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Travel Safely in Style

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How to Calm Your Anxious Dog

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10 Tips for Family-friendly Renovating

Turn your old looking place into a new shiny one!


For some of us it may be stressful but it adds most value to the house; renovating! Yes, as hectic as it may sound, it’s also exciting to add new colours to the walls, hang new frames or trying latest kitchen trends etc.


Here are 10 of the top interior designers ideas on how they create a space that's both sophisticated and sippy-cup friendly:

  1. Safety comes first

Make sure that microwave, toaster, and other appliances that can be pretty dangerous for kids to reach in absence of their parents are at a safe and suitable place. Also, get windows made of safety glass and decks adequately fenced.

  1. Frame it

For the apartment to reflect the fact that it belongs to a young and modern family, you would want it to be open, bright and fresh - everything it wasn’t. Children’s art work can be a great help to make this look happen.

  1. Draw attention with height

“A large piece of furniture can actually make the space feel larger, as long as it’s selected carefully” says designer Laura Kirar. For instance if you have the benefit of high ceilings, a tall piece appropriately place has the effect of drawing one’s eye upward and away from the small footprints of the room.

  1. Flexibility

Consider how your use of rooms may vary over the years and try to incorporate an element of flexibility (e.g. a playroom may later morph into a study area or guest room can later be a newborn baby’s room).

  1. Scale and storage

Better not to overpower a room with the steroid-injected, super deep models made to fill titanic space in McMansions! Make sure the storage is easily accessible so the children can tidy up themselves as proportion and scale are vital.

  1. Make small bathrooms feel bigger

An oval-shaped sink looks softer - more like a bowl and gives you more counter space than a square. If you want big bath-tub make sure you’re saving space elsewhere. Keep washstand to avoid having towel bars everywhere and keep the place look big and tidy.

  1. Floor plans

Deciding between soft and dark colours can be mind boggling for some reason to whether avoid dirt on the floor first or indenting. Consider the hardness of the timber as well as the colour when it comes to renovating.

  1. Kitchen designs

There’s nothing more annoying than having to drop everything every time a child wants a drink of water! The kitchen might often be thought of as the cook’s domain, but it is important the space is practical for the whole family. Do justice while selecting the tiles including width and height.

  1. Reliable roof

Your home needs a reliable roof. If you want competitive pricing, quality materials, uncompromising attention to detail, and some of the best warranty programs in the country, choose Guardian Roof Systems.

  10. Create a place to play

Since the kids love to play, what parents must keep in check is a safe place for them to be their play area which every kid would wish for! You can decorate the room with cushions, soft toys and etc. Also, kids room should be colorful so you can use multiple wall painting ideas to decor!


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