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Preparing for the Empty Nest and a New Chapter In My Life

South Florida Baby Planner

I would assume that I'm not the first mommy on earth that realizes how difficult it's going to be to let her children go.

And I'm sure I'm not the only mom that begins to prepare for the inevitable empty nest and all of the things that we hear it will bring.

For me, my children moving out, and my home becoming an "empty nest” represents yet another loss in my life.  I've had lots and lots of loses, so trying to prepare myself ahead of time is now just what I do. It's like being on mental auto pilot.  I just shift and go full speed ahead doing "whatever I have to do".

My youngest daughter moved out a little over a year ago but I'm fortunate that I get to see her almost every day. My oldest daughter has announced that she is moving out next month, and my son (my baby) is planning to go away to college in May.  So that means in less than 90 days I will be living in the so called “empty nest”.

I know that my job is to prepare my children to become independent, self-sufficient adults, who are confidently ready to leave home and take on the world. But I don't recall anything in the job description that explains how I'm supposed to prepare for it. How I'm supposed to survive it?

I know that a lot of women who decide to become mothers are over joyed. For me, after losing seven babies through miscarriage, and losing so many other people I love, adopting my babies literally saved my life.

The only thing I ever wanted was to be a mommy. It was my dream from the time I was just a little girl. When my babies finally came, I was perfectly content to stay at home and raise them.  I had no other aspirations.  None. My little family was my world. Even though times could be tough back then, I can honestly say that those early years were the happiest years of my entire life.

But life gets in the way of our dreams sometimes and takes away what we want.  Long story short, I was forced to become a working mom and an entrepreneur, but I was also very blessed because of exactly how life did get in the way.

So now here I am. My babies are all young adults. Each of them moving out and on their way to enjoying what I'm sure will be wonderful and happy lives. I think I can say I did a pretty good job.  I guess I’m as ready as I can be for the nest to empty out and my babies to spread their wings. It's okay.  I've immersed myself,  in my legendary way, by distracting myself and "starting something new". I'm diligently planning for the next chapter in my life and whatever in the world it's going to bring.

After lots of thought and reflection, prayer and support from my amazing family, the answer has become clear.  I'm going to go back to the beginning. Back to the most fulfilling, happy and wonderful time of my life, back to the time when I was planning for and welcoming my babies.  But this time, it won't be me that is planning for a baby, but it will be me helping others to plan for theirs.

So it's back to school to become a certified baby planner and maternity consultant. Soon I will be helping adoptive parents, single moms and dads and other expecting parents prepare for the one of the greatest joys in life - a brand new baby and the joy that comes with starting their own family.  Wish me luck my friends...

P.S. Yes, I will still be paper crafting, and card making and photographing and decorating and blogging and over seeing my Alzheimer’s business and of course, being just as annoying as I’ve always been.

Until next time,



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Comment by Lacretia Hardy on March 3, 2012 at 11:59am

Wow, Elayne!  Congratulations on your exciting new journey!  My oldest is a freshman in high school and my youngest is only 6 months old, so I've got a ways to go for the empty nest thing, but it's certainly on my mind already!  :S

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