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10 Tips for Getting Back in the Dating Game

This is some targeted advice for moms who have been out of the dating game for the last decade or so...

For many women, it may feel like you're constantly losing out on great men.  While this problem can be attributed to poor choices or just unlucky circumstances, the problem may also be you-- sorry. So while you're fretting over your most recent losses, you might want to start evaluating your dating decorum. Sometimes  the most subtle comment or action can plunge you straight into the shameful abyss of black listed dates.

To help you avoid first date blunders, consider these 10 reasons you might be a bad date.

1. You're trying to create a false persona.

Although your hormone-driven passions make you want to show off like a peacock, please don't try to over compensate. Men will see right through this! They tend to be quite intuitive about fake women.


2. You're secretly attached

Sometimes you'll date around even though you have a casual squeeze on the side. Don’t! Men can tell if you appear emotionally unavailable or semi-interested.


3. You often get too drunk

When trying to control your first date jitters, it's easy to drink a little more than usual. Just make sure not to overdose on this nerve-easing delight. You can become too comfortable, possibly losing your cool and turning off your man.


4. You're unknowingly rude

Never criticize him on the first date. So, avoid comments like, "you're not holding your wine glass properly" or "your top is nice, but black is a more universally flattering color". He already has one mom and doesn't need another naggy woman in his life-- at least not until you guys are serious.


5. You offer to pay

Some forms of chivalry never die. If you offer to pay for dinner, you're basically sending him the message that your a woman without expectations.


6. You're a hopeless dresser

A solid dresser= impressive first impression… and It never hurts to read up on your Vogue for top-notch dressing tips.


7. You don’t ask enough about him

Dating is a two man show and you're not the main attraction. Sorry. You must show interest in him as well by asking lots of questions.


8. You check your watch

Don’t ever make a man feel like you have somewhere better to be! He'll write you off as rude or arrogant, and move on as quickly as possible.


9. You don't make eye contact

Eye contact is key to intimacy. Without it, you'll seem like you are disinterested or have intimacy issues. Looking him in the eye shows your confident and ready for closeness.


10. You try to score a one-nighter

Do not even try to invite yourself inside-- unless he seems interested. No, but seriously do not try this! You'll seem like your only intention is to hop in the sac, and the date is just a vehicle for your girlish cravings And even if these are your intentions, you can at least pretend to be a lady!

When you're ready to get back out there, you can find tons of great guys on online dating apps. There's so many different ones available, depending on your preferences. BagelMeet is known for arranging a casual daytime get-together, while WhoWinkedMe  allows you to facetime men in order to pre-screen your chemistry before the big meet. Try your luck on a dating app and don't forget to follow these 10 golden dating rules.


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