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Types and Treatment Options for Germ Cell Tumors

Mainly found in the ovaries and testicles, germ cells are cells which eventually develop into eggs and sperms. Sometimes germ cells are also found to be left behind in some other parts of the body. Most often, germ cell tumors develop within ovaries or testicles since this is basically the place where they are normally located. However, in some cases, germ cell tumors also develop in other parts of the body as well.

Types of Germ Cell…


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Heart Valve Surgery – Effects on the Body

Healthy heart valves are essential for maintaining flow of blood through heart. Human heart comprises of four valves namely – pulmonary valve, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, and aortic valve. All of these are accountable for efficiently regulating flow of blood in appropriate direction. Any defect or disorder in heart valves may negatively impact the normal functioning of heart and result in life-threatening medical condition. In such instances, a heart valve surgery may prove to be highly…


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Preventive Measures for Reducing Risk of Breast Cancer

While some risk factors for breast cancer like aging & family history cannot be changed, there are others which can be controlled. However, there is no sure method for preventing breast cancer, but measures can be taken like the following for lowering risk of developing the disease.…


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How to Cope with Organ Transplant

An average organ transplant recipient normally spends months or years anticipating a donor organ which would give them a second chance at healthy life. Out of necessity these patients focus on dealing with life-threatening illnesses while hoping for early organ transplant surgery to happen. With so much preoperative emphasis on hope & health maintenance, most patients will therefore be unprepared for changes in their health & lifestyle following organ transplant surgery. Moreover,…


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7 Things to Know Before Your Hip Replacement

A healthy hip is composed of a ball-and-socket joint and is responsible for maintaining stability by supporting body weight. Hip is a significant joint and any trauma or hip joint disease may affect its normal functionality and deteriorate patient’s quality of life. Hip replacement surgery can be described as a clinical intervention which is used to treat hip joint-related problems. It involves removing and replacing the damaged or impaired hip joint with an artificial prosthesis which is…


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How to Spot Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer falls into the category of most common type of cancers. It usually develops due to formation of malignant cells on a specific skin area. It is mainly categorized into three types namely melanoma, basal cell, and squamous cell skin cancer. Root cause behind the occurrence of skin cancer is still a topic of research. However, certain factors like overexposure to ultraviolet radiation, growth of irregular moles on body, family history of skin cancer, and weakened immune system are…


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Diagnosis & Risk Factors of Brain Tumors in Adults

Brain tumor basically is a mass or growth of abnormal cells located within or around the brain. There are many types of brain tumors including both cancerous & noncancerous. While some brain tumors are primary brain tumors that have originated in brain cells, there are others which are secondary brain tumors & have spread to the brain from some other part of the body. Growth & spread of brain tumors greatly vary. Moreover, it is the location & growth rate of the brain tumor…


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Taking Care of Your New Hip Joint

Intense hip pain may restrict a patient from performing simple routine tasks like climbing stairs, walking or merely standing. Generally, such condition can be treated with the help of drugs and physical exercises. However, if hip pain starts affecting patient’s quality of life by deteriorating overall health, then a surgery can prove to be beneficial. Hip repair and hip replacement surgery are the two most common solutions used for treating hip-related problems. Out of it, hip replacement…


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8 Warning Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Women

Also known as ‘autoimmune joint disease’, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the most common inflammatory joint diseases. It is a serious progressive disease which exhibits symptoms slowly with time. It usually affects areas surrounding fingers, knee, hands and feet. It can deteriorate patient’s quality of life by restricting joint’s range of motion. According to recent reports, women in between 40 – 60 years of age group are more prone to this joint disease as compared to men. Early…


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6 Warning Signs of Colon Cancer That Every Young Woman Should Know

Prevalence of colon cancer in women is increasing day-by-day. This fatal disease develops due to production of malignant cells in large intestine. According to reports, billions of patients die due to colon cancer every year. Habit of smoking, heavy alcohol drinking, and obesity are the major risk factors that may accelerate the growth of abnormal cancerous cells in colon. Health care experts estimate that mortality ratio due to this cancer will double up in upcoming time. However, it is a…


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How to Recover From Hip Replacement Surgery?

It is normal for patients undergoing hip replacement surgery for arthritic hip pain to want to know as to when they will be able to return to normal everyday activities. Time for recovery following hip joint surgery is one of the most common questions people seek answer to prior to the operation. There are several factors which contribute to time for recovery following hip joint surgery. However, most patients typically return to normal activities anywhere within 1 – 6 months of time.…


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How Spina Bifida Affects Childhood?

Spina bifida is basically a birth defect which happens when the baby’s spine fails to form normally. The spinal cord & the nerves as a result branch out & may subsequently get damaged as well. Quite often, spina bifida may cause an opening in the child’s back that is visible. Sometimes, spinal cord along with its openings may push through this opening. However, at other times the defect may remain hidden under skin in absence of an opening. Symptoms may…


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All about Frenuloplasty

A frenuloplasty of prepuce of the penis (known as a release of frenulum) is a frenuloplasty of the frenulum of prepuce of the penis. An unusually short or sensitive frenulum of the penis can make some sexual activity uncomfortable or even painful. The problem lies in the foreskin. The foreskin is a sleeve of loose skin which covers the bulb end of the penis.…


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ACL and PCL Knee Injuries and Its Treatment

The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are very important as they…


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5 Surprising Facts about Colon Cancer You Did Not Know

Colon cancer is the second increasing cause of cancer-related deaths across the globe that affects both men and women. However, there’s a better chance no one knows the signs of colon cancer, how familiar a person should be screened, or what puts…


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Rejoice With Mommy Makeover Cosmetic Surgery

Mommies have always been amazing, not only for what they do day in and day out but what they put their body through to give birth to a new…


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