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loveIn a random stroll through the Internet today I came across this article at yourtango.com entitled, "15 Signs You're Meant To Be". After glancing through it I thought I would apply it to my husband and I to see if the results match what I think.

1.) You tell him things you don't tell anyone else.

Very true. My husband is my vault for all of life's issues that come my way. Family, work, friends, worries, thoughts, dreams and fantasies all go through him. Even when he knows I don't want to tell anyone he can tell I need to say something and finds a way for me to tell him. Since he is the vault, everything I tell him stays with him and only him.

2.) You let him see you in moments of weakness.

I can't think of a situation he hasn't seen me in. Even most recently when I had the flu and was bed ridden for 4 days, he was the one keeping the washrag on my head cold, my clothes clean and my temperature in check. During the pregnancy as my body has changed and I begin to think I'm not very attractive, he's right there to make sure I know I'm just as beautiful as I was before and even more so now that I have a "mommy glow".

There was also the time I got my hair colored and I didn't like it and spend 20 minutes crying in the bathroom. He made sure to make me know it still looked great. He never waivers.

3.) You respect him.

Would you really marry someone you didn't respect? This is a stupid reason but of course I respect him.

4.) You want him to meet your parents.

I couldn't wait for him to meet my parents! I love to show him off to everyone! He's my trophy husband.

5.) You can imagine a future together.

I was looking for a little less generic reasons in this article but OK. The funny thing is I can't remember my past without him. He seems to blend in to a lot of the memories I have before I even met him. Forget seeing a future together, I think you've found the right person when you can't remember your past without them.

6.) You're not afraid to disagree with him.

We disagree all the time about various things but the way we work through them leads right into #7.

7.) You want to work out your major differences.

There hasn't ever been a disagreement that we have ever left unsettled. It usually doesn't take us very long to get to the bottom of an issue either. He's pretty good about seeing both sides of the story and allows us to talk about things rather than argue. I think our most recent disagreement was when we we're trying to decide on baby names. Once we finally decided on a girls name, then it was about how to spell it. We worked it out somewhat peacefully and then found out we we're having a boy. At least we have it figured out for next time!

8.) You laugh together.

We laugh a lot and we keep each other in good spirits. Not a day goes by that we don't laugh whether it's intentional or unintentional. We laugh together, we laugh at ourselves and we laugh at each other. It's a well rounded balance of laughter.

9.) You're incredibly, utterly, surprisingly attracted to him.

When I first saw him where we used to work I thought to myself, "Who's the hot new guy?". I then told my sister, my mother and all of my friends about the new hot guy. Four years later, if we get separated in the store, I still find myself saying, "Ooh he's hot." when I walk around the corner and see a man standing there only to quickly realize, "Oh, that's my husband!"

10.) It's OK to be quiet around him.

We have great conversations about our days after work and other random topics and we have great conversations on road trips. Then there are times where we are just quiet. Not because we are tired of talking to each other but because we can still enjoy each others company simply by being near one another. This also leads to those great times where after a stint of silence one of us says something and it happens to be the exact same thing the other person was thinking.

11.) You feel like yourself around him.

Yes and it's fantastic! When we started dating I couldn't let him see certain sides of me. When he would sleepover at my apartment I slept with my make up on and I would kick him out at 5am when I was getting ready for work. I didn't want him to see my morning routine. Today, however, it really doesn't matter. I've walked around the house with countless creams on my face and today I told him I was putting my hair up and getting into my pajamas at 5:30pm. He still loves me.

12. ) You need him the right amount.

I might be a little obsessive in this category. I'm a little of what you might call needy and he is definitely not needy. He's sure to let me know when I'm teetering on his last needy nerve and for the most part we've found a healthy balance. He'll never be as needy as I am and I'll never be as socially independent as he is.

13.) You don't feel too jealous.

I know he's not going anywhere or doing anything that he's not supposed to be doing so there is no need to be jealous. Having a strong foundation in the above 12 items keeps the jealousy at bay. One of the best parts about our marriage is that we are happiest when we are with each other. There's no need for a guys/ girls night out because it feels like something is missing when it's just one of us. He even wanted me to come along for his bachelor party (sans strippers of course)!

14.) You feel like he makes you a better person.

The nice thing about him is he's a "jerk" and I'm the sweet and friendly one. Sound like an odd thing to say? For the times where I should be but can't be a jerk, I have him to tell me what he would have said. He takes care of the strong, assertive part for me and for those times where he should be nice but can't keep from being himself, he has me to keep him level headed and tell him, "You can't say that.". We keep each other balanced and therefore, better.

15.) He just gets you.

Better than anyone has or ever will.

I think it when boils down to it you don't need 15 signs to know if you're meant to be, you just need one. You know which one.

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