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I am turning 40 in twelve days and I have never worn makeup in my life, okay except for maybe a few unfortunate attempts when I was 14 and angry at the world….black eye liner!

Not wearing makeup was never an issue for me, until about a year ago.  I have an increasing case of Vitiligo and it has come up onto my face, gone are the cute little freckles that used to speckle themselves whimsically across my nose and down onto my cheeks. It became very noticeable last summer when I was a bit more tanned.  I try my hardest to put on sunscreen, wear hats and keep out of the sun, but admit that I spend more of my time accomplishing those sun safety measures for the 3 kids then I do myself.  So the places where my skin pigmentation has disappeared are in my opinion, frightfully noticeable.


If I am being 100% honest with myself I do not look like I did even 5 years ago before the rug rats came along.  Years of focusing on our infertility, losing a baby, and finally becoming parents has aged me and it shows on my face and my body!  I however do not know the first thing about applying makeup and have often thought of going into one of the places I see in the malls to have them show me how to apply it properly, but I am terrified I will come out looking more aged and way less natural then I like to look and feel.  To date my only face care routine is washing my face with noxema before bed, and for years I believe my noxema was keeping me looking young, as I was always told I looked years younger then my actual age, but those days are slipping away and those compliments are very few and far between.

I don’t even adorn my fingernails with polish and my toes although always out and about in the summer are embarrassingly bare.  In our house Daddy shows our 3 year old how to put on her lip smacker, her cheek sparkles and even does the nail polish.  Mommy just doesn’t know how.

I got my first haircut in almost 20 years and the only reason I decided to do that was because it kept visiting the toilet every time I did, so tired of having to constantly remember to hold my hair up every time I sat down on the loo I reluctantly went and got it cut, and it was stressful.  She kept wanting to do something called face shaping, I didn’t get it, I was there to get my haircut, not get my face in shape!  Regardless, she cut it and way shorter then I had originally wanted, it now does not wrap up properly into my bun that has become my standard mommy do.

Time to suck it up and start doing something to improve the reflection that is staring back at me so wearily in the mornings.

Time to admit to the word that I am a 40 YEAR OLD MAKEUP VIRGIN.


I don’t even know where to begin!

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Comment by melissa misenheimer on February 29, 2012 at 1:17pm

something that is helpful to my generation What a shock :P

I think you should still go to counters to have them match you for foundation and application. And have them decide what all you need. But there are SO MANY talented beauty gurus on youtube. You can practice step by step by watching them. My personal favorites are Kandee Johnson who is a celebrity makeup artist   and TiffanyD who is also a makeup artist


Youtube sucks you in. It is full with info.

Comment by Kristen Ford-Stevens on February 29, 2012 at 11:40am

Go to a few makeup counters and talk to the consultants, they will be a great help. Make sure they start you out slow, a polish(looks like lotion), maybe blush and lip gloss. Don't buy a whole bunch of stuff. The most important thing is making sure you have great skin care because makeup can and will break you out if you don’t wash your face. I am using Laura Mercier exfoliate at the moment and it is wonderful. Also, make sure you have a good night moisturizer(lotion), I'm using ponds(get from target) and I love it. Took my Mom to get me back on the right path, lol.

Also, find a friend whose makeup you admire and ask them to guide you in the right direction. Good luck!


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