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10 Tips (to successfully) Travel with Cloth Diapers

With so many people traveling to be with friends and family at this time of year, I've been bombarded with questions about traveling with cloth diapers. This is something I've done with a lot of success quite a few times. And with so much going on, the last thing any of us wants to be worrying about is diapers. So I've put together some quick and easy tips to make your holidays even easier WITH cloth diapers :)
  1. Find out about available laundry services before you leave. If you are staying with relatives, ask if they are okay with it, and find out what kind of machine they have. If you are staying in a hotel, ask if they have laundry services on site or where the nearest service is. (A third option is to hand wash your diapers in a sink or bath tub if you have time to let your diapers air dry.)
  2. Bring an ample supply. Regardless of you're using relatives or public laundry facilities, while on vacation you don't want to be worrying about running out of diapers or doing laundry 24/7. I recommend bringing (or buying) extra diapers, and having at least 1.5 days supply, so depending on your child, around 25-30 diapers.
  3. Bring the easiest-to-use diapers you own. This is just for convenience sake (maybe a little bit for your sanity too), and the ease of diapers is a totally personal choice, but if you have a lot of All-in-ones, bring them and use them. If you use pockets, pre-stuff them so they are ready to go any time. And with hybrids, prefolds and fitteds, insert the diapers into a cover before hand so you can just easily whip the diaper on and off. With flats, partially folding them makes things that much smoother too.
  4. Pack a travel bag just for diapers. I'd recommend using a back pack that has double compartments, one for dry diapers and one for wet ones. Also double up on wet bags (put one inside another) just to prevent any possible compression leaks during travel.
  5. Bring (or buy) an extra large wetbag. And use this as a dirty pail while you are at your destination, bonus points if it's also a hanging bag. Krystas Kloth makes some super duper huge ones that are super cute!
  6. Bring your preferred detergent. (And make sure you bring extra, just in case.) Switching detergents at this time is not a good idea since a new detergent may cause build up and repelling which can lead to leaks, and anything that you're baby is not used to, may also cause a rash. 
  7. Adjust your laundry routine to the washer you have available. If it is a different washer from the one you use at home, for example if you have an HE Front Loading washer at home and your in-laws have a Top Loading Non-HE washer, you will have to adjust your routine or you could risk not properly washing your diapers, or causing detergent build up, which could both lead to leaks and rashes.
  8. Prep your wipes/wipe solution well ahead of time. (And bring extra wipe solution) There are many different ways to prep your cloth wipes ahead of time, I find the easiest way is to use a pre-made solution (or make your own) and fold your wipes into an old disposable wipes case so they are pre-moistened. Keeping a spray bottle with wipe solution can also come in handy for messes on the go.
  9. Buy some flush-able liners. We all know that the poop monster is going to show up at some point. Make your life 100x easier by using these awesome liners and then just flushing the poo so you don't have to think about it.
  10. Use a Hybrid diaper system. If worst comes to worst and just can't or don't want to use cloth diapers while traveling, but you're still dedicated to your decision to be more Eco-friendly, try a hybrid system like Grovia or Flip. Which gives you the best of both worlds, cloth and disposable with their disposable/compostable/flush-able inserts. (Added bonus, their covers can be used over all other types of non-waterproof cloth diapers.
Cloth diapers can be super easy to travel with, and like most things, you just need to prepare yourself. The ideas listed here should take little to no extra time in your packing/travel time.

Happy Holidays!

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