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so, i work in a facility where i watch babies. i'm hoping to get a full time job as a librarian but until then the babies give me something to wake up for. anyway...i work in a room with babies from 6 weeks to 18 months. its called the babyroom. clever, huh? so here is why i like the babyroom. babies (much like dogs) dont care what you look like. whether youre unemployed, rich, thin, overweight, black, green, blue hair, etc. as long as you show interest in them MOST of them will like you.

of course i'm only talking about the babies who dont scream for their mommies the minute they come in the door. those babies dont care who you are cuz youre not THEIR mommy. but those babies notwithstanding, babies like people. generally. smile at them. make silly faces. sing a song (they dont care if youre pavarotti or lady gaga; although they prolly wouldnt like lady gaga, sharp edges and all), show them a toy, etc and they're happy! now i'm not an expert on babies for sure, but i know that babies like me. why, i dont know. prolly cuz i like them. and isnt that what dogs are like? babies will like you if you like them. plain and simple. dogs are sorta the same way, right?

dogs dont care if youre young or old, rich or not, sick or healthy etc. GENERALLY if you like dogs, they will like you. i'm not talking about the cujo type cesar millan dogs who have been abused and mistreated. i'm talking about your general run of the mill dog. smile, act friendly and a dog will like you.

if you dont know, i have a dog who i love. his name is Bailey (see his page here: http://www.iyampam.com/need-a-dose-of-cute/. he's a rescue. and he's a mess. slightly neurotic just like his family. he barks at strange men (so do i) and he barks at babies in strollers (cuz clearly they are threats). he barks at the cat next door and at bigger dogs on the street. but i've prolly said all this before. so this kinda dog is the exception but generally if youre in with babies and doggies, youre a good person. and there've been studies that show that having a pet makes you calmer or something. i dont know about cats. i can't figure them out.

if you dont feel like clicking to that page Bailey kinda looks like this doggie on the left: only he hates to be in the bathtub.

so...that's my theory about babies and dogs. babies make me feel like i'm the greatest person on earth. they laugh at my jokes and they give me huggies. then 45 minutes later their mommies come to get them and take them home, its a win win situation! doggies make me feel, well smart. and lovable. smart because i have opposable thumbs that i can use to open a can of food and lovable because, well, cuz dogs pretty much like everyone.

so in addition to a take your child to work day they should have a take your dog to work day!

but my dog would prolly bite the babies so i couldnt really do that.

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Comment by Kate on April 2, 2010 at 12:06am
this is a great post! i totally agree--it feels good to be around people/creatures that like you for who you are (regardless of age or species!)

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