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13 Brilliant Business Tips For New Mum Entrepreneurs


Do you dread about going to work? If you want to work with your own rules, make money then if this is you… Be a start up mom


Majority of individuals always want to be free—but as a mom it is irresistible to find flexible schedules. It is almost imaginable to have your kids around you as you work, not having to commute as well as manage yourself. This is POSSIBLE! Just generate your idea and this is it.


1. Work out your hours

Manage your time to schedule on business and child care—as other moms can fit their tasks when the child takes a nap or during the evening hours--- some may also consider nursery during the daytime—or to the Grandma on special occasions.


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 2.  Conduct your research

A research process will show whether the product or service you are providing is on demand. Is the product appealing? Check the level of competition and make your business better each day.


3. Register for training workshops

For small business owners you can attend free seminars and make most of these.  We have local enterprise groups that after training to business women and women, free start up courses.


4. Make your business plan

The business plan is a document that outlines your objectives, goals and how you will implement your work. Consider advice from enterprise groups


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5. Register your self employed business

It is good to register your business with the local agency as soon as possible. Failure to do this may lead to fines.

6. Plan how to market

Business promotion is essential as this will let potential consumers know the products and services you provide. With the market plan, you can investigate your PR, adverts and social marketing trends. Have your wall calendar showcase your daily activities and spend up to 10 minutes doing this.


7. Online promotions

Make a twitter account and link it to your business, write blog articles, have a fan Facebook page. For easier access use the Twitter Feeds as well as friendFeed as this will link all other sites.


(More: 5 keys to creating a successful online promotions)


8. Locate potential customers

As soon as you start your business, make your customer database to send your newsletters and subscription offers. “It is lot easier to have repeated purchase with existing client base’” says Andrea


9. Keep up your admin tasks

This may never be an exciting task but you need to update the spreadsheets with expenditure, revenue and calculate your monthly taxes.


10. Get aid

Let your business plan be your aid: check for a bookkeeper or an individual who is good at PR, packaging items or logistics. “It is vital to have emotional and mental aid support.” Says Andrea

So keep in touch with online moms and this way you can create your personal group who will work alongside you to make your work lot easier. Check more on working club Moms.


11. Trade with nearby parents

Well, you could be friends but one of you is good in designing while the other knows how to cook. You can trade these skills during a birthday party. Check what you can trade….


12. Get best price

Calculate the cost for materials and how many hours you work on a certain project. “We have individuals who go not get the best prices for their services or goods simply because they do not value their abilities. However time is one precious commodity “says Andrea—Keep that in mind


13. Consider the 3 P’s

Plan: Update your plan every hour as the baby takes a nap. You will be able to schedule plans and never waste your time.


Persist:  It takes dedication and commitment to work on your business. This may take long, with the promotions, management and more other things.


Promotions:  “You need to be confident with your ideas; promote them and if possible talk to the people around you,” Says Andrea


It may be overwhelming at first but remember lots of people have done this as well.

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