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Chances are if you're in the home based business industry either you have a blog, or you've at least considered the idea of whether or not you should start blogging. From personal experience I can say it's taken me at least a year and a half to get my personal blog just the way I want it. This includes design, widgets, plugins etc... and even still, every now and then I find that there's more I could be doing, more blogging tools I could utilize, more strategies I could implement to monetize my blog that will help me make money by blogging.

If you fall into either one of those categories, read on...

We're all in this industry of home based businesses to make a living. Whether network marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing or in the traditional sense, we're all looking for that one thing that will help us take a load off and make the road to financial freedom just a little easier.

Introducing Empower Network

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Empower Network is a "plug and play" viral blogging and marketing system modeled after creator David Wood's own personal blog. The idea of Empower Network has been in the works nearly a year and was developed out of David's own desire to earn extra income. See, although he was already generating a substantial amount (somewhere around $30k a month), he knew that the only way he would be able to earn more was to help his team earn extra income as well.

The Answer to 4 Major Problems Plaguing Marketers

1. Website: Empower Network eliminates the need for web hosting, graphic designers, and an advanced knowledge that is generally required for self hosted blogs. Speaking from experience, 95% of the time I spent in the very beginning was in the "how-tos" - so much so that I rarely put any content out because I was always designing, and although I gained some GREAT skills, I missed out on a ton of opportunity to generate consistent readers thereby growing my list.

2. Traffic: Most people really do believe "If you build it they will come" and when it comes to the internet and blogging, that's just not the way it happens. There are SO many sites out there offer information the average person becomes overwhelmed after looking at the first page of Google. If you don't possess an in depth knowledge of SEO or least have the resources to outsource this task all your hard work may be for not. You'll blog for a few months, not generate much of a response (if any) and quit, or at best lose your level of consistency.

3. Conversions: So you have a blog, the design is everything you want it to be. Your SEO game is on point - you've dominated keywords, on page, off page, backlinks - EVERYTHING! Your email autoresponder is going crazy with new leads and yet.... you still haven't made any sales and if you have it's not enough to write home about. The reality is, even if you master getting traffic to your site, in order to make money by blogging you have to know how to convert your traffic into sales - a skill very few of us in the home based industry actually possess.

4. Commissions: We've all been here - You sign up for a business opportunity eyes wide shut. "This is it! This is the one!" you say to yourself. You call your mom, dad, spouse, ex-spouse, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends.... everyone. A couple sign ups come in and you think "Yes! This is the check I'm gonna show off to all the naysayers on Facebook!" The check comes in the mail - it's heavy. You rip open the envelope, pull it out.... and it's $50... or maybe it's $100. This can't be right? You should AT LEAST have $500. So you call your upline and they call their upline (b/c they don't really understand the comp plan either), eventually you're referred to the back office where you find that little piece of fine print: In order to qualify you must have one on the left, one on the right, two under the right, one under the left, 3 under them, turn around, touch your toes, do the Hokey Pokey and Cha Cha Slide all at once to receive what you thought was money in the bank. I'll be the first to say I've been there... mad as all get out and to make things worse now your rep is ruined with your warm market beacuase what they received was worse than you.

So How Does Empower Network Solve These Problems?

Empower Network comes equipped with all the necessary tools for working your business.

  • A ready to go blog with banners, graphics, and marketing materials. No set up, installation, techie issues - nothing. Just blog and publish.

  • An 8 part training course designed to get you up and running on the first day.

  • State of the art sales funnel with full integration into your Aweber or Get Response autoresponder.

  • 100% Commission!!! (The best part)

Seriously... you can't beat 100% commission. You earn what you work for and it goes straight into your bank account as soon as the sales is complete! How JUICY is that?!?!!

Click here to Watch This Short Video on the Empower Network Compensation Plan for a full understanding. 

If you've ever wanted to position yourself in front of something major, this is it! For an inside peek at what will be the biggest viral marketing system to date and your chance to get in while Empower Network is still in prelaunch:

Click here

Wishing you growth and prosperity,



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