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5 top tips for boosting your income

If you are looking for extra ways of making money, then the good news is there are some things you can do. There’s no sure-fire way to get rich quick, but there are ways that you could earn a little bit more cash.

Here are 5 top…

Different Styles And Types Of Furniture To Try For Your Home

Everybody has a dream to buy a house for their own and design it as per their choice which pleases them as well their loved ones. Whether it is an apartment, two storeyed villa or tenement people always are keen to design it and make it more attractive and…

Fun Repurposing Projects for Those Old Blinds

No room is complete without the right blinds! But, that doesn’t mean the same set of blinds will look right at home in your living room until the end…

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A Good Slap!

Is it ever appropriate to slap your husband's face off? I submit to you that YES it is! Here is why..

Last night after a VERY VERY long weekend, I went to my bathroom to get ready for bed. Unbeknownst to me my wonderful 5 year old had also gotten ready for bed by brushing his teeth in my bathroom. Apparently, he had an excess of toothpaste, what ever to do? Just wipe that blob on the roll of toilet paper. Problem solved! Enter mommy, weary from life and travel. So very tired I… Continue

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If I Were A Boy!

This is a Beyonce inspired post. Haha. I was listening to her song on the way home from work and one of the verses is

"If I were a boy

Even just for a day

I’d roll out of bed in the morning

And throw on what I wanted"

Then something about hanging out, drinking beer and chasing girls. Well, I'm not sure about all of it, but it got me to thinking about all the things I would/wouldn't do around my house if I were a boy. As follows is the SHORT list.

*I would… Continue

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Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder

You guessed it, it's beyond time to buy bras!!

There are a few things that I am known for, a really good lasagna, a cleft in my chin, mad dancing skillz, big Texas hair and bigger boobs! I once had a lesbian flick me on the boob and accuse me of having implants! Yeah right! If these were implants, I'd sue that surgeon and be blogging from my luxurious vacation home.

I finally decided to break down and go purchase new bras. You would think that buying brassieres would be a… Continue

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Flying Fir

This post is about finding and keeping the "perfect" Christmas tree. It's about a mom who had a one month old baby, a mini van, a 8 foot Christmas tree, one piece of twine and a red headed husband who was sick of the cold.

Oh, this tale can not turn out well.

We decided to cut down our tree last year. It was interesting to say the least. Logan took a hack saw to our sixty dollar selection and was nearly crushed by the falling Douglas Fir. Russ saved him in the nick of time. We… Continue

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The Claus Clause

I LOVE this time of year!

Is it because of all the lights and decorations? No.

Is it because everyone seems just a little happier during the Christmas season? No.

Is it because of festive parties, friends, family, good food and holiday cheer? No.

I do really like all of those things, but the reason I LOVE this time of year is because of the Claus Threat. You know the threat that goes like this..

If you don't eat those veggies you're probably going on… Continue

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Why is it that 90% of my underwear doesn't fit properly? Why is it that even though you buy the same kind in the same size they NEVER fit the same? Then, why am I unable to toss said non fitting undies out? My drawers have become crammed with undies that pinch, bind, creep, ride up, roll down, give bad lines, show crack, produce muffin top or are just plain weird. HOW am I not be a nice and pleasant person with a wedgie 6.3 days out of the week??

Enjoy foolishness? Check out my… Continue

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Retail Rant

Retailers take notice!

I do NOT wish to give you my phone number or open a charge card to save 10% (which barely covers the sale tax here in Michigan). I do not need batteries or any other impulse items that liter the sales counter to point I can not find room stack the items I am actually purchasing. Please stop talking about your boyfriend and his cousin(that just got out of jail) to the clerk next to us. Although I'm glad he's home for the holidays, I really could care less. Please stop… Continue

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Lessons On Dying

Today a student asked my feelings regarding hospice care. We had a patient that was in the process of being discharged from the ICU to hospice. He asked if that would be a hard decision for me to make. Without hesitation I answered "No."

The greatest gift you can give a person in their last days is dignity. I would much rather be in my home surrounded by family and friends, eating cake and drinking Diet Pepsi than in a hospital setting. A hospital is the last place on earth you can… Continue

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My most rewarding patient....

This is a previous post off of my blog. Thought I would redeem myself after my bad conduct post!

Tonight my biggest accomplishment was holding the hand of a 4 year old in my ER!

Her family's car had been t-boned in an intersection and their van rolled 4 times and came to rest on it's side. Her car seat came dislodged during the crash. She was tossed around and came to rest on top of her sister. All of the family member were in different trauma rooms and this sweet… Continue

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Conduct Unbecoming

I am going to try and be as real and honest as I can on my little bloggy. Not everything in my life is perfect and I don't always handle every situation in the most becoming manner. I think it's important to be raw and uncensored, even when it makes you look like a jackass. I intend to use my blog as an outlet for self evaluation and reflection. How else am I to grow?

I have always had a hot temper, been stubborn and opinionated. These qualities sometimes lead to the "perfect storm".… Continue

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