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10 Random Things I miss about having toddler's, now that my kids are Teens.

OMG, it's happening, I am starting to miss the busy days of parenting a Toddler. With my son being 14 and daughter 12, they need me less and less. Actually let me rephrase that. They need, money, a ride to their friend's house, help with homework, I have no clue how to do they way they are being taught, rides to concerts and sporting events, food, that they somehow can't seem to find in the kitchen, anywhere,  and did I mention, money? Yet, they don't need me watching over everything they do, they actually hate it. 

The good old days of sitting on the floor and playing lego are gone, and I must admit, it is tough. 

1) Halloween 

Halloween was so much fun for me when my kids were little. Making costumes, decorating, and carving pumpkins. I miss the excitement they had as the day came closer, my daughter wearing her costume for a week, and my son changing his mind the week prior. I even miss the sheer terror in their faces at some of houses.  My son running back to me and clinging to me leg and my daughter needing to be carried home, because she was too tired. 

These days Halloween goes something like this, Mom, I am heading to so and so's, I will be back at 10. Then I worry the whole time and can't stop looking at my watch, who am kidding I mean my phone. 

2) Snow Days

Remember being so excited it was snowing you would wake your kids up at midnight to show them? I do, but that could have something to do with the fact that I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and snow days aren't a regular occurrence. There was nothing more frustrating at the time, than getting the kids in their snow suits. It literally could take up to a half an hour and once you were all done, someone had to pee. But do I ever so miss the look on those little faces as the snow started covering the ground. 

3) Bubbles 

Funny right? Who would have thought bubbles. I think it just has to do with the pure amazement of them, as young people. I literally would blow bubbles for hours. Nowadays, bubbles not really a 14 and 12 year old's thing.  

4) When things got Quiet, and This happened.

Things would finally get quiet and I would think for a moment, ahhh this is nice. Then, a sort of panic would set in, and I would think, wait, why is it so quiet? Usually, quiet meant, someone was somewhere, getting into something. There was a need to be aware at every moment back then, and I do miss it. Quiet now usually means my kids are out of the house, which isn't a bad thing. Just a lot different. I remember being so overwhelmed at times, feeling I couldn't get everything done ( I still do ). Waiting for them to be grown up a little more, so I could have a little more freedom. It goes by so fast, take it all in. 

5) The creations they were so proud of.

I use to sit on the floor for hours with my son, completely frustrated at times, trying to build intricate lego characters. Have any of you seen the instructions for these things? It can be maddening, and my ridiculous need for perfection, was of no help. 12 bags of intricate little pieces would be laid out in front of me, and I would think, I would rather be putting together an ikea shelf. These day's my 14 and 12 year old, are much more into creating,  a mess. One thing I do not miss, is stepping on lego pieces! 

6) The Beach 

Lake, ocean or river, didn't matter. It was kinda like getting ready for the snow day. You literally had to pack for what seemed like a 4 day excursion. Making sure you had enough food, water, sunscreen. Which you needed to apply every 15 minutes, because you were not going to be that parent with a burnt kid. Yet, the pure joy in their faces when they caught their first fish, or built an amazing sand castle, was absolutely priceless.

7) Back Yard Play

Go outside and play! Spending the day in the back yard  (usually with a beer in my hand, hey, how else was I gonna get through the day *wink *wink ) was what summer was all about. It just doesn't happen anymore. There truly is not a lot of play happening in the back yard anymore, wait, unless their ipods are with them.

8) The water Park

Cherish this Mom's! Not one teenager I know wants to go to the water park anmore, not the free, community water park down the street anyway. Now, in saying that, I have definitely taken them to the water slides as teens, and watched them run off with their friends. Whilst breaking my wallet to pay insanely high priced entry fees and buy them over priced food and drinks. 

9) The first time they played sports

This one really needs no explanation, just that you will never get this back.

10) They actually got along

Don't get me wrong, I have been pretty lucky in this department. My kids, being polar opposites, get a long fairly well. But, I do remember a time when they were best friends. Inseparable actually.  My laid back son, get's bossed around by my high maintenance daughter, what could be better? A lot! Now that he is 14 and doesn't want to put up with her shit anymore, my house has become more of a battle ground. They are rarely in the same place anymore, and unless my daughter whine's at him for 30 minutes, he won't do much with her at all. Sometimes I don't blame him. 

Life can pass by so quickly and all these little moments can sometimes go unnoticed. Take time while your kids are young to drink it all in. Try hard not to get frustrated with all the preparation, but revel in the moments.  For these moments are going to be the ones you cherish as your kids grow. You can never get them back.  Now don't get me wrong here, I am sure I could write an article about ten things I don't miss, or more *wink.

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Comment by darla halyk on June 21, 2014 at 2:39pm
thank you ;)
Comment by Mom Bloggers Club on June 8, 2014 at 8:36pm

beautiful post!

Comment by Marcia Fowler on June 2, 2014 at 7:55pm

Each of those points is exactly why I like where my kids are right now. 4 and 7. Although it's exhausting, I never want it to end. But I know it will. Thanks for posting this.

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