Tips For Getting Girls Into Sports

Would it surprise you to know that girls are twice as likely to drop out of sporting activities through their teenage years than boys? Or to realize that most young girls start engaging in organized sports up to two whole years later than boys? …

How To Help A Friend Who Is an Addict

One of the most devastating things that can happen to any family is substance abuse in any form. Anything in excess is never good for anyone. That could be anything from too much food, exercise, alcohol or even shopping. Addictive behaviors can turn relationships upside down for those who…



15 Rotten Ecards That Will Leave You In Stitches

This one had me laughing. Because we are creatures who do this. We want something, and sometimes, it's not properly defined, but we know we want it. And in our minds, that's all that counts!

Every now and then, I have to poke fun at the fact that I can open my own wine bottle. Except when I forget its a cork and not a twist cap.

This is me on a daily. If you hear me say, 'I'm sorry, come again...." I am definitely saying, rethink what you just said.

Regretfully, I can relate to this! Many days spent in Corporate America....

This is all I ever wanted. LOL #CorporateAmerica

More importantly, You know you are a mother, when you know what this MEME refers to.#DoraTheExplorer

Writer Problems! Enough Said.

Need I explain?

Anxiety Problems....

This was all me! I found it hard to have adult conversation after I had stayed home so long with my child.

I think I am starting to sound like a lush! This is awkward ...

As someone who personally suffers from migraines 4-5 times per week, I could relate. 

Guilty as charged

Has someone ever given you the silent treatment and you were totally OK with it? YES! I AM NOT ALONE

OK, I may need an intervention ....

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