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To celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary my husband and I took our first vacation ever without the kids. A three night getaway where Disney's exciting shopping and dining was our main focus. We chose to get the deluxe dining plan, and for $80 per person we were treated to three table service credits a day. On on special night we decided to splurge and spend two credits for a Disney Signature dining experience. Dressed in smart attire we made the voyage to Disney's Yacht Club Resort to enjoy a magnificent dinner at the Yachtman Steakhouse.

We arrived a bit early for our reservations at first seating. My husband amused himself watching the chef's in the showplace dry aging room cut and trim the steaks to be served that evening; as I made my way to the bar for a glass of wine. I ordered a glass of Magicale. This exciting pick turned out to be a luscious glass of sweet red sparkling wine, full bodied with the flavors of dark cherry and plum. It is by far the most delightfully memorable glass of wine I've had in the past year, and is on my top ten list of things to eat or drink while at Walt Disney World.

We were taken to our seats near a window in a charming rounded room with a modern northeastern feel to it. The starched white linens and glistening stemware highlighted the formally set table Our window overlooked a lush secluded nook of the adventurous Stormalong Bay. Waiting for us were custom printed menus wishing us a Happy 10th Anniversary. Our wait staff for the night was prompt and attentive, seeing that our every need was taken care of without feeling rushed.

We each ordered a starter course. My husband, feeling adventurous went for the Black & Blue Steak. In his own words, "The Black and Blue was my first adventure into steak tartare, but since this was intended to be an experience of a lifetime, I didn't hesitate to experiment. The dish was seasoned wonderfully, and the meat practically melted in my mouth. The seasoning was on the savory side, but melded with the sweetness of the beef with an excellent accord."

I ordered the Heirloom Beet Salad. This salad is the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. While all of the components were lovely on their own, when all were on my fork at once it created a symphony. One perfect bite of bright, fresh flavor that created a lasting memory.

Our main courses arrived at a leisurely pace that allowed our palates to settle and clear. Having finished the sweet Magicale, I ordered a glass of Fairytale Cuvee' to accompany my meal. This sparkling wine from Iron Horse Vineyards is much dryer than I usually care for in a sparkling wine, but turned out to be a fair accompaniment for my main course. I ordered the 8 oz Fillet Mingnon with red wine sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and onions caramelized in a white balsamic. This delicate cut was cooked perfectly to my taste and each savory bite melted in my mouth with each bite. The garlic mash was flavorful without being overwhelming, and the onions a celebration in their own right.

My husband ordered the special for the evening which was a massive 24oz Cowboy Steak and it completely lived up to it's "special" billing. This mountain of meat was covered in marrow and accompanied with marrow still in the bone which he savored with great pleasure. He reflects fondly on the steak "Again, this was an adventure into unknown culinary experience. I had not previously had marrow with my steak, so I didn't know what to expect, but was very excited to taste it. The flavor of the dry-aged beef was incomparable in my experience. Savory without being overwhelming, and perfectly (yet lightly) seasoned, this was the best cut of meat that I have ever eaten. Our server suggested that I sample the marrow with a bite of the steak for the best flavor. I scooped out a bit of marrow, spread it on my first bite and just melted. It added an entirely new dimension to the flavor of the meat. With the marrow, the aged cut of meat was the most wonderfully intensely 'beef' flavor that I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I look forward to visiting the Yachtman Steakhouse again in the future."

By the time we had finished our entrées the restaurant was bustling with dinners, yet the layout and our table by the window maintained a feeling of intimacy. Soft lights now flickered around the pool beyond the window creating a modern romantic setting far beyond what we had hoped for. We continued our meal by ordering desserts. My dear husband had the Chocolate Assortment, and I ordered the unique Trio of Sorbets. I thought that the trio was lovely, however there was so much I wasn't able to finish it.

This spectacular meal was one of the brightest spots in our vacation. We will surely eat there again in the future. With food and service taken to that extra level which makes a Disney Signature Dining experience a unique and memorable event every time, My husband and I highly recommend the Yachtman Steakhouse; especially for a couple looking to find a romantic evening away from the hustle and bustle of the parks.

..... Four Stars .....

*Menu offerings at the Yachtman Steakhouse are subject to change so that the Chef can bring you the best possible offerings for the season. Some of the items we enjoyed were special for the evening and/or are no longer on the menu.

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