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10 Ways Moms Can Earn and Save More Money

If you are a mom, you will agree that raising a family on a tight budget can be quite stressful; child rearing is an expensive affair and it gets financially steeper when you add the extra expenses you incur. It takes proper financial planning and strategy to get through the financial nightmare; this article is a compilation of 10 tips to help you navigate the problems to earn and save more money for you and your family.

1. Aspire for financial independence

The first tip before opting for parenthood is the ability of the mother to protect her future responsibilities including budgeting for the family. This article encourages you to adopt strategies that can address your financial shortfalls, be it through a formal or informal employment. The surest security of the life of a mother is a sound financial back up that can take her through huge events like widowhood, divorce, and disability.

2. Buy sale items in bulk

Mothers are warned to refrain from spending away their cash aimlessly without considering the price tags for the expensive groceries being sold. Indeed, through the week, most of them are sold at half the cost, while they are hiked when the demand rises on market days or weekends.

When there is a sale, buy twice as much as your requirements during the weekday; if you do this for a year, you will be surprised at the extra bucks you will save that you can put to other uses.

3. Make additional Mortgage payment

When you have home loans, do not hesitate to make extra mortgage payments as this enables you to conclude the loan on a timely basis and this makes you a candidate for more mortgages. This can be used for all other loans other than a mortgage.

4. Run a daycare from your home

Stay-at-home moms can easily down on daycare fees and care for them their own; educate your toddlers at home and while at it provide licensed day care right for extra money. The money saved can be channeled back to the business or to your savings.

5. Edit your grocery cart before you get to the till

Just before you pay for the groceries you just picked, do an assessment and put back what you do not need. Returning 2-3 items every time you go shopping will easily save you $5-$10 per shopping trip, a lot of money cumulatively in a year!

6. Sell your children’s old stuff and anything else you don’t use

Organize a yard sale to declutter your house of the old kids’ stuff as well as other items in the house you do not use. Further, post the items online on shops like Amazon,, or eBay for extra cash.

7. Give your children an allowance

Introduce your children to the concept of an allowance from a young age; if he or she wants something that is not an essential then they should dip into their allowance otherwise, they wait for the next gift-giving season. By doing this, you avoid the trap of being impulsive with your spending and thus save more.

8. Purchase a Life Insurance Policy

life insurance policy will help you deal with emergencies like accidents- you will protect your income and other cash savings because the insurance cover will kick in.

9. Purchase household items in bulk

Get used to shopping for household items in bulk rather than making a trip to the store every time something runs out. It is much cheaper to buy things in bulk, and it also enables you to plan for use and future purchases.

10. Get a Side Job

Try and get a side hustle over and above your main source of income; any extra cash that you can get will mean more savings for you and your family.

With these tips, when you will be doing your bookkeeping- balancing your cheques, at the end of the month, you are sure to notice a stark difference in your spending with more money left in your savings.


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Comment by Takiela Langley on July 22, 2017 at 10:41am

Good tips, Hoa. I believe that moms should have side hustles

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