comes along with springtime in the frigid tundra. It kind of reminds me of Seattle after a big rainstorm – like a whiff of the coast is coming in with the wind. It’s glorious. It makes me want to pull out all of our patio furniture and start planting flowers.

Of course, it’s still only March, so we can’t go…


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That Heart Stopping Moment at an Ultrasound Appointment

I just stood in my kitchen, trying to figure out what I was going to tackle next, while eating spoonful after spoonful of frosting.

That’s totally normal when you’re pregnant, isn’t it?

This morning we had one of our weekly ultrasound dates (super romantic, right?) and then a non-stress test for the little guy. Lots of doctor appointments are par for the course when you’re pregnant after losing a baby.

We were sitting in the ultrasound room and everything was measuring…


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Pregnancy After Stillbirth: How to Respond to Strangers Asking Questions

Last week, I was in a meeting with a client who asked about my blog. Specifically, what I write about. This has become a weird question for me since our loss, because I don’t know how to say that I write about baby loss without really going into detail. And that gets awkward, because it’s a highly emotional topic for a professional setting.

So instead of going into detail, I just include it in a list of topics that wind up on my little corner of the internet, hoping that they don’t…


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Sometimes, You Have To Go With The Flow

Sometimes, it just feels like your world collides with something and everything just kind of…stops.

Last week, Lucy decided she was afraid of my laptop cord. So she pulled the whole charging port out of it. I thought, meh, no big deal. I figured we’d have to replace the laptop at the end of the year, so we’re just doing that a little early. I don’t use it a ton, anyway.

So I ordered a replacement, took the longer free shipping option, moved on.

And then I realized just…


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6 Tips for Feeding Toddlers Who Don’t Like Vegetables

There are few challenges in motherhood quite like feeding a toddler. Moving targets that, once you get them buckled in for meal time, spend more time playing with food than eating it. And what was a favorite meal last week is not allowed to touch their plate this week. Don’t even get me started on getting a toddler to eat their vegetables.

Somewhere between eating choo choo train spoonfuls of mashed avocados and puréed green beans and memorizing the alphabet, kids learn that chocolate…


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The Third Trimester is Testing Me

Some days, I feel like the third trimester is a test of whether you’re ready to be a mom to a newborn. First, you stop sleeping. As in, you find that you can no longer sleep for longer than two to three hour intervals at a time without waking up. This is the first test, my friends: your body is preparing you for life with a baby outside the womb.

Then, your child begins to live in the same vicinity of your lungs. This means it takes approximately 4.2 minutes to regain your breath…


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Smooth the Transition from One to Two Babies

“Mama, tha baby’s hidin in your belly button!”

Seriously, you guys. Is there anything better than the words that come out of a toddler’s mouth? It’s like, my favorite thing in the world.

Tonight I was sitting on the couch doing puzzles with the little man when I could suddenlysee the little one moving around in my tummy. Ricky thought it was the most amazing thing in the world.

For me, seeing the baby move – and not just feeling it – is like this confirmation that there…


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Schedules, Processes, Timelines. It’s Time to Simplify.

My life is based on a schedule. Most days, everything I do feels like it has to happen at a very specific time in order for me to get everything done. That’s what happens when life gets busy – you figure out a way to adapt so that you can actually check everything off of your list. Because, mom life, right?

Of course, that schedule ebbs and flows every week. In the morning, I list out everything I need to accomplish today – even on the weekends. Then I strategize in my head how to get…


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29 Weeks Pregnant: Goodbye Breathing Room

It’s that pregnancy moment of uncomfortable.

You know the one – where you’re sitting around and suddenly feel a random body part jammed up into your ribcage, rendering you barely able to breathe. And then you sit there in a haze of total uncomfy-ness, trying to make heads or tails of what you can focus on when you really can’t focus on anything, because there is a [insert body part] jammed into your lungs.

And then you read online: move around! It encourages the baby to…


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Making Your Kids More Appreciative

Only as adults do people really discover that one of the keys to happiness is gratitude. Being thankful for what we have can be very difficult for kids who believe they can always depend on their parents for whatever they want.

There are a lot of values that parents should instill to their kids, and gratitude should be one of them. Grateful children are not only more fun to be around but also grow up to be strong adults who care about the world around them. In a recent study, it was…


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Getting Past the Mom Guilt

A few months ago, at the end of the first trimester, I walked into my OB’s office with zero expectations. I didn’t know whether to laugh with joy that we had made it through the first three months of pregnancy, to cry that I still had six to go or to completely break down over the mental anguish that lies between grief and happiness. And of course, I had to step on the scale.

I refused to look at the number. Knowing myself – and that I hadn’t lost the baby weight from after losing…


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28 Weeks Pregnant: Getting Organized for Baby

The second that the third trimester hits, you really start to feel like a house.

My darling husband told me that I’ve really started to exhibit the pregnant lady waddle. Especially when I try to move quickly. He’s a gem you guys.

Since my short term memory has been compromised (thank you third pregnancy side effects) and I’m not so good at coming up with funny retorts before I’ve had my coffee, I just stood there and gave him the stank eye.

But it’s true, I’m pretty sure…


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5 Lessons I Learned in My Year as a 30 Year Old

On Monday, my year as a simple 30 year old ended. I’m officially “into” my thirties. I remember back when I was finally “in my twenties” and how grown up it sounded. Thirty sounded like it was SO FAR AWAY. And like a big, scary number I never wanted to hit. After all, 30 meant I was really grown up and better have my crap together.

In my mid-twenties, I decided that I was just going to live and have fun and when I finally did turn 30, I’d buckle down and probably find that life was…


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27 Weeks Pregnant: Further Than We Made it Last Time

The last few days have been crazy around our house. This month has really kicked my behind.

Do you ever get that feeling like you’re running yourself ragged, but you’re not actually getting stuff done? That’s kind of how my last few weeks have gone. I was way ahead going into the holiday season. And then a bunch of stuff happened, mostly good stuff, but some not so good stuff, that just completely threw me off track.

Not having Ricky on our regular schedule kind of exasperated…


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